Nikki: Weigh in Day- Week 20

As usual when I have sleep over shifts on the sun/mon I was going to do my weigh in today.   This was supposed to be the last weigh in, but since Jill is out of town we will “finish” next week.  I figure since it’s less than a week away everyone can wait for my final weight, measurements, body fat 5% and my final before/semi-mid/end photos!

I say “finish” because I’m going to continue blogging after our final weigh in next week.  I’ve found blogging has helped me stay motivated and  I have learned to set goals for myself again.  I don’t always reach my goals when I set them but it gives me something to strive towards and work hard for.  I know my target weight goal will not be reached next week, and I’m more than ok with that.  I’m proud of all the weight I have lost and the hard work I’ve put in. 

 I know that Stress affects me and I haven’t quite learned out how to deal with it without doing a bit of food medication so that’s something I will continue to work on, especially since with 3 jobs I don’t always have time to do stress relief at the gym.  I have done much better than I used to with managing stress since I started this blog but I know I can do better! I’m sure once Ryan and I move most of the pressure with disappear until the next big thing.

 I’ve reach the 2 other goals I set at the beginning which were to fit into my target dress and work out 5 times a week.  Want to see proof?  Check out these silly photos that my lovely besties took of me.  Emma was behind the lens and Jen was on props and wind machine.  The dress is lose enough to zip up entirely and needs a few alterations because it’s to lose in places!  Or could the real issue be that I’ve lost all the weight in my chest???? Now I also need to find an event to wear this dress to, may have to wait until spring since it’s so chilly now! 


 Jill-the “Whatever It Takes” photo is for you 🙂