Nikki-Hiking/Adventure filled Holiday!

I arrived home from my week-long holiday on Wednesday and was thrown right back into the lovely world of work, but at least only 3 days of it before the weekend.  Mine starts in 4.5 hours!  Ryan and I are going camping this weekend, and we didn’t plan the food or beverages so I am a bit worried about what is being served and how I will do with my calorie counting.   It is also supposed to rain all weekend so that might make it hard to exercise.  WHATEVER, monday is a new week and I will get back on track then.  I’ll do my best this weekend but I can’t control everything so I’ll just deal with what I’m dealt.

To recount my holiday we went to visit my mom, who as I mentioned would force feed us, which she did, and dad in Calgary for 2 days.  My parents were beer pushers this time around so thank goodness my mom has become accustomed to drinking Molson Canadian 67, which if you don’t know are only 67 Calories, and for those of you on weight watchers is like 1pt a bottle so you can totally get sloshed once in a while.   On Sunday morning I made my mom go for a 40 minute walk with me, since I didn’t have time to wait for the gym to open before visiting friends.  When I lived at home I used to make my mom go for walks a few times a week, so I feel kind of guilty that I’m not home to do that anymore.  My mom isn’t in love with being active and needs a support so I feel bad that I can’t be there to support her.

Any who on to Monday when Ryan and I headed out to Banff for our little break away from life.  We stopped in Canmore to do a quick little 3-4km hike called Grassi Lakes.  I have done this hike a few times when I was younger with my family but it had been a while so it was nice to visit it again, and as you can see it is really very pretty.

One of the main things I realised during this hike was how much I miss living close to the mountains.  I truly took it for granted that I lived an hour away from some great hikes when I lived in Calgary, and now that I live in Edmonton I never get to go on a legitimate hike.  This was the first time I actually hiked in 3 summers which makes me really sad.  I worked at Summer camp for 8 summer and hiked every week and used to lead 10 day backpacking trips in the elbow loop.  Hiking is one of the most rewarding work outs for me.  You work hard to get to the top and see some of the most beautiful views all at the same time.   It’s a great way to burn calories quick, especially if you’re carrying a back pack with extra weight in it.  Hiking UP has always been my favorite part of the hike as I love the feeling of my legs working hard to get up steep hills.  Coming down not so fun as it’s not as hard of a work out! 

This picture shows the waterfall that is fed by the 2 Grassi Lakes.  It’s probably about half way through the hike.  I’m hoping that next time I go down to Calgary I can take Ryan out to do some more hiking and plan to have some friends join us.

I wish I had been able to take photos of the white water rafting trip we went on but as I’ve already informed most people we had a very Exciting/Adrenaline filled rafting trip…  We only did the Horseshoe Canyon which is about a 2 hour river ride but with all the rain we’ve had the rapids are still very high and the first one we went over was a class 4.  Ryan and I were 2 of 4 people who fell out of our raft (all 4 from our raft) during that first rapid and I have never felt that type of adrenaline rush in my life.  WHAT A RUSH! seriously if you’re looking for a high that is the type of thing you need to get hooked up.  When I fell out I was swept underneath the raft, when i finally camp up for air I couldn’t find the boat as my contacts were full of water.  The Guide on our boat pulled me towards the boat when he finally handed me his paddle and one of the ladies in the raft started to pull me into the boat but then had to let go as we were going over another rapid.  Pretty flippen scary when you’re NOT IN THE BOAT! once we got over that rapid the guide pulled me in quickly.  I felt safe once in the boat and my heart slowly came back to a normal level of beating and got through the rest of the rapids with no issues.  It was great and I can’t wait to do it again!  Also I felt as though I deserved whatever I wanted to eat after this rafting trip and didn’t feel bad to have a beer with dinner!

I had a great holiday, exciting adventures and now on monday we will see if holidays do major damage to my weight loss goal!