Nikki-Oh Evenings

I’ve really come to realise that evenings are my downfall. 

At work I don’t have a ton of control of what’s being made for dinner.  I could bring my own dinner to ensure it is a healthier option, but I feel bad when I don’t eat the what my kids make.  They often chose high calorie/fatty options, such as on Monday-Pizza and wings.  Omg I love pizza and wings.  So I stayed at the gym an extra 30 minutes to make sure I burned enough calories to eat dinner and not have to worry about it too much.  I have also had conversations about healthy meals and portions sizes with my kids as well since I do want to lead by example.

At work I also bake and when I bake I mean that I bake but mostly I eat cookie dough like no body’s business.  I enjoy baking though, so I guess I need to learn to have some willpower and limit the cookie dough I eat since I know for a fact I can’t say no. When I’m at home I seem to just be making some poor choices in what I should make for dinner or evening snacks.

Anyone have any tips on how to curb your cravings? or where you get your willpower from?

Breakfast and lunch are the easiest meals to stick to.   I have been making low cal, high fiber/protein choices and am full until dinner on these choices but it seems as of lately I am craving sugar and high fat meals or evening snacks, I can’t seem to convince myself to have fruit or veggies-see above photo.  My other issue with evenings is that I get bored.  At home, at work, mostly when I’m alone! So the easiest thing to do is find food to fill my time!  I know I already mentioned that I am going to be working at staying busy, and so far I’ve done well at being busy this week.  I’ve done some more organizing around my house, done some crafts at work to pass time, and just found little things to do.  Fingers crossed my efforts pay off on friday!

 Well this week has been a bit better than last week, but I still haven’t done my weigh in, figured it’s not a huge deal so it can wait till this Friday! Speak to you all soon!