Chubby cheeks

Here it is, time to face the scale and be honest. I have not weighed in since December 3 (whoops) and I was waiting until monday to finally step on the scale and see the damage done over Christmas. I’m only 3 days late, posting! I did weigh in on Monday though.  I swear!

k I’ll stop wasting time with words…

Current weight: 153

so that’s +2 lbs from December 3. Which is WAY less than I thought it was going to be but I have been very motivated again so maybe it was a good thing I had the Christmas blues or whatever the hell that was.

Since January 2, I have worked out every day, which some say is bad for you. I haven’t done crazy hard workouts daily, just moved everyday. I ran a total of 26.81km last week, yes all outside because it was finally nice enough to not be a chicken shit. One of the runs turned into a 9.26km run because it was just so nice out I didn’t want to stop.

I can’t lie about my exercise over Christmas. It was nonexistent. After December 16 I kind of shut down and had a bit of a depression, not wanting to move from the couch or do anything but stuff my chubby cheeks full of food even though that did make me feel worse. WHY would I do that?  No real reason, but I did and now I’ve got to work those chubby cheeks off to pay for it.

Anyways I’m feeling way better even though after calling my mom this morning she told me I sound depressed and sad all the time… ????  I’M NOT, I promise.

This week so far I’ve put in 6.61 km but on the treadmill. Oh right I told my other blog folks about my goal. I’m going to run 125 km in January which is about 25km a week.  Ok I actually put in a bit more on the treadmill but I forgot to check once I was done after that 45 minute period, dammit so I’m going to add-on 2km because I did at least that.  so, so far this week I’m now at 8.61km. 


Edmonton River Valley- Took this shot when I had to walk because I got stuck behind a group of 3 walkers.


Nikki-so far this week

So far this week I’ve ran 11.7km.  I figured out some new routes to run since I get bored when I’m running by myself in the same area over and over.  I also added in 2 areas in the river valley where it’s flat and then there are a few larger hills to climb.  Since this Half Marathon is in Canmore, I need to start running hills A LOT!  I’ve also started looking for some new music to add to the good ol IPod, any suggestions there? I do love to run to techno, the beat just keeps me going and I can guess that after a song I’ve usually ran about a km, you know, cause the songs are so long.


I’ve been working out 2x a day this week (besides Wednesday as it was my rest day, though I did go snowboarding with work) and I’ve been paying pretty close attention to what I’ve been eating. I’ve gone running in the am and then gone to work out with my trainer Danielle who I have my final session with this evening.  I am so sad it’s over, but I do plan on signing up for training in a few months again. I just love it so much.  Way easier to get a killer work out for an hour straight when someone is telling you what to do and encouraging you to do it.  I think I just decided to go so hard this week because I felt so off last week and I’m wanting to make up for lost time.  Plus I just want to ready for this half marathon so I’m hoping to stay on top of my training, and I’m not going to stop doing weights and circuits just because I should be out running km.  I’ve worked very hard for the muscles I’ve built and I want to have them for good!


Another cool thing that’s come from my training with Danielle is that they’ve asked me to go on their wall of testimonials.  I AM GOING TO BE FAMOUS, within the small Northgate location of Spa Lady!  I’m going through my chubby photos, probably will go with one from my blog titled “An Embarrassing Look back” where I put up a bunch of chubby picks and will be taking new photos this weekend to show what I’m looking like now.  I have totally forgotten to do my weigh ins the last 2 weeks but I’ve been floating between 150-152 depending on the day. I may not have lost a ton of weight through these training sessions but I can tell by how my clothes fit, and looking in the mirror the muscles I’ve developed.  I feel ripped and unstoppable.  Seriously, I’m so sad that I’m back to having to kick my own ass at the gym.  I still can’t believeTarawas so kind to give me these training sessions to begin with but I’m so thankful as I’ve loved every minute of it!

Nikki-Shrinking waist = shrinking wallet

The Jeans I was excited to fit into in July ↓

 I’m happy to say…

Are now, much to big in the waist! (I’m just showing how there’s room, no funny business)

Now this is awesome news.  I love the fact that I’m still slowly losing inches and working towards the body I’ve always wanted, the  part that is somewhat annoying (but I’ll take annoying any day) is the fact that clothes don’t fit.  I have bought new clothes along the way since it feels good to wear clothes that fit, but it’s annoying to feel like I just bought something and then it doesn’t fit.  Annoying because I spent my hard-earned $$$ and now what do I do with it!? -swear I’m not complaining just stating and I’ve figured out what to do so this is less annoying…
Jill and I were talking about this and she had given me the idea about a clothing swap.  So next saturday I’m holding the first Annual Clothing Swap.  I’ve invited a ton of ladies to come over with lightly warn clothes that they no longer want or fit into and hopefully swap for some that someone else has brought.  We’re also going to indulge in some wine!  After the clothes swap if something didn’t get picked up I’ll be donating the clothes to my kids at work as we take donations all year-long.  Hoping to get a some new clothes, but if not it will be a fun time anyway.

