Nikki-Injury prone

Man, do I ever feel injury prone, and for no good reason either.  Every other month there’s something else I need to go to the doctor about that is keeping me from exercising/training. It’s beyond frustrating, all I want to do is get outside and put in some decent km to prep for this half marathon.   I feel like people think I’m just making things up and that I’m looking for attention, well ick to that! I hate having attention on me and I may complain about things but I just want to get my average sized ghetto booty to the gym.

Well I’ve booked my Doctors appointment to have my left hip/leg checked out.  Sadly I can’t get in until the middle of next week  so I am going to have to ditch on my goal of running 36km this week, even though I was on a great pace of making as I hit 21km (a few more but they were walked)   Here’s whats been going down:

I went out Monday and ran just over 8km, that’s when the hip pain started.  I already blogged about it so I don’t want to go into much boring detail, again.  Figured I should call the Doctor but didn’t because as I rested for the remainder of the day my leg was feeling so much better.  I decided to take Tuesday and Wednesday off as well and headed out for a run yesterday morning. I was doing very well with a great pace hovering between 5:27-6:03 depending on the terrain when I just started experiencing shooting pain from my hip down into my knee and into my shin.  I couldn’t keep going so I started to walk.  While I walked I wiped out my phone and dialed the Doctor to see when I could get in (got to love multitasking). 

I ended up only running 7km but walked another 3 to get back to my car.  So I did get a good workout in, but shit what have I done to my leg?! and how?!?! I stretch after every run, I work out and when I say work out I mean weight training (its way more enjoyable than cardio for me) and I’ve been doing physio, massage and eating healthy… ok the eating healthy has been a bit shaky lately but there’s some other reasons for that and I doubt would be the leading factor to this hip problem, but again I’m only certified in first aid, not a training Doctor.

I have a hockey game tomorrow, yes I know I shouldn’t play because of my hip issue but it’s been a month since I played and we are missing a bunch of players so I’m going to go. But I swear I’ll take myself out of the game if the pain is too much.  I’m also going to continue going to the gym and working on my strength training, may as well right?! exercise is a stress relief for me and this hip situation is beyond stressful!  anyhow hope everyone has a happy, exercised fill weekend!


Nikki-dreaded treadmill

I didn’t make last weeks running goal.  I knew I would have a hard time making it, but this week I will make up for it. The only problem this week is, it’s actually winter all of a sudden! it’s -20 outside right now and it will reach -8 later in the day but I like to get my runs over with in the am so that I can actually enjoy my day, so off to the gym I go! (started my blog yesterday)

There are just a few problems I have with running on the treadmill. 

 One of those problems is that it’s not realistic in running a mile.  The ground outside doesn’t move.  I read a few articles about treadmill km/miles etc (here’s one), but I also recall reading an article stating that the miles are shorter than running an actual mile outside so I don’t even know if I’m running as far as I need to be.

The second problem I have is, WOW do my joints and entire body hurt even more from running on the treadmill then outside.  I only ran for about 40 minutes yesterday (4.16miles on the treadmill) and the entire left side of my body was hurting all day.  It really felt like my knee just wanted to dislocate.  I’m feeling about as sore as when I ran the 14km outside.

The third problem, It’s just so much nicer to run outside in the fresh air, with nicer views, no perfume that I have no idea why women spray on before they work out.  Don’t get me wrong I will always run on a treadmill in the gym to get a good work out in, and I miss having a treadmill at home to have even easier access to working out.   BUT now that I’m so in like with running outside it is a struggle to go to the gym to go on the treadmill when I could just go outside.

Treadmill Workouts I have tried some of these.  My Pyramid Intervals, don’t look exactly like the routine in this link but are similar and get the job done.   The rolling hills and hike settings are alright to, especially now that I’m training for this mountain half marathon. 

Sidenote and something to look forward to: My mom’s best friend, Liz (who lead the Christmas running lights tour- if you remember that blog) ran this same Half Marathon and has offered some support by coming to cheer me on during the run.  Can’t wait to see what my Mom and Liz bring to cheer with!  She also offered to make me spaghetti and stay at her home in Canmore the night before so I am set for this run!  Thanks Liz!

Alright so the goal for this week is 32km with another 14km run making up most of those.  Good thing Jill and I are facing the freezing weather together and running outside today, I need a break from the treadmill already!  


Nikki-What’s with this plateau?

I’m just going to say it, I’ve been in denial.  I didn’t want to have to say it, but I’ve hit a plateau and hit it back in December!  phew, I feel better now that I’ve said it out loud.  I’m sure all of you have already guessed that but I was hoping I could work though it already.  Apparently I need to step it up and DO WORK.  I mean, that’s what the blogs called right? so I guess I should stop the section I’ve been in tittle “Nikki doing half the work”

Current weight: 152 lbs

last time I weighed in, I was at the same weight!  I guess it’s good to know that I can maintain my weight loss but I would like to get rid of these extra 12 lbs and in just over a month, as per the goals I set…

As of January 27 2012 my goals are:

1) Reach my goal weigh to of 140 pounds by March 30 2012

2) To sign up and start training for a 10km run and if possible a 100km bike event –I would like to be able to run the 10km run in less than an hour, and I just want to finish the entire bike event since I didn’t finish last year.

