Nikki-Just a tune up

Ok so I finally went out for a 10km run today.  Figured it had been 2 weeks since I took a break, have a massage booked tomorrow and am going to the chiropractor in just over a week.  Well yet again the first 5km were AWESOME!  I even had a running buddy today- Margaret, Ryan’s mom’s dog that we’re dog sitting (funny little jack russell cocapoo who can run for years).  We were motoring along, hit the 5km mark and then that damn pain in my hip started up and progressed down into my knee.  I continued running/walking to finish off the 10km, in just over an hour 1:07:14 (not bad for walking a fair amount on the last 5km) was my time and on my way I had actually already ran past my physiotherapist’s office so I called them and set up a time to swing by, as this pain was unbearable.

Adam is amazing.  That’s my physiotherapist.  He asked a few quick questions and knew exactly the where my muscles were tight and explained it to me to so I’d understand.  Basically there’s a muscle in my hip/lower back that is tight, and then it goes down in to my leg which pulls on my knee.  That’s what I took from it anyway!  He did some crazy digging/stretching/massaging and then acupuncture and then electroshock therapy lol

As seen here.

My leg was twitching hard the entire time and I think Adam took great pleasure out of stabbing me with these needles.  I laugh when I’m uncomfortable or in slight pain, so he was having a good chuckle at me laughing about my displeasure.

He ended with a heat pad and some simple stretches.  I’m still in pain, but he beat my leg up and I’m suppose to hurt for the rest of the day.  I should be able to go for a long run this weekend with Jill !

Anyhow I’m glad I went to the physio, well worth the visit and it’s covered by my benefits anyway.  May as well use it!

Keep your fingers crossed for me, I’m feeling pretty good about being able to train hard again!





I’ve recently started following another  blogger-Roundinfinity who wrote about rewarding herself every time she loses weight but not rewarding herself with food since that is often what us dieting folks will do.  Ok if drop 5 pounds this week I can eat an entire cake! that’s pretty much how my brain works anyways.  I decided I would borrow her idea and with each pound I drop I will reward myself.  The biggest reward will be when I reach my goal weight.  Here is what I’ve come up with.

  1. 152Crafting ( Stampin, scrapbooking, cards, whatever I feel like.  I have a new spare room that is perfect for crafting)
  2. 151Get a new book on my Kindle (Then I can read during my next reward)
  3. 150Bubble Bath (Maybe Ryan would even be so kind as to prepare this bath for me haha)
  4. 149Spa Day @ home (I’m to poor to pay for it, or it could be cheapness, but I can totally do an at home mani/pedis and facials! anyone wanna join?)
  5. 148Movie date! (Ryan said he would take me to a movie of my choice)
  6. 147Record new Charity Case Songs (Yes, I’m in a band, we only write songs about one thing-Stacey.  Hopefully a rock song will be next)
  7. 146Play wii for hours (I sometimes have days where I’ll play wii with friends for like 8 hours… nerdy, why yes sometimes I am.   Jen, Em and Aline you guys better be ready for this.  Wii party hardy)
  8. 145Get a Massage! (Can’t wait for this one!)
  9. 144Get a new Toque (I love Toques, or Beanies as some friends call them)
  10. 143Get a hair cut (I really, really need my hair trimmed, it’s been at least 6 months)
  11. 142Photo Shoot (I’m hoping Jen and Emma agree to this one! and not just a photo shoot of me, photos of the wolfpack) 
  12. 141Get my eyebrows threaded (I like it better than waxing)
  13. 140 Shopping Spree. ( I need new clothes and got rid of a bunch (donated them my kids at work) so I will need new clothes, or at least a few items.) AND to add-on to this final reward Ryan said he would cook me a healthy meal of my choice! What a sweetheart!


Ok if this list isn’t motivation, I don’t know what else is!?  I’m also planning on putting $10 away for every pound so that I will actually have some money to spend when my I get to my shopping spree.  That way I can spend guilt free (plus i have a few gift cards I’ve been saving for months) I wouldn’t say no to anyone who wants to donate or match this amount either 🙂  Just playing!   Alright time to finish my coffee and do some at home yoga!