I really have struggled with working out this week but  it’s because I’ve had a really nasty cold that I can’t seem to kick,  which has now turned into the flu so working out will be waiting a few more days as I take a few more rest days.    I think I was also scared to do anything since I heard about my knee problems.  I had my first physio appointment yesterday and my therapist said that I don’t have to stop running but if I can work in a few days of biking I should be good.  He’s got me doing working on building up the muscles in my knees and said I should be good to go in a few weeks, yay for good news!

I don’t think I’ll weigh in this week just because I have been sick which means not eating much, not working out, drinking lots of fluid one day and none the next so my weight could be completely whack by Friday so I’ll just stick to a post with some recipes I’ve tried out over the last few weeks or something like that.

Again hands in pants just to show there is room, now if only I could get my thighs to shrink as much as my waistline…

Nikki-Weigh in Day

I’m bored with the title “weigh in day” but I’m not feeling very creative this lovely morning so I’ll think of something better next week (suggestions are always welcome)

I’ll get right to it…

Current weight: 152lbs

That means I’m -1lb  (it does seem like it should be more after 2 weeks but it’s not a +number so that’s a positive)

That also means I get my first reward, which is crafting!!!  Yes, sometimes my friends make fun of me for how excited I get when I make cards or scrapbook, but I just find that it’s so relaxing.  It also makes me happy.  Time to relax is also a huge part of good self-care, which I think is also very important when working on taking care of your body.  If I didn’t take any time to relax and unwind I know that I would work out less and pay less attention to what I ate, because that’s what I did to myself to reach 181 pounds. 

 When I step back and take a look at my life now and my life say 5 years ago when I was in school, I’ve hugely improved on my self-care.  While I was I was in school full-time  I also: worked full-time, had a relief position and had a practicum with school.  I was literally busy 20/7.  Yes I say 20/7 because I usually found time to sleep about 4 hours a night.   I’m not complaining, I know there are people out there who  do more than that just to get by but I know I’ve looked back and thought “how did I do it?”

Here’s how: By letting my health suffer.

 I didn’t have time to think about what I was fueling my body up with, I didn’t have time to get enough sleep , I didn’t have time to workout, I have no idea how I managed to start dating Ryan in between all of that because I didn’t have time for myself.    I made it through that period but it took a toll on my body.  If you haven’t seen the toll, look back through my posts to look at me at 181 pounds. 

I’m happy at where I’m at today.  I still have 2 jobs, one relief position and I’ve learned how to say no to shifts to fit in time to chill out.   I also have learned how to plan around my day to get a workout in, though I still prefer to go first thing in the AM to get it done and over with.  I am 1lb away from reaching a 30lb weight loss and am very excited about it!! All in all it’s been a good week and I plan to “cash in” on my crafting sometime next week because I’m off Mon-Fri.  Hope everyone has a great weekend-get your workouts in!

Nikki-Where does the time go?

I just don’t know WHY, there can never be enough time in a day, week, or month some times to do everything you want to get done and need to do! Where does the time go?

This week has been challenging to fit in time for running.  I’ve managed to fit in 16km (not including treadmill time since it’s not on my phone and I’m not at home to check) but I’m headed to Jasper on a staff retreat this weekend and I don’t know if I’ll actually have time to work out! So I may not reach my running goal this week, but I am packing my running shoes and work out clothes in case I do have a spare 30 minutes to get out and jog around Jasper….  Ok I would be crazy NOT to go jogging in Jasper.  New and beautiful scenery to look at while I run! I promise if I don’t get to run, I will force my staff team to at least go for a walk.  ANY activity is better than none!  This week just didn’t feel long enough to get in all the running I wanted to accomplish,but there’s always next week.

 I also feel like fall/winter flies by way quicker than spring/summer.  It’s probably because the sun sets so much earlier and then it feels like it’s time to just sit on the couch all evening. Truly who wants to work out in the dark at 6pm? (no it’s not that dark yet but SOON it will be)  The shorter the day the less time it feels like there is to accomplish anything.  This is one of the reasons I’ve said to work out in the morning, get your work out, out-of-the-way and then you don’t have to worry about becoming unmotivated throughout the day. 

One thing I’d like to do this winter is to make a weekly habit to get out and skate. Ryan bought me, my first pair of hockey skates last year for my birthday (anyone needs a pair of size 7 figure skates?) and we didn’t get out once to used them! So this year I’m determined to get out, put some wear and tear on my child sized hockey skates and am inviting anyone who reads this to join me.  This will me motivation for me to get up off the couch on those dark nights and burn a few extra calories. 

Anyhow that’s all I’m thinking this am, just wanted to blog since it’s a bit of stress relief for me now, and I know Kira gets sad when I don’t post often.  Have a fun and active weekend.  Speak to you again on Weigh in day!