Chubby cheeks

Here it is, time to face the scale and be honest. I have not weighed in since December 3 (whoops) and I was waiting until monday to finally step on the scale and see the damage done over Christmas. I’m only 3 days late, posting! I did weigh in on Monday though.  I swear!

k I’ll stop wasting time with words…

Current weight: 153

so that’s +2 lbs from December 3. Which is WAY less than I thought it was going to be but I have been very motivated again so maybe it was a good thing I had the Christmas blues or whatever the hell that was.

Since January 2, I have worked out every day, which some say is bad for you. I haven’t done crazy hard workouts daily, just moved everyday. I ran a total of 26.81km last week, yes all outside because it was finally nice enough to not be a chicken shit. One of the runs turned into a 9.26km run because it was just so nice out I didn’t want to stop.

I can’t lie about my exercise over Christmas. It was nonexistent. After December 16 I kind of shut down and had a bit of a depression, not wanting to move from the couch or do anything but stuff my chubby cheeks full of food even though that did make me feel worse. WHY would I do that?  No real reason, but I did and now I’ve got to work those chubby cheeks off to pay for it.

Anyways I’m feeling way better even though after calling my mom this morning she told me I sound depressed and sad all the time… ????  I’M NOT, I promise.

This week so far I’ve put in 6.61 km but on the treadmill. Oh right I told my other blog folks about my goal. I’m going to run 125 km in January which is about 25km a week.  Ok I actually put in a bit more on the treadmill but I forgot to check once I was done after that 45 minute period, dammit so I’m going to add-on 2km because I did at least that.  so, so far this week I’m now at 8.61km. 


Edmonton River Valley- Took this shot when I had to walk because I got stuck behind a group of 3 walkers.


Nikki-new goals

I have new goals! and I’m hoping my readers will help me stay motivated and accountable! 

I still want to lose about 10-15 lbs but that’s not my total focus.  I feel flabby and weak.  I want to feel as strong as I did when I was only doing weights twice a week with my trainer so that is the basis of my new goal.

I feel good, I really do at my size, but there are some of my clothes that feel tight even though the chart below shows that I have lost inches in the last few months.   I think it’s mainly that I have been focusing on running so much instead of weight training and not really counting all my calories so I feel bigger than I maybe actually am because I don’t feel as strong as I did.  Oh right, for those of you who didn’t know I have been blogging from Nikkiinhighgear since my last post here, I also ran 2 half marathons in 2012! one with Jill in May and one in September all by my lonesome lol.   I’ve really enjoyed both and plan on doing a few more next spring/summer/fall, Any who here is the chart.

June 2011 July  2012 October 2012
Upper Arm  12.5 11 10.5
Chest 39.5 38 37
Waist 34.25 31 32
ABD 39 37 35.5
Hips 42 42 41
Thigh 27 23.5 23
Calf 14.75 15 15
Weight 171 152 152

So really I don’t feel like I’m in a bad position at all with where my inches have gone up a little or gone down a little.  But here’s to building muscle and making those inches even smaller!

MY NEW GOALS-to be complete by March 27 2013 which is 22 weeks away!

1. Weight train 2-3x weekly

2. To be able to do 20 regular push ups with no breaks and without being totally out of breath after.

3. Reach goal weight of 140lbs

this is a goal I don’t know if I’ll be able to actually accomplish, but I’m going to try!

4. Do one unassisted pull up

I have NEVER had enough upper body strength to do even one pull up, but I would like to work on that.  If I don’t get there, at least I tried but I would like to know that if I fell off a cliff and was hanging there I would have enough upper body strength to pull myself up!

Here is the dreaded part that I think makes me most accountable, sharing my before photos!

as much as I am happy at where I am in my skin, I’m not always so confident in showing off my skin. I wont go into a list of “I hates” about my body because that’s just lame and I don’t feel like being lame today (though I do have those days, we all do)

October 2012
152 lbs
Can you tell I didin’t know what to do with my hands? lol also sorry about the bed head!


so  here’s a list of things I like: My legs are more toned from all the running I have been doing, I love the dorky smile I have plastered on my face, Even though my boobs are a full cup size smaller than when I started this entire journey I think they’re still looking Great!, I actually really like the entire middle/side photo I think I look very strong, I’ve always had this fascination about collar bones that pop out just slightly an I think mine are about as perfect as pop out can be.

