I’m still on a bit of a high from friday.  Jill and I play on the same ball hockey team and we won the gold medal game!!! Great work out, great out come, and I pulled a muscle in my quad… I truly am a walking disaster at the tender age sudden lol but I’m not letting it bring me down.  I’m still getting in workouts that wont bother that area and resting it.  Great news as well, I finally had my chiropractor appointment.  One quick adjustment to my neck and the pain in my hip is literally gone (the pulled muscles/knot in my quad is not,but it’s feeling better).  This is the first time I’ve gone to a chiropractor and he is a heaven-sent angel.   I was right about my hips being out-of-place, and I have proof in x-ray form, though I’m not sure I shared that thought with anyone but Ryan.  I asked him one day after a painful run just to yank on my left leg and see if that would pop it back into place lol, didn’t work.  Anyways, the chiropractor knew I was a runner, which made me feel all important and made me think in my head “I am a runner, I am an athlete” which is something I have never considered myself even though I grew up playing on every school sports team and community basketball.  But I’ve always been an athlete, I just forgot how to be one for a few years.

Not only am I on a high from Friday’s ball hockey, but on  Thursday I went out and ran 9km pain-free as well.  I hadn’t run that long in a while and it felt amazing.  The first 10-20 minutes are always the hardest, got to find my pace, get use to breathing and feeling the groove but after that I was set.  I actually had people in their winter jackets staring at me like I was crazy as I ran past them in capris and a t-shirt.     All the while I was thinking things similar to the Jessica from the Maxwell commercial this is her actual video Jessica’s “Daily Affirmation”

I like how she ended with I can do anything better than anyone lol I tell myself that (even if it’s not true) just to get me through some tough moment sometimes.  It helps.  I also love how she stood in the mirror to tell her self about everything she liked and that’s what I’ve been doing.  Except I don’t stand on the sink to do it.

I also finally had time to weigh mPinned Imagemyself, I’m at 150lbs (that’s -1lb) though after the amount of ice cream cake I had tonight that number could be so off lol  but I’m reminding myself exactly what this picture says.  I am working towards a goal weight, but that number does not define me.  I am strong, I am beautiful, I am healthy and I will continue to work on those things as I continue to work out, as getting back in to working out was a lifestyle change not a “just for a while change” or a “until my wedding change”.  I’m not working out to be 100lbs (like I joke about) I’m working out so that I will live a healthy and long life!

Sorry I didn’t post on my usual dates this week, it’s been a busy one!


Nikki-Injury prone

Man, do I ever feel injury prone, and for no good reason either.  Every other month there’s something else I need to go to the doctor about that is keeping me from exercising/training. It’s beyond frustrating, all I want to do is get outside and put in some decent km to prep for this half marathon.   I feel like people think I’m just making things up and that I’m looking for attention, well ick to that! I hate having attention on me and I may complain about things but I just want to get my average sized ghetto booty to the gym.

Well I’ve booked my Doctors appointment to have my left hip/leg checked out.  Sadly I can’t get in until the middle of next week  so I am going to have to ditch on my goal of running 36km this week, even though I was on a great pace of making as I hit 21km (a few more but they were walked)   Here’s whats been going down:

I went out Monday and ran just over 8km, that’s when the hip pain started.  I already blogged about it so I don’t want to go into much boring detail, again.  Figured I should call the Doctor but didn’t because as I rested for the remainder of the day my leg was feeling so much better.  I decided to take Tuesday and Wednesday off as well and headed out for a run yesterday morning. I was doing very well with a great pace hovering between 5:27-6:03 depending on the terrain when I just started experiencing shooting pain from my hip down into my knee and into my shin.  I couldn’t keep going so I started to walk.  While I walked I wiped out my phone and dialed the Doctor to see when I could get in (got to love multitasking). 

I ended up only running 7km but walked another 3 to get back to my car.  So I did get a good workout in, but shit what have I done to my leg?! and how?!?! I stretch after every run, I work out and when I say work out I mean weight training (its way more enjoyable than cardio for me) and I’ve been doing physio, massage and eating healthy… ok the eating healthy has been a bit shaky lately but there’s some other reasons for that and I doubt would be the leading factor to this hip problem, but again I’m only certified in first aid, not a training Doctor.

I have a hockey game tomorrow, yes I know I shouldn’t play because of my hip issue but it’s been a month since I played and we are missing a bunch of players so I’m going to go. But I swear I’ll take myself out of the game if the pain is too much.  I’m also going to continue going to the gym and working on my strength training, may as well right?! exercise is a stress relief for me and this hip situation is beyond stressful!  anyhow hope everyone has a happy, exercised fill weekend!

