Nikki-Kelly Rippa arms

I’ve been maintaining my weight for what a year now? I’m actually 2lbs lighter than when Jill and I did our final weigh-ins which is great, but I worry that’s because I’ve lost so much muscle.  That is the main reason my new goals are to weight train 2-3times a week, work on push ups and pull ups!

I want to have Kelly Rippa arms

those are some damn fine (and strong) arms

A kid I work with told me I have chicken wings for arms.  Actually he flat-out called them Oprah arms, which made me laugh out loud, both times he made comments. 

If you don’t know the term Oprah Arms here it is explained via Urban Dictionary

Oprah Arms-the condition in which you have an excess buildup of fat in the area between your elbow and armpit. After waving goodbye, the fat continues to move after waving is finished.

I DO NOT HAVE OPRAH ARMS, but I do not have Kelly Rippa arms either, they’re more of a Lindsay Lohan pre drugs/anorexia weight loss arms, or maybe my arms aren’t like that at all. 

I asked a few friends this morning but they were a tad surprised to receive a text at 8am on a Saturday 

“Which celebrity would you compare my arms to?” 

“Umm, WHAT?”

Not sure why they were so surprised by such an important question.  But I did get an answer after giving 3 options: Oprah, Lindsay Lohan (as explained above) and Rhianna.  Jen said I couldn’t have arms like Rhianna since I’m not black.  Now I’m just depressed since I could have sworn I was Rhiannas twin.

Oh well such is life.  I guess I’ll just work towards having Kelly Rippa arms.