Nikki-Weigh in Day: Week 16

People have been asking what I’ve done to lose weight so far.  How I’ve changed my diet and workout routine and really thinking about it I haven’t been doing very well lately but the main thing I have done is up my workout routine.  I have been doing pretty well at going 5 times a week to the gym or getting a good run in.  I think my problem still stems from what I eat and (mostly) how much.  I make really healthy things, such as fajita’s, and then I tend to over eat, I know I eat way more than I should especially when I eat in front of the TV, which is EVERY meal.  I blame this one on Ryan cause he’s the one who sits down first and taught me this habit as soon as I moved in with him, but I’m the one who’s continued to sit in front of the TV and stuff my face so truly I am at fault.  So I am changing things up.  I am now eating every meal at the kitchen table, unless I’m at a friend’s house and that’s what they do and this is because I eat differently with friends then Ryan.  My girlfriends and I actually talk while the TV is on instead of just watching, so I know I eat slower and stop when I’m full at their houses.   I’m hoping Ryan will also join me at the table for a few meals when we’re actually home together.

I didn’t really think it would be that hard to get in my workouts while I had company, but it was.  I didn’t actually make it to the gym once last week.  Lindzay and I walked a lot and almost every day but it wasn’t the type of exercise I needed to be doing to focus on weight loss.  Walking can help me maintain which is just what I did

current weight: 156 lbs

0 pounds lost, but again 0 gained.

Today is Monday, the start of a new week and the start of the last 4 weeks of mine and Jill’s goal to drop all this weight.  I am going to work hard to accomplish my goals but I don’t think it would be super healthy of me to drop 16 pounds in 4 weeks.  If it happens, it does, but I do like to lose weight at a slower rate as I feel I will maintain it better.   I am proud of what I’ve done and know that this doesn’t just end on Oct.24 which is the “final” weigh in.  I think I will come up with some new goals and continue to work until I’ve reached my target.

I am proud of my self because: I have built up my endurance, I am stronger, I am happier, I am healthier, I have more confidence,  I’ve learned to enjoy working out again.