3) To continue to work out 5 times a week, follow-up with Doctors appointments, Physio and do everything that I can to ensure I have healthy body. 


Here’s how I’ve been doing.

I have signed up and started training for a 10km run and a HALF MARATHON (Eeeek) both in May.  I’ve been looking into doing a 2 day 180km bike ride  (for MS) possibly in BC.  I will decide on that one later, more focused on this HM.

I have followed up with my doctor about my ECG- it came back normal and my doctor is not currently worried about my low blood pressure and heart rate.  I’m an athlete you see, so I’m supposed to have a low resting heart rate.   That’s what I tell myself anyways, don’t know if my doctor believed me when I told her that 🙂  Anyways my doctor seems to think I’m doing just fine right now so that’s good. I’m done with Physio (for now) on my knees and I haven been working out at least 5 times a week, and trying new things such as Spin class!  so that’s good.  I know I love a good work out, and can feel my body wanting to burn calories on the days that I don’t get a work out in, such as yesterday.  Had a 17 hour day between work and team building with no chance to even fit in a walk.  I don’t sleep as well when I don’t work out and I know i consume more calories (which I’m adds to this plateau)

I’m still going to aim for my goal of 140 by the end of March.  I just need to Do (some major) Work! Good thing I’m training for a half marathon and need to be running most days of the week.  I’m also still going to be kicking my own butt at the gym by following the workouts Danielle had me doing during my personal training sessions (thank god she wrote them all down for me!), but I think the most important part for me is monitoring my food.   I haven’t been eating horribly, I used to eat chips daily, but I’m obviously still consuming to many calories to get rid of my spare tire completely so my mini goal for next week, by March 1st, is to plan out my meals for the month and post the healthier delicious ones.


Nikki-blew that goal outta the water

Wow does time fly! it’s been nearly a week since my last blog.  I’ve just been sooooooo busy that I’ve had no time to write, and this week is another busy week that is almost over, so hopefully I will be able to fit in another one at on Friday.

I want to start with going over the goal I set last week. My goal was to run a total of 25 km by saturday.  Did I make it? You betcha I did.  I actually kind of blew last weeks goal out of the water by running 34.73km.   I had mentioned earlier in the week that I had already ran around 11km but on Saturday Jill mapped out a “lovely” 14km run for us to take on.  I think we did amazing as that is our longest run to date and

We ran it in: 1 hour and 37min 24seconds.  

Our average speed was: 7min 03sec (which was because we walked the last km, omg did we ever need it after running all those hills and ending on the up, of Groat Rd).

Our fastest Km was: 6min 27sec which I’m not going to lie was going down groat road.

are slowest time: 7min 56sec running back up that same area!  So now that we’ve run 14km we know how fast we can do it and can aim a to run a bit faster and add-on a few km!

We were so excited at the end we high fixed and  hugged.   I can only imagine the end of the half marathon with shared tears of amazement, happiness and exhaustion over accomplishing this huge goal we’ve set upon ourselves.  I’m hoping I have someone there to take pictures of that moment for me cause I picture my ugly crying face to come out lol.   I think I will want to show my kids (one day when I have some) pictures of this race and then end, just to show them they can do anything they put their minds to.  I might even show my kids at work cause they already think I’m crazy for running a half marathon.

This week is going to be a bit harder to fit in 25+km.  I just got back from a work snowboarding trip (sounds awesome right? ya, I was!) so I was working 24/7 for the last 3 days, I am about to head out with Aline to fit in at least 6km (she’s training for the 10km in may to!!) but tomorrow I work from 7am-10pm and friday I am leaving for Calgary for the weekend. I will take my running gear but I doubt there will be time to run (will try to squeeze in even a quick daily 5 km since I can do that in half and hour).  So I guess I will set my goal to run 20km as I bet between today and friday I can at least get those km in and anything else I do is a positive! Next week I’ll set my goal higher, it’s my slow week at work which means I have 4 days off to train and blog… but I’ve got to run and put in some KM for this week.  Have a good one!

Nikki-so far this week

So far this week I’ve ran 11.7km.  I figured out some new routes to run since I get bored when I’m running by myself in the same area over and over.  I also added in 2 areas in the river valley where it’s flat and then there are a few larger hills to climb.  Since this Half Marathon is in Canmore, I need to start running hills A LOT!  I’ve also started looking for some new music to add to the good ol IPod, any suggestions there? I do love to run to techno, the beat just keeps me going and I can guess that after a song I’ve usually ran about a km, you know, cause the songs are so long.