Alright thanks for checking in! more to come soon!

Nikki-Just a tune up

Ok so I finally went out for a 10km run today.  Figured it had been 2 weeks since I took a break, have a massage booked tomorrow and am going to the chiropractor in just over a week.  Well yet again the first 5km were AWESOME!  I even had a running buddy today- Margaret, Ryan’s mom’s dog that we’re dog sitting (funny little jack russell cocapoo who can run for years).  We were motoring along, hit the 5km mark and then that damn pain in my hip started up and progressed down into my knee.  I continued running/walking to finish off the 10km, in just over an hour 1:07:14 (not bad for walking a fair amount on the last 5km) was my time and on my way I had actually already ran past my physiotherapist’s office so I called them and set up a time to swing by, as this pain was unbearable.

Adam is amazing.  That’s my physiotherapist.  He asked a few quick questions and knew exactly the where my muscles were tight and explained it to me to so I’d understand.  Basically there’s a muscle in my hip/lower back that is tight, and then it goes down in to my leg which pulls on my knee.  That’s what I took from it anyway!  He did some crazy digging/stretching/massaging and then acupuncture and then electroshock therapy lol

As seen here.

My leg was twitching hard the entire time and I think Adam took great pleasure out of stabbing me with these needles.  I laugh when I’m uncomfortable or in slight pain, so he was having a good chuckle at me laughing about my displeasure.

He ended with a heat pad and some simple stretches.  I’m still in pain, but he beat my leg up and I’m suppose to hurt for the rest of the day.  I should be able to go for a long run this weekend with Jill !

Anyhow I’m glad I went to the physio, well worth the visit and it’s covered by my benefits anyway.  May as well use it!

Keep your fingers crossed for me, I’m feeling pretty good about being able to train hard again!



Nikki- Another set back: Patellofemoral Syndrome

I’m glad this isn’t true anymore!

Current weight: 153lbs

no weight change. 

But I’ve had a frustrated end to my week.  I start making progress and then something happens that sets me back!  Since I’ve started running in the river valley this summer I’ve noticed my knees hurting and yesterday I finally went to the doctor, since I hadn’t been running to often this fall I hadn’t noticed any pain.  Here’s what happened this week

 I didn’t post it in my blog, some of you may have seen it on Facebook, but on Monday I ran 9km in an hour.  I was beyond excited as this is my longest and fastest run to date.  I was on top of the world on Monday and thought “Maybe I will end up training for a half marathon, one day”.  That day my knees were very sore, along with my shoulder (the one I’ve dislocated aches when I run) and my back.  I know that these are all common pains, well maybe not the shoulder but it’s normal for me, for runners and can usually be taken care of by building up different muscles but it’s frustrating to find out that I have “Runners Knee” or the correct term Patellofemoral Syndrome.   Basically it means you have a muscle imbalance around your knee, and they push and pull and give you pain and popping. In most runner’s cases, the quads get too strong, so you need to build up the hamstrings, and inner and outer thigh muscles. 

 I’m starting physio on Monday to continue to build on the different muscles and now that Danielle, my trainer, knows that I have this syndrome (she’s had it as well which is encouraging because she’s still a runner) she will help me with building those muscles up even more.  It’s just scary because this can be a problem that leads to surgery.  I know this because Ryan’s mom had the surgery for the exact same thing.   I do not want to have surgery!

From everything I’ve read about Patellofemoral Syndrome, I need to cut back on running especially down hills at this point.  Which is extremely disappointing after just doing this 9km run.  I feel like running is the biggest stress relief for me, and as I’ve mentioned before I know that I feel it’s the best work out since I sweat like no bodies business! but hopefully the Physiotherapist and Danielle can fix me up and I’ll be back to running soon. 

