I’ve recently started following another  blogger-Roundinfinity who wrote about rewarding herself every time she loses weight but not rewarding herself with food since that is often what us dieting folks will do.  Ok if drop 5 pounds this week I can eat an entire cake! that’s pretty much how my brain works anyways.  I decided I would borrow her idea and with each pound I drop I will reward myself.  The biggest reward will be when I reach my goal weight.  Here is what I’ve come up with.

  1. 152Crafting ( Stampin, scrapbooking, cards, whatever I feel like.  I have a new spare room that is perfect for crafting)
  2. 151Get a new book on my Kindle (Then I can read during my next reward)
  3. 150Bubble Bath (Maybe Ryan would even be so kind as to prepare this bath for me haha)
  4. 149Spa Day @ home (I’m to poor to pay for it, or it could be cheapness, but I can totally do an at home mani/pedis and facials! anyone wanna join?)
  5. 148Movie date! (Ryan said he would take me to a movie of my choice)
  6. 147Record new Charity Case Songs (Yes, I’m in a band, we only write songs about one thing-Stacey.  Hopefully a rock song will be next)
  7. 146Play wii for hours (I sometimes have days where I’ll play wii with friends for like 8 hours… nerdy, why yes sometimes I am.   Jen, Em and Aline you guys better be ready for this.  Wii party hardy)
  8. 145Get a Massage! (Can’t wait for this one!)
  9. 144Get a new Toque (I love Toques, or Beanies as some friends call them)
  10. 143Get a hair cut (I really, really need my hair trimmed, it’s been at least 6 months)
  11. 142Photo Shoot (I’m hoping Jen and Emma agree to this one! and not just a photo shoot of me, photos of the wolfpack) 
  12. 141Get my eyebrows threaded (I like it better than waxing)
  13. 140 Shopping Spree. ( I need new clothes and got rid of a bunch (donated them my kids at work) so I will need new clothes, or at least a few items.) AND to add-on to this final reward Ryan said he would cook me a healthy meal of my choice! What a sweetheart!


Ok if this list isn’t motivation, I don’t know what else is!?  I’m also planning on putting $10 away for every pound so that I will actually have some money to spend when my I get to my shopping spree.  That way I can spend guilt free (plus i have a few gift cards I’ve been saving for months) I wouldn’t say no to anyone who wants to donate or match this amount either 🙂  Just playing!   Alright time to finish my coffee and do some at home yoga!


Nikki-Weigh In Day: Week 15

I haven’t been blogging as much lately.  I didn’t  have that much time to work on my post last week since I received texts from friends apologizing for peer pressuring me into having some drinks and what not, and that was not my intention.  I don’t want to blame any of  my not losing weight on other people, in the end it’s all up to me.   If I lack self-control some days and over eat, that’s because I wanted to.  If I choose to drink beer, that’s because I want to.  If I work out, that’s because I want to… or sometimes just because I know I need to!  Lets get to the weigh-in…

Current weight: 156 lbs

0 lbs lost, but that’s also 0 lbs gained.  On a side note for those of you who have held Bugsy he weighs 2 lbs less than the amount I have lost!

There are challenges every day that  may impede me of  reaching my goal weight.  Challenges like getting a work out in, eating healthier, eating smaller portions, deciding if I should drink the empty calories in beer, deciding if a slice of cake is worth it.  Part of the challenge is also learning how to say yes and no to all these things, and when to say” No, I can’t drink this weekend” or “yes, I can have fries with that”.  There are some days that are going to be a write off, there are days when I eat so clean I feel like I’ve lost 5 pounds that day.   I’m really not in any rush, it’s truly more of a learning experience for me to find out what works and what doesn’t so that when I reach my goal weight, I can maintain that weight forever. 

My girlfriend Lindz has been here visiting for a week and it has been great.  I have only managed to squeeze in 3 work outs at the gym, but we go walking every day.  We even found a part of the North Saskatchewan that neither of us have ever been to and made us think we weren’t in Kansas, I mean Edmonton anymore.  Lindz has mentioned how healthy I eat (besides when we’re having a pig out on chips) and how she’s just noticed a huge change in me since I last saw her a year ago.  I know I’ve been told by many friends (thanks again) how well I’m doing but I’m not gonna lie I love hearing it.  Keeps me motivated.