Nikki-Christmas Party Month

When I say Christmas Party Month, (I think “Sabotage” could have been a word I used as well) I do mean that sometimes it feels like Christmas is here only to add another challenge to those of us trying to lose weight!  Why else would there be a full month where it’s acceptable to celebrate one day?  Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, I love the parties and times spend with friends and family but it’s going to be a tough month to lose weight and here’s why:

I’m off to my first Christmas Party tonight, have my actual Staff Christmas party this friday, have a Ball Hockey Lunch on Sunday and a Christmas get together with friends Sunday evening…. That’s a lot of opportunity to eat poorly, drink high calorie beverages and gain weight!  And there’s only more to come later in the month!  Oh Christmas time, how I love and hate you!

I know for myself it can be a struggle to make great decisions regarding food during the holidays and I think it’s ok to indulge as long as I get my workouts in and work hard at eating well the remainder of the time.  In my last post I mentioned I love to bake, that baking multiplies at Christmas.   I feel the need to bake for my kids at work, for friends and family, and to just have for when we entertain, but having all sorts of cookies and sweets around isn’t truly the smartest idea.   I think, that when someone else bakes for me, I feel bad if I don’t sample some in front of them and well it’s just easy sometimes to continue sampling when they aren’t around.  Especially when there are so many treats this time of year. 

Of course I am still working at losing weight this month, still working out at least 5x a week and trying to eat well, but if it turns into a maintaining my weight kind of month then I will be happy with that as well. 

Good luck to all of you over Christmas!