I had one other issue at the doctor which I wasn’t expecting low blood pressure and low heart rate.  I’ve been getting dizzy during some work outs with Danielle and even a little on my long runs, but the only thing my doctor told me to do so far is to drink more water…. I don’t know how I can manage to drink more when that’s pretty much all I drink all day long, but I’ll have to.  I”m going for an ECG  sometime this week to see whats up with my ticker.

Anyways I’m not giving up on this weight loss journey, It might just be a little bit slower for a while (which sucks) but it’s going to happen.  I might have to bike, swim or use the elliptical but I’ll still be exercising as much as I can!


If you like this blog check out a friend of mine who needs some followers and encourages on her own journey!

Nikki-Final Photos and Weigh in

Wow I can’t believe it’s the end of October and the “final” weigh in.  I am only going to refer to it as “final” since I’ve still got some work to do!  I had my last personal training this morning, and I’m sad.  I wish I could afford to have a trainer all year-long as Danielle really kicked my butt and has toned me up (way easier to tell when I’m wearing close to nothing or gym clothes :))  I do hope to save up and workout with her again.  I will miss my hour-long sessions of being told what to do and being amazed at what I’ve done.  Some of the weights/reps she’s had me use/do I never thought I’d make it through and now I can go to the gym by myself and do that torture to myself.  Ok it wasn’t really torture, the only thing I still hate are burpees, but they work everything so they’re so good for you! Danielle even made me do them this morning as my very last exercise!

Ok so lets just get to the info and pics everyone’s been weighting waiting for (I just can’t stop writing about weight!)

 June 2011  October 2011  Total Lost
 Weight: 171   Weight: 154  17lbs
 Bicep:12.5   Bicep: 11  1.5
 Chest: 39.5   Chest: 37  2.5
 Waist: 34.25   Waist: 32  2.25
 Abdominal: 39   Abdominal: 37  2
 Hips: 42.5   Hips: 40  2.5
 Thigh: 27   Thigh: 25  2
 Calf: 14.75   Calf: 15  +.25

Now the funny thing is my trainer Danielle did measurements this morning (they are slightly different areas that are measured) and I have lost 13.2 inches since I started working out with her.  Just so you all know 4 of those inches were from my neck! holly shit, did I have a rippling beast of a steroids man neck before?  For real, If I ever get fat again I’m requesting now that EVERYONE who reads this has an intervention with me!


You can see how unhappy I was when you look at the first photo in both sets.   Looking at the current photo’s you can see just in my posture how much more confident I am.  I’m so much happier, healthier and am way leaner!

Thank you to EVERYONE who has given their support, read the blog, worked out with me or forced me to do burpees, passed on recipes, and just continual encouragement, because of you I found it in myself to stay motivated these past few months.  I worked on being active 5 days a week.  I counted calories, I set goals for myself and met many of them such as fitting into my target dress and I still have goals to work on (come on 14 lbs),  I’ve learned to enjoy jogging-at least when I’m running with buddies and learned to love going to the gym again. 

I will be continuing on my weight loss journey over the next few months.  I would still like to get down to 140 lbs which is only another 14 lbs so I know I’ll get there but the biggest goal for me is to have defined arms and continue working out 5x a week.   I’m so much more confident in my skin now that I don’t think there will ever need to be an intervention.  I will be coming up with some new goals in the next few weeks to continue working on fitness.  Hope everyone will continue to read my posts then!

Nikki: Weigh in Day-Week 19

Whoops I totally forgot yesterday was weigh in day.  It’s probably because I slept in and was racing around trying to get ready to get myself to the gym for my 9am appointment. So lets check it out now

Current weight:155 lbs

that is +1 lb. 

I did not work out while I was in Jasper!  The only time where I could have fit in a run, I decided to nap instead since I’d hardly slept.  We did however walk for 2 hours while we did a scavenger hunt all over jasper.  My team did cheat and drove for at most 10 minutes but I don’t think it was that much since Jasper is so small.  So back on track yesterday morning by hitting the gym first thing in the am.

