Nikki-What’s with this plateau?

I’m just going to say it, I’ve been in denial.  I didn’t want to have to say it, but I’ve hit a plateau and hit it back in December!  phew, I feel better now that I’ve said it out loud.  I’m sure all of you have already guessed that but I was hoping I could work though it already.  Apparently I need to step it up and DO WORK.  I mean, that’s what the blogs called right? so I guess I should stop the section I’ve been in tittle “Nikki doing half the work”

Current weight: 152 lbs

last time I weighed in, I was at the same weight!  I guess it’s good to know that I can maintain my weight loss but I would like to get rid of these extra 12 lbs and in just over a month, as per the goals I set…

As of January 27 2012 my goals are:

1) Reach my goal weigh to of 140 pounds by March 30 2012

2) To sign up and start training for a 10km run and if possible a 100km bike event –I would like to be able to run the 10km run in less than an hour, and I just want to finish the entire bike event since I didn’t finish last year.

3) To continue to work out 5 times a week, follow-up with Doctors appointments, Physio and do everything that I can to ensure I have healthy body. 


Here’s how I’ve been doing.

I have signed up and started training for a 10km run and a HALF MARATHON (Eeeek) both in May.  I’ve been looking into doing a 2 day 180km bike ride  (for MS) possibly in BC.  I will decide on that one later, more focused on this HM.

I have followed up with my doctor about my ECG- it came back normal and my doctor is not currently worried about my low blood pressure and heart rate.  I’m an athlete you see, so I’m supposed to have a low resting heart rate.   That’s what I tell myself anyways, don’t know if my doctor believed me when I told her that 🙂  Anyways my doctor seems to think I’m doing just fine right now so that’s good. I’m done with Physio (for now) on my knees and I haven been working out at least 5 times a week, and trying new things such as Spin class!  so that’s good.  I know I love a good work out, and can feel my body wanting to burn calories on the days that I don’t get a work out in, such as yesterday.  Had a 17 hour day between work and team building with no chance to even fit in a walk.  I don’t sleep as well when I don’t work out and I know i consume more calories (which I’m adds to this plateau)

I’m still going to aim for my goal of 140 by the end of March.  I just need to Do (some major) Work! Good thing I’m training for a half marathon and need to be running most days of the week.  I’m also still going to be kicking my own butt at the gym by following the workouts Danielle had me doing during my personal training sessions (thank god she wrote them all down for me!), but I think the most important part for me is monitoring my food.   I haven’t been eating horribly, I used to eat chips daily, but I’m obviously still consuming to many calories to get rid of my spare tire completely so my mini goal for next week, by March 1st, is to plan out my meals for the month and post the healthier delicious ones.