Nikki: Weigh in Day- Week 20

As usual when I have sleep over shifts on the sun/mon I was going to do my weigh in today.   This was supposed to be the last weigh in, but since Jill is out of town we will “finish” next week.  I figure since it’s less than a week away everyone can wait for my final weight, measurements, body fat 5% and my final before/semi-mid/end photos!

I say “finish” because I’m going to continue blogging after our final weigh in next week.  I’ve found blogging has helped me stay motivated and  I have learned to set goals for myself again.  I don’t always reach my goals when I set them but it gives me something to strive towards and work hard for.  I know my target weight goal will not be reached next week, and I’m more than ok with that.  I’m proud of all the weight I have lost and the hard work I’ve put in. 

 I know that Stress affects me and I haven’t quite learned out how to deal with it without doing a bit of food medication so that’s something I will continue to work on, especially since with 3 jobs I don’t always have time to do stress relief at the gym.  I have done much better than I used to with managing stress since I started this blog but I know I can do better! I’m sure once Ryan and I move most of the pressure with disappear until the next big thing.

 I’ve reach the 2 other goals I set at the beginning which were to fit into my target dress and work out 5 times a week.  Want to see proof?  Check out these silly photos that my lovely besties took of me.  Emma was behind the lens and Jen was on props and wind machine.  The dress is lose enough to zip up entirely and needs a few alterations because it’s to lose in places!  Or could the real issue be that I’ve lost all the weight in my chest???? Now I also need to find an event to wear this dress to, may have to wait until spring since it’s so chilly now! 


 Jill-the “Whatever It Takes” photo is for you 🙂



Nikki: Weigh in Day: Week 18

Good morning ya’ll

Today is weigh in day, it’s also a day that I totally don’t feel like going running (I’m cold and want to stay in my pj’s until I have to leave this afternoon) BUT after I’m done this post I’m going to go get my work out clothes (It feels like I bought new ones since I found my old lulus that fit ) and get my work out for the day over with. that’s one tip I have: get up in the morning and get your work out over with, then you don’t have to worry about it later in the day. That’s also a tip from Bob Harper on Biggest Loser but I’ve thought the same since I was 18.

 Well on with the weigh in and I’ll talk about my goals from last week and how I did.

Current weight: 154 lbs

-2 lbs this week

Cool I’m down this week and I worked hard for those 2 lbs.  I was looking back through my blogs and couldn’t find where I had written down this weeks goals to review them so I’m thinking I didn’t actually write them anywhere! Good thing I had them set in my mind and remembered them, here’s what they were:

1) to run 25km

2) to pack and have ready to grab quick 100 calorie (or less) snacks

3) to exercise for at least an hour

How did I do?

I can hardly believe it myself but I set my running goal a bit low.  I reached 33km this week!  I ran a few days with Aline and Jill in the River Valley, met up with Kira to run around the river in her area of town and ran on my treadmill.  Here is the problem I have with running on my treadmill, I’m not sure if it counts in km or miles.  So in total I ran over 10 something on my treadmill to help add to this total of 33km, but If it’s actually in miles that equals 16km and I would need to add an additional 6km to my total.  I’m going to count it as km in case miles is too high.

I packed a bunch of easy to grab snacks, you may have seen the pictures in an earlier blog.  I’m going to do this again this week as it made it super easy to decide on what I should eat when I felt I needed a snack. 

now my last goal of  exercising for an hour I didn’t pay as much attention to this week.   When I ran, i felt as though I had done my time and was good to go for the day.  So if I only ran for 30 minutes I maybe didn’t push to extend my workout to a full hour.   I worked out 6 days this week, and a few of those ended up being double work out days where I hit the gym and then ran with friends or I ran in the morning outside and then ran on the treadmill at night. 

New goals for this week:

1) to run 25km (I’m setting it low again since I’m going to Jasper this weekend and doubt I’ll have time to run/workout while I’m there)

2) to fit in one extra day of weight training  (since my gym is closed today and I only get to see my trainer on Wednesday, I need to work these muscles out on my own)

3) to cook one new healthy meal (I’ve printed off a bunch of recipes that I’d like to try just seems I hardly have time!) Sunday night is the night.

Thanks again for everyone’s kind words and support. You’re encouragement truly helps! 

Time to run (it’s a treadmil morning which means Biggest Loser watching from last week) YAY!


Nikki-Weigh In Day: Week 15

I haven’t been blogging as much lately.  I didn’t  have that much time to work on my post last week since I received texts from friends apologizing for peer pressuring me into having some drinks and what not, and that was not my intention.  I don’t want to blame any of  my not losing weight on other people, in the end it’s all up to me.   If I lack self-control some days and over eat, that’s because I wanted to.  If I choose to drink beer, that’s because I want to.  If I work out, that’s because I want to… or sometimes just because I know I need to!  Lets get to the weigh-in…

Current weight: 156 lbs

0 lbs lost, but that’s also 0 lbs gained.  On a side note for those of you who have held Bugsy he weighs 2 lbs less than the amount I have lost!

There are challenges every day that  may impede me of  reaching my goal weight.  Challenges like getting a work out in, eating healthier, eating smaller portions, deciding if I should drink the empty calories in beer, deciding if a slice of cake is worth it.  Part of the challenge is also learning how to say yes and no to all these things, and when to say” No, I can’t drink this weekend” or “yes, I can have fries with that”.  There are some days that are going to be a write off, there are days when I eat so clean I feel like I’ve lost 5 pounds that day.   I’m really not in any rush, it’s truly more of a learning experience for me to find out what works and what doesn’t so that when I reach my goal weight, I can maintain that weight forever. 

My girlfriend Lindz has been here visiting for a week and it has been great.  I have only managed to squeeze in 3 work outs at the gym, but we go walking every day.  We even found a part of the North Saskatchewan that neither of us have ever been to and made us think we weren’t in Kansas, I mean Edmonton anymore.  Lindz has mentioned how healthy I eat (besides when we’re having a pig out on chips) and how she’s just noticed a huge change in me since I last saw her a year ago.  I know I’ve been told by many friends (thanks again) how well I’m doing but I’m not gonna lie I love hearing it.  Keeps me motivated.