Chubby cheeks

Here it is, time to face the scale and be honest. I have not weighed in since December 3 (whoops) and I was waiting until monday to finally step on the scale and see the damage done over Christmas. I’m only 3 days late, posting! I did weigh in on Monday though.  I swear!

k I’ll stop wasting time with words…

Current weight: 153

so that’s +2 lbs from December 3. Which is WAY less than I thought it was going to be but I have been very motivated again so maybe it was a good thing I had the Christmas blues or whatever the hell that was.

Since January 2, I have worked out every day, which some say is bad for you. I haven’t done crazy hard workouts daily, just moved everyday. I ran a total of 26.81km last week, yes all outside because it was finally nice enough to not be a chicken shit. One of the runs turned into a 9.26km run because it was just so nice out I didn’t want to stop.

I can’t lie about my exercise over Christmas. It was nonexistent. After December 16 I kind of shut down and had a bit of a depression, not wanting to move from the couch or do anything but stuff my chubby cheeks full of food even though that did make me feel worse. WHY would I do that?  No real reason, but I did and now I’ve got to work those chubby cheeks off to pay for it.

Anyways I’m feeling way better even though after calling my mom this morning she told me I sound depressed and sad all the time… ????  I’M NOT, I promise.

This week so far I’ve put in 6.61 km but on the treadmill. Oh right I told my other blog folks about my goal. I’m going to run 125 km in January which is about 25km a week.  Ok I actually put in a bit more on the treadmill but I forgot to check once I was done after that 45 minute period, dammit so I’m going to add-on 2km because I did at least that.  so, so far this week I’m now at 8.61km. 


Edmonton River Valley- Took this shot when I had to walk because I got stuck behind a group of 3 walkers.


Nikki-blew that goal outta the water

Wow does time fly! it’s been nearly a week since my last blog.  I’ve just been sooooooo busy that I’ve had no time to write, and this week is another busy week that is almost over, so hopefully I will be able to fit in another one at on Friday.

I want to start with going over the goal I set last week. My goal was to run a total of 25 km by saturday.  Did I make it? You betcha I did.  I actually kind of blew last weeks goal out of the water by running 34.73km.   I had mentioned earlier in the week that I had already ran around 11km but on Saturday Jill mapped out a “lovely” 14km run for us to take on.  I think we did amazing as that is our longest run to date and

We ran it in: 1 hour and 37min 24seconds.  

Our average speed was: 7min 03sec (which was because we walked the last km, omg did we ever need it after running all those hills and ending on the up, of Groat Rd).

Our fastest Km was: 6min 27sec which I’m not going to lie was going down groat road.

are slowest time: 7min 56sec running back up that same area!  So now that we’ve run 14km we know how fast we can do it and can aim a to run a bit faster and add-on a few km!

We were so excited at the end we high fixed and  hugged.   I can only imagine the end of the half marathon with shared tears of amazement, happiness and exhaustion over accomplishing this huge goal we’ve set upon ourselves.  I’m hoping I have someone there to take pictures of that moment for me cause I picture my ugly crying face to come out lol.   I think I will want to show my kids (one day when I have some) pictures of this race and then end, just to show them they can do anything they put their minds to.  I might even show my kids at work cause they already think I’m crazy for running a half marathon.

This week is going to be a bit harder to fit in 25+km.  I just got back from a work snowboarding trip (sounds awesome right? ya, I was!) so I was working 24/7 for the last 3 days, I am about to head out with Aline to fit in at least 6km (she’s training for the 10km in may to!!) but tomorrow I work from 7am-10pm and friday I am leaving for Calgary for the weekend. I will take my running gear but I doubt there will be time to run (will try to squeeze in even a quick daily 5 km since I can do that in half and hour).  So I guess I will set my goal to run 20km as I bet between today and friday I can at least get those km in and anything else I do is a positive! Next week I’ll set my goal higher, it’s my slow week at work which means I have 4 days off to train and blog… but I’ve got to run and put in some KM for this week.  Have a good one!