Nikki-lacking something

I didn’t make my km goal for last week, but damn I was close.  The goal was 32km and I managed 30.  This week the goal is 36km and I’m already on my way, Ran a quick 5km with Ryan on Saturday and hammered out 8km yesterday.  I was aiming to do a longer run yesterday but with the snow, the slippery footing and me getting a real nice Charlie-horse while running I only managed 8.  So hopefully the pathways our a bit clearer later this week so that I can have a few less slippery runs.

I think I need to get a massage or go to the chiropractor because this hip of mine is making it very difficult to run lately.  I would describe this hip pain as a Charlie-horse,  but I don’t know if that’s what it is for sure.  It’s sore and makes me limp when I’m running.  It almost feels like my hip needs to be popped back in.  I’m no Doctor, I didn’t even take sports medicine in school so I probably should just go get it checked out by a professional, hey?  I should probably also pick up a (stupid) blue foam roller, because it could just be that my muscles are super tight, but man do I hate using those things.  They hurt, SO MUCH!

I know I’m in a bit of a funk right now, this plateau is annoying me and all I need to do is pick my game up.  I’m lacking something and each day it’s different.  Yesterday it was maybe self-control, today might be motivation, and tomorrow could be something totally new.  You’d think with the amount of running I’m doing it would be easy but as of lately I have less self-control than I usually do and have a hard time saying no.  I can eat healthy for breakfast and lunch, but dinner and the evening is out the window.  I had made it a goal to plan out my meals for March.  I didn’t complete this goal.  I also haven’t made my last 2 running goals.   Something is making it hard for me right now, but I can’t put my finger on it.  I feel like I haven’t had anything good to blog about recently, and I usually look forward to writing my blogs.  Hoping I figure it out soon.


Nikki-Questions for Weight Loss

I get an almost daily Biggest Loser Newsletter that offers advice, tips, recipes and all sorts of fun reading to do with weight loss and health.  Back in December I received one of these Newsletters that was about “Questions for Weight Loss” and want to share it for those of you who are working on coming up with your own goals/reasons to lose weight. 

Questions for Weight Loss- December 28, 2011

Turn reasons into heart-felt resolutions

Like the cast members of The Biggest Loser, you too may have some deeply personal reasons for losing weight. To turn those reasons into heartfelt resolutions and achievable goals, answer the following questions:

Why do you want to lose weight? List the most important reasons you can think of: for example, to look better, have more energy, be able to play sports, be more self-confident, improve specific aspects of your health, and so forth.

Next, take each of those reasons and reflect upon how your life will improve if you address these reasons. For example: How will looking better benefit you? What will you do with more energy that you’re not doing now? How will playing sports enrich your life? What will your life be like in the absence of overweight-related health problems?

Finally, set some weekly, doable goals for yourself to help you move forward in a positive manner. Depending on what you wrote above, ask yourself such questions as:

What can I do this week to improve my appearance?

What can I do this week that will increase my energy?

What sports, exercise, or other physical activity can I do this week to improve my fitness? When and how often will I do it?

What can I do this week to boost my self-confidence?

What actions will I take this week to improve my health?

 I started out with this blog wanting to lose weight because I wanted to work on my self-esteem, poor body image and to stop being an emotional eater.  I didn’t word these things into goals but I knew that was what I was working on.  I figured since I fell a bit of track over Christmas and have the great opportunity of using a personal trainer for 5 weeks that I better re think my reasons for wanting to lose weight.  

Why do I want to lose weight? I had set a goal of 140lbs to work towards because I was around that weight when I moved to Edmonton.  I was confident, happy, the healthiest I had ever been.   I am much more confident, happier and healthier since losing so much weight already but I know that if I continue to work towards my original goal I will be even more of the above things.  Who doesn’t want to feel and be the best they can be? 

What can I do this week to be happy? So many things: workout, eat healthy foods and often (I’m seriously always hungry), hang out with friends, spend time with Ryan are just a few things I have started doing this week already.

What can I do this week to boost my self-confidence? I am going to focus on positive self talk.  Telling myself “I CAN do this” “I am strong” “I am beautiful” “I am smart” and “all the strength you need is within”.  that last one is what I told myself during The Ride to Conquer Cancer.  My mom gave Jen, Em and I necklaces with that saying on it and I totally belive it.  I did lose the necklace at a hockey game of mine but I wont ever forget the meaning of it.

What actions will I take this week to improve my health? I am back on track to work out 5 days a week, I will pick healthier snacks, I wont completely say no to a treat because I know that I would go back and binge so eating treats within reason, I will book a doctor’s appointment.  I need to book a doctor’s appointment because I want to figure out why when I’m working out with Danielle, my trainer, I often get light-headed and dizzy and need to sit down and have an energy bar.  Its become frustrating to me and if there is something medically wrong I want to find out sooner rather than later.  I also have been having some pain in my knee that I’d like to go away!

So that’s what I’m doing this week.  What are you going to do?