Nikki-Where does the time go?

I just don’t know WHY, there can never be enough time in a day, week, or month some times to do everything you want to get done and need to do! Where does the time go?

This week has been challenging to fit in time for running.  I’ve managed to fit in 16km (not including treadmill time since it’s not on my phone and I’m not at home to check) but I’m headed to Jasper on a staff retreat this weekend and I don’t know if I’ll actually have time to work out! So I may not reach my running goal this week, but I am packing my running shoes and work out clothes in case I do have a spare 30 minutes to get out and jog around Jasper….  Ok I would be crazy NOT to go jogging in Jasper.  New and beautiful scenery to look at while I run! I promise if I don’t get to run, I will force my staff team to at least go for a walk.  ANY activity is better than none!  This week just didn’t feel long enough to get in all the running I wanted to accomplish,but there’s always next week.

 I also feel like fall/winter flies by way quicker than spring/summer.  It’s probably because the sun sets so much earlier and then it feels like it’s time to just sit on the couch all evening. Truly who wants to work out in the dark at 6pm? (no it’s not that dark yet but SOON it will be)  The shorter the day the less time it feels like there is to accomplish anything.  This is one of the reasons I’ve said to work out in the morning, get your work out, out-of-the-way and then you don’t have to worry about becoming unmotivated throughout the day. 

One thing I’d like to do this winter is to make a weekly habit to get out and skate. Ryan bought me, my first pair of hockey skates last year for my birthday (anyone needs a pair of size 7 figure skates?) and we didn’t get out once to used them! So this year I’m determined to get out, put some wear and tear on my child sized hockey skates and am inviting anyone who reads this to join me.  This will me motivation for me to get up off the couch on those dark nights and burn a few extra calories. 

Anyhow that’s all I’m thinking this am, just wanted to blog since it’s a bit of stress relief for me now, and I know Kira gets sad when I don’t post often.  Have a fun and active weekend.  Speak to you again on Weigh in day!