Nikki: Weigh in Day: Week 18

Good morning ya’ll

Today is weigh in day, it’s also a day that I totally don’t feel like going running (I’m cold and want to stay in my pj’s until I have to leave this afternoon) BUT after I’m done this post I’m going to go get my work out clothes (It feels like I bought new ones since I found my old lulus that fit ) and get my work out for the day over with. that’s one tip I have: get up in the morning and get your work out over with, then you don’t have to worry about it later in the day. That’s also a tip from Bob Harper on Biggest Loser but I’ve thought the same since I was 18.

 Well on with the weigh in and I’ll talk about my goals from last week and how I did.

Current weight: 154 lbs

-2 lbs this week

Cool I’m down this week and I worked hard for those 2 lbs.  I was looking back through my blogs and couldn’t find where I had written down this weeks goals to review them so I’m thinking I didn’t actually write them anywhere! Good thing I had them set in my mind and remembered them, here’s what they were:

1) to run 25km

2) to pack and have ready to grab quick 100 calorie (or less) snacks

3) to exercise for at least an hour

How did I do?

I can hardly believe it myself but I set my running goal a bit low.  I reached 33km this week!  I ran a few days with Aline and Jill in the River Valley, met up with Kira to run around the river in her area of town and ran on my treadmill.  Here is the problem I have with running on my treadmill, I’m not sure if it counts in km or miles.  So in total I ran over 10 something on my treadmill to help add to this total of 33km, but If it’s actually in miles that equals 16km and I would need to add an additional 6km to my total.  I’m going to count it as km in case miles is too high.

I packed a bunch of easy to grab snacks, you may have seen the pictures in an earlier blog.  I’m going to do this again this week as it made it super easy to decide on what I should eat when I felt I needed a snack. 

now my last goal of  exercising for an hour I didn’t pay as much attention to this week.   When I ran, i felt as though I had done my time and was good to go for the day.  So if I only ran for 30 minutes I maybe didn’t push to extend my workout to a full hour.   I worked out 6 days this week, and a few of those ended up being double work out days where I hit the gym and then ran with friends or I ran in the morning outside and then ran on the treadmill at night. 

New goals for this week:

1) to run 25km (I’m setting it low again since I’m going to Jasper this weekend and doubt I’ll have time to run/workout while I’m there)

2) to fit in one extra day of weight training  (since my gym is closed today and I only get to see my trainer on Wednesday, I need to work these muscles out on my own)

3) to cook one new healthy meal (I’ve printed off a bunch of recipes that I’d like to try just seems I hardly have time!) Sunday night is the night.

Thanks again for everyone’s kind words and support. You’re encouragement truly helps! 

Time to run (it’s a treadmil morning which means Biggest Loser watching from last week) YAY!


Nikki-Best week yet

I’m feeling my motivation coming back in full force this week.  I had 2 amazing work outs with my personal trainer at Spa Lady, and so far this week I’ve run 19km and that’s just outside.   I haven’t even been tracking what I’ve done at home while watching TV shows. 

I don’t like jogging alone, but with one or more people I truly could go every day.  I like having my own little jogging club and if anyone wants to join or map out a run near their own place I’d gladly meet up for a lovely jog around a new neighbourhood.  I can’t wait for Ball Hockey to start-up on the 16th of October because doing any sort of exercise with another person makes it 10x easier but to play a sport and have competition makes it 100x easier to forget that you’re working out. 

Aline and I were talking about how nice it is to have built up our endurance to be able to run the river valley.  We’re not super fast and we don’t do really long distances but we’ve worked our way up from 4km to 6km runs and are slowly continuing to add km on.  It’s also helpful for me that Aline’s Boss has challenged her to run 20km during her next 6 days of work.  We’ve decided to do most of those 20km together since we have the same goal!  If we can’t  get together then we’re there to support the other one by encouraging them to get off their ass and out for a quick run.

With my motivation in full gear I’m going to power through this weekend and see just how many km I can do and reassess my km goal on monday, along with all my other goals.