It was one of those weeks where life gets in the way of achieving all the goals you set out for yourself.  Let me refresh your memory on what my goals for last week were:

1) to run 25km

2) to pack and have ready to grab quick 100 calorie (or less) snacks

3) to exercise for at least an hour

I only managed to fit in time to run 19km, but hey at least I got in 19km.  I did pack up a bunch of 100 calorie snacks such as canned pears, grapes, hard-boiled eggs and containers of veggies.  My last goal was to exercise for an hour a day and I didn’t really keep track of if I achieved this or not!

This week I am setting some different goals since my running buddies Aline and Jill are both out-of-town and I’m not sure if I’ll get in as much running with out them.

1.) To attend 3 different fitness classes at Spa Lady.  I haven’t check out a few and would like to see which ones I’d enjoy

2.)To run 15km.  I plan to just do my run in the trailer park 3 times this week to reach this goal.  Maybe I can get Ryan to join me again!

3.)To make the yummy Veggie soup that Kira taught me how to make! It’s super healthy and so good.  It’s also easy to freeze and nice to have something filling and healthy that’s easy to grab and eat!

This could also be a hard week to count calories… today I turn 27.  Does that mean my metabolism slows down even more today? shit. Any who I know Birthday (Week) means dinners and lunches out with family and friends, and usually a couple extra bevies here and there.  So it’s even more important for me to get to the gym every day and get a good workout in.  It’s early-ish, 8:25am, I’ve been awake since 7:30am… who the hell gets up that early 1) on their bday 2) on a day they can sleep in? yes, it’s obvious the answer is me, but it’s cause I needed to pound out this blog and get my smaller sized ass to the gym asap so I can have dinner at the Pasta Kitchen this evening! 

  I have a few weeks until Jill and I are done with the “set” time of this weight loss journey.  I have more pictures to come: before, during and current. Me in my target dress and who knows what else! I also plan on continuing this blog after October 31st because I do find that it helps motivate me to get to the gym and work towards the goals I set since I tell all of you about them.

Nikki-Where does the time go?

I just don’t know WHY, there can never be enough time in a day, week, or month some times to do everything you want to get done and need to do! Where does the time go?

This week has been challenging to fit in time for running.  I’ve managed to fit in 16km (not including treadmill time since it’s not on my phone and I’m not at home to check) but I’m headed to Jasper on a staff retreat this weekend and I don’t know if I’ll actually have time to work out! So I may not reach my running goal this week, but I am packing my running shoes and work out clothes in case I do have a spare 30 minutes to get out and jog around Jasper….  Ok I would be crazy NOT to go jogging in Jasper.  New and beautiful scenery to look at while I run! I promise if I don’t get to run, I will force my staff team to at least go for a walk.  ANY activity is better than none!  This week just didn’t feel long enough to get in all the running I wanted to accomplish,but there’s always next week.

 I also feel like fall/winter flies by way quicker than spring/summer.  It’s probably because the sun sets so much earlier and then it feels like it’s time to just sit on the couch all evening. Truly who wants to work out in the dark at 6pm? (no it’s not that dark yet but SOON it will be)  The shorter the day the less time it feels like there is to accomplish anything.  This is one of the reasons I’ve said to work out in the morning, get your work out, out-of-the-way and then you don’t have to worry about becoming unmotivated throughout the day. 

One thing I’d like to do this winter is to make a weekly habit to get out and skate. Ryan bought me, my first pair of hockey skates last year for my birthday (anyone needs a pair of size 7 figure skates?) and we didn’t get out once to used them! So this year I’m determined to get out, put some wear and tear on my child sized hockey skates and am inviting anyone who reads this to join me.  This will me motivation for me to get up off the couch on those dark nights and burn a few extra calories. 

Anyhow that’s all I’m thinking this am, just wanted to blog since it’s a bit of stress relief for me now, and I know Kira gets sad when I don’t post often.  Have a fun and active weekend.  Speak to you again on Weigh in day!