Nikki-weighing in

Well I guess it’s been 2 weeks and I’m supposed to check in.

Current weight: 152lbs

So I’m back up the 2lbs I lost, with no real reason.  I know I was hungry last week, like a bottom less pit but I didn’t go crazy with by overeating. I have been working out, though I did only make it to the gym once last week because everyday off I had was spent doing home renovations on our second property, but really 8-10 hours a day painting, cleaning and all that stuff burns calories too! So who knows, it could be water retention it could be that I’ve put on muscle weight considering my arms have spent close to 60 hours painting.  Plus I’m still doing a ton of push ups daily.   I’m not disappointed with that because I know it hasn’t been self sabotage, but I do want to see the weight numbers go down, so I’m going to have to up my cardio somehow, since that’s where I’ve been lacking lately.

I finished my crunches challenge with my MFP friend, the goal was 420 crunches for the week, I did 480.  Starting today our challenge is Squats.  So my goal is to fit in 1000 squats this week.  I can do these at work (like today I work 15 hours, tomorrow is a 24 shift) so I can do these in the office and I’ll fit them in at the gym when I go later in the week.

That is all for today.  I’ll aim for photos for the next check in to see if these push ups are paying off yet.


Nikki-not much to report

It’s been a struggle this week to get to the gym.  We (Ryan, his mom, step-dad and I) decided we needed to attempt to flip our other property this past weekend, so friday-Tuesday we spent our days working out butts off.  We did all the fun demo stuff on friday and the rest of those days has been the tedious pulling, nails/staples out of walls and floors, taking all the fixtures off the walls, washing walls, replacing some floor, priming and painting, dry walling the list goes on.  So I’ve been burning calories working my undercarriage off daily but I feel blah.  I need some cardio, I need to get out for a for a run.

I had a weekly challenge with my myfitnesspal friend, I was to do 30 push ups a day for 7 days.  I missed one day because my right shoulder (the one I’ve dislocated) was feeling very weird and sore so I finished 180 push ups last week.  This week our challenge is sit ups/crunches/abs whatever you want to call it.  I picked 60 a day for 7 days, but today at the gym I wiped out 300, go abs! Next week is squats, I just need to figure out a number to do, either for the week or daily… any suggestions?

I was going to keep track of all the push ups I do during m workouts but they really add up, so I”m going to have to actually plan out my workouts so I know how many I do or write it down right after doing them… so we’ll see how that comes along. 

I did fit in 2 says of weight training last week, so that’s within my goals still! and I used the pull up machine and did 30 pull-ups each time.  I think at the end of November I will lower the weight and start lifting more of my own.

This week, I only just got to the gym this morning (thursday) and will get in one more weight training session before the end of the week.  But it’s been one of those weeks where I’m a bottomless pit and craving sweets, trying to stay strong but it’s hard!  sorry it’s a bit of a lame post, hopefully next week will be better!

Nikki-Every 2 weeks

Last week was great.  I ate well, wasn’t craving sweets or random snacks.  Just stuck to my set meals and had a healthy snack on the way home from the gym, like a pear or a tiny bran muffin.   I did 3 days of weight training last week and let me tell you I’m sore.  I also played Just Dance- 3 & 4 and had to laugh at myself when my arms were so sore I could hardly raise them above my head for some of the dance moves.

I’m keeping track of just the number of push ups and pull ups I’m doing because I’m hoping to see an increase in the number of push ups and decrease in the weight on the assisted pull ups as time goes on.

Here’s not my entire work outs, just the bits I want to keep track of.

Assisted Pull Ups(100lbs) Push Ups Cardio
Sun Hockey
Mon Rest day
Tues 30 45 30 Treadmill
Wed 45 66 30 Treadmill
Thurs Rest day
Fri 45 65 30 Treadmill
Sat 60 just dance

This week, starting this morning, a myfitnesspal friend and I are holding each other accountable to do a set number of push ups a day.   We are to message each other after we finish and message if we haven’t heard anything from the other.  For this weeks push up challenge my MFP friend is doing 60 push ups total for the week I’m aiming for 210, or 30 a day. So this morning I did 20 modified push ups and 10 normal/real/regular whatever you want to call them push ups.  I love using MFP the online support is amazing, everyone is very encouraging and supportive which is helpful on those days that I’m struggling and need an extra encouraging word.  Next week we’ll have a new mini challenge.  Any ideas for what other challenges we could do?

It’s funny how Jill mentioned in her last post, that for us ladies a “real push up” consists of our boobs touching the ground.  I have just never thought this was fair, as I’ve had some very chesty friends over the years and they don’t have to go very far to touch the ground.

last thing, I think for posting progress updates I am going to aim for every 2 weeks.  I know I posted my starting weight on October 24th, which means I’m just shy of 2 weeks but I’ll just go with today because Mondays seem easier to remember than Wednesday.

Current weight: 150 lbs

so I’m -2 lbs from my first weigh in, which is extremely motivating for me to keep doing what I’m doing!

Nikki-new goals

I have new goals! and I’m hoping my readers will help me stay motivated and accountable! 

I still want to lose about 10-15 lbs but that’s not my total focus.  I feel flabby and weak.  I want to feel as strong as I did when I was only doing weights twice a week with my trainer so that is the basis of my new goal.

I feel good, I really do at my size, but there are some of my clothes that feel tight even though the chart below shows that I have lost inches in the last few months.   I think it’s mainly that I have been focusing on running so much instead of weight training and not really counting all my calories so I feel bigger than I maybe actually am because I don’t feel as strong as I did.  Oh right, for those of you who didn’t know I have been blogging from Nikkiinhighgear since my last post here, I also ran 2 half marathons in 2012! one with Jill in May and one in September all by my lonesome lol.   I’ve really enjoyed both and plan on doing a few more next spring/summer/fall, Any who here is the chart.

June 2011 July  2012 October 2012
Upper Arm  12.5 11 10.5
Chest 39.5 38 37
Waist 34.25 31 32
ABD 39 37 35.5
Hips 42 42 41
Thigh 27 23.5 23
Calf 14.75 15 15
Weight 171 152 152

So really I don’t feel like I’m in a bad position at all with where my inches have gone up a little or gone down a little.  But here’s to building muscle and making those inches even smaller!

MY NEW GOALS-to be complete by March 27 2013 which is 22 weeks away!

1. Weight train 2-3x weekly

2. To be able to do 20 regular push ups with no breaks and without being totally out of breath after.

3. Reach goal weight of 140lbs

this is a goal I don’t know if I’ll be able to actually accomplish, but I’m going to try!

4. Do one unassisted pull up

I have NEVER had enough upper body strength to do even one pull up, but I would like to work on that.  If I don’t get there, at least I tried but I would like to know that if I fell off a cliff and was hanging there I would have enough upper body strength to pull myself up!

Here is the dreaded part that I think makes me most accountable, sharing my before photos!

as much as I am happy at where I am in my skin, I’m not always so confident in showing off my skin. I wont go into a list of “I hates” about my body because that’s just lame and I don’t feel like being lame today (though I do have those days, we all do)

October 2012
152 lbs
Can you tell I didin’t know what to do with my hands? lol also sorry about the bed head!


so  here’s a list of things I like: My legs are more toned from all the running I have been doing, I love the dorky smile I have plastered on my face, Even though my boobs are a full cup size smaller than when I started this entire journey I think they’re still looking Great!, I actually really like the entire middle/side photo I think I look very strong, I’ve always had this fascination about collar bones that pop out just slightly an I think mine are about as perfect as pop out can be.

Alright thanks for checking in! more to come soon!