Nikki- Another set back: Patellofemoral Syndrome

I’m glad this isn’t true anymore!

Current weight: 153lbs

no weight change. 

But I’ve had a frustrated end to my week.  I start making progress and then something happens that sets me back!  Since I’ve started running in the river valley this summer I’ve noticed my knees hurting and yesterday I finally went to the doctor, since I hadn’t been running to often this fall I hadn’t noticed any pain.  Here’s what happened this week

 I didn’t post it in my blog, some of you may have seen it on Facebook, but on Monday I ran 9km in an hour.  I was beyond excited as this is my longest and fastest run to date.  I was on top of the world on Monday and thought “Maybe I will end up training for a half marathon, one day”.  That day my knees were very sore, along with my shoulder (the one I’ve dislocated aches when I run) and my back.  I know that these are all common pains, well maybe not the shoulder but it’s normal for me, for runners and can usually be taken care of by building up different muscles but it’s frustrating to find out that I have “Runners Knee” or the correct term Patellofemoral Syndrome.   Basically it means you have a muscle imbalance around your knee, and they push and pull and give you pain and popping. In most runner’s cases, the quads get too strong, so you need to build up the hamstrings, and inner and outer thigh muscles. 

 I’m starting physio on Monday to continue to build on the different muscles and now that Danielle, my trainer, knows that I have this syndrome (she’s had it as well which is encouraging because she’s still a runner) she will help me with building those muscles up even more.  It’s just scary because this can be a problem that leads to surgery.  I know this because Ryan’s mom had the surgery for the exact same thing.   I do not want to have surgery!

From everything I’ve read about Patellofemoral Syndrome, I need to cut back on running especially down hills at this point.  Which is extremely disappointing after just doing this 9km run.  I feel like running is the biggest stress relief for me, and as I’ve mentioned before I know that I feel it’s the best work out since I sweat like no bodies business! but hopefully the Physiotherapist and Danielle can fix me up and I’ll be back to running soon. 

I had one other issue at the doctor which I wasn’t expecting low blood pressure and low heart rate.  I’ve been getting dizzy during some work outs with Danielle and even a little on my long runs, but the only thing my doctor told me to do so far is to drink more water…. I don’t know how I can manage to drink more when that’s pretty much all I drink all day long, but I’ll have to.  I”m going for an ECG  sometime this week to see whats up with my ticker.

Anyways I’m not giving up on this weight loss journey, It might just be a little bit slower for a while (which sucks) but it’s going to happen.  I might have to bike, swim or use the elliptical but I’ll still be exercising as much as I can!


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