I’ve been working out 2x a day this week (besides Wednesday as it was my rest day, though I did go snowboarding with work) and I’ve been paying pretty close attention to what I’ve been eating. I’ve gone running in the am and then gone to work out with my trainer Danielle who I have my final session with this evening.  I am so sad it’s over, but I do plan on signing up for training in a few months again. I just love it so much.  Way easier to get a killer work out for an hour straight when someone is telling you what to do and encouraging you to do it.  I think I just decided to go so hard this week because I felt so off last week and I’m wanting to make up for lost time.  Plus I just want to ready for this half marathon so I’m hoping to stay on top of my training, and I’m not going to stop doing weights and circuits just because I should be out running km.  I’ve worked very hard for the muscles I’ve built and I want to have them for good!


Another cool thing that’s come from my training with Danielle is that they’ve asked me to go on their wall of testimonials.  I AM GOING TO BE FAMOUS, within the small Northgate location of Spa Lady!  I’m going through my chubby photos, probably will go with one from my blog titled “An Embarrassing Look back” where I put up a bunch of chubby picks and will be taking new photos this weekend to show what I’m looking like now.  I have totally forgotten to do my weigh ins the last 2 weeks but I’ve been floating between 150-152 depending on the day. I may not have lost a ton of weight through these training sessions but I can tell by how my clothes fit, and looking in the mirror the muscles I’ve developed.  I feel ripped and unstoppable.  Seriously, I’m so sad that I’m back to having to kick my own ass at the gym.  I still can’t believeTarawas so kind to give me these training sessions to begin with but I’m so thankful as I’ve loved every minute of it!

Nikki-Run my tooshie right off

When I signed up for the Half Marathon the girl took my money and said, “ok I’ll be sending that in for you, have a nice day”.  I stared at her blankly and then thought “WTF did i just do?” I think she then got the hint that I needed a big good luck or some sort of encouragement from her, as I was in Shock of what I had just gotten myself into.  She smiled and said “Run your toosh off, you’ll be fine!” Well she said the right thing! I will be running my tooshie right off to prepare for this 21.1 mountain run that I will be doing with Jill.  We have just over 12 weeks to prepare and although I didn’t get out as much or as long as I wanted this week I still got out a  bit to get a few runs in.

I’m going to set a weekly goal of KM to run,like I did back in the summer when I was running so much, that I need to accomplish each week. For this upcoming week starting on February 12, 2012 I need to run 25km by Saturday.  I know I do a lot better at working towards something when I have a set goal.  I’m also hoping to do some lovely Hill runs with Jill and Candace since my Marathon running friends are all the way in Cowtown and can only encourage me via text, email, phone calls until I go down to visit or vise versa.

I learned, the hard way, from doing the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer that you need to train hard for these events, and most important you need to fuel your body properly.  We did train for the bike ride, but We didn’t do long enough KMs for my butt to get used to sitting on that uncomfortable bike seat and to be used to pushing through the pain.  I know for this run I am going to go buy a good pair of running shoes in the next couple weeks that I will want to break in before the run.  I also want to be comfortable with being uncomfortable running longer than 10KM and running for longer than an hour.  Not saying that I won’t allow myself to walk if need but I would like to run as long and as hard as I can.  I also am going to make sure that I have a decent sized breakfast before the run as I only had a granola bar before the bike ride and it screwed me for the day.  I wasn’t hungry at lunch and hardly ate anything and then at the dinner I just couldn’t eat so I had nothing to help my body move for the day.  I am hoping I can run this Half Marathon in less than 3 hours, but I’ve got to make sure I do everything I can now and the day of the run to do my best.

Sorry I didn’t post much last week, I had a really off week where I was down and unmotivated and it was struggle, but I’m back on track this week!

Nikki-My First Reward-a Half Marathon?

Ok so I totally forgot to post my weigh in last friday so I’ll just do it this friday.  I want to talk about my rewards and other exciting news…

I came up with rewards a few months ago that I will give myself as I drop weight so that I get a little treat that isn’t food.    I actually haven’t even started giving myself  these rewards(because I put 2 lbs back on over xmas) but now that I’ve lost those lbs again I am going to reward myself.

 Getting to 152 lbs I am supposed to scrapbook and at 151lbs was to get a new book.  So I purchased a new read for my Kindle and once I reach 150 (hopefully at the end of this week) my reward is to have a bubble bath and I will start enjoying that new book then.  Scrapbooking I’m still hoping to plan a day coming up soon where that’s all I focus on.  Since I haven’t actually even done or got any rewards for real yet I figured I’d reward myself with something else… a half marathon.

Jill signed up for the Rocky Mountain Soap Company’s Half Marathon and has convinced me to join as well.  So maybe what I should do is come up with rewards for doing a half marathon?

So HOLY Shite I’m doing a Half Marathon in May a week after my 10km race.   I haven’t run a Half Marathon before so my goal is to finish.  Which I’m pretty confident I can do!  Jill and are planning some long runs coming up and I’m training with Aline and Jocelyn for our 10km run.  I’m hoping Emma and Jen want to do some runs as well cause it’s just so much funner when you’re out with other people. 

I’m feeling a bunch of different emotions about doing a Half Marathon but I think the number one is excited.  I’m excited by the challenge.  It’s funny because back in November Jill talked about doing a half marathon and I had no interest.  Funny how things can change like that!  If anyone has tips or advice for both Jill and I, we would love to hear it!