Nikki-Mini goals week 1

I’m back from feeling sickly, but still a bit stressed with all the stuff I have coming up this next month.  My basketball coaching gig starts today after the shift I picked up at my relief job.  Plus i really need to get over to our second property to do some work.  We are so close to finishing the renos, but Ryan and I don’t have a full day where either of us can go and work at it.  We’ll both be popping in for a few hours daily this week and slowly working away at it.  Cross your fingers for me (us) that we can finish by Sunday!

Even though I’m going to be busy as a bee I need to set some weekly goals to work on that will help me reach my final goals which are supposed to be done in like 16 or maybe it’s 17 weeks now… I’ll have to double check.  I know I can fit in even an hour work out at least 4 days this week.  If I put it in a blog I’m more likely to stick to doing what I said.

So for this week there are my mini goals.

1. Track all food on MFP and complete my entries-I never finish my entries after lunch

2. Do 20 pushups before bed (a day) home or work

3. fit in 4 work outs- Monday night (might have to be at 10pm), Tuesday morning, Wednesday morning, and Thursday morning.  I’m not counting the snowboarding I’m doing with work as a workout, it’s just extra, same with Ball Hockey.

4. My MFP pal (that I have been doing the weekly challenges with) and I have come up with this weeks goal of fitting more fruit and veggies into our daily meals  so my goal is fitting in at least 8 servings a day.

Also weighed in: 151 lbs

so that is -1  lb

I kind of think that when I start weight training 2-3x a week my weight goes up almost immediately.   Of course because muscle weighs more than fat, but it’s just odd how every time I start lifting weights consistently my weight increases and then because I haven’t done weights in like 2 weeks my weight has dropped a bit.