Nikki-Shrinking waist = shrinking wallet

The Jeans I was excited to fit into in July ↓

 I’m happy to say…

Are now, much to big in the waist! (I’m just showing how there’s room, no funny business)

Now this is awesome news.  I love the fact that I’m still slowly losing inches and working towards the body I’ve always wanted, the  part that is somewhat annoying (but I’ll take annoying any day) is the fact that clothes don’t fit.  I have bought new clothes along the way since it feels good to wear clothes that fit, but it’s annoying to feel like I just bought something and then it doesn’t fit.  Annoying because I spent my hard-earned $$$ and now what do I do with it!? -swear I’m not complaining just stating and I’ve figured out what to do so this is less annoying…
Jill and I were talking about this and she had given me the idea about a clothing swap.  So next saturday I’m holding the first Annual Clothing Swap.  I’ve invited a ton of ladies to come over with lightly warn clothes that they no longer want or fit into and hopefully swap for some that someone else has brought.  We’re also going to indulge in some wine!  After the clothes swap if something didn’t get picked up I’ll be donating the clothes to my kids at work as we take donations all year-long.  Hoping to get a some new clothes, but if not it will be a fun time anyway.

I really have struggled with working out this week but  it’s because I’ve had a really nasty cold that I can’t seem to kick,  which has now turned into the flu so working out will be waiting a few more days as I take a few more rest days.    I think I was also scared to do anything since I heard about my knee problems.  I had my first physio appointment yesterday and my therapist said that I don’t have to stop running but if I can work in a few days of biking I should be good.  He’s got me doing working on building up the muscles in my knees and said I should be good to go in a few weeks, yay for good news!

I don’t think I’ll weigh in this week just because I have been sick which means not eating much, not working out, drinking lots of fluid one day and none the next so my weight could be completely whack by Friday so I’ll just stick to a post with some recipes I’ve tried out over the last few weeks or something like that.

Again hands in pants just to show there is room, now if only I could get my thighs to shrink as much as my waistline…