Nikki-little update

I really thought that it hadn’t been so long since I posted a blog, but that’s probably because I’ve been posting weekly on  Nikkiinhighgear and not showing any love to my jillandnikkidowork followers/fans/bored friends at work who are reading anything they can find on facebook to pass the time.

I guess I should give a little bit of an update!

My last post was about my running goal for February.  I set a goal of running 115km in 28 days.  Totally reasonable since I run a lot, but I ran out of time! damn working too much in the shortest month of the year! I worked over 250 hours in 28 days so that put a damper on some of my running days when i was at work 24/7  BUT I did still manage to put in a sold 93.38km in February.  That being said I did workout 26 out of 28 days in February.  Some of those days I would only have time to put in 5km or I was only playing in my hockey games or snowboarding, which is why I didn’t get to finish my running goal.

Why was I working out so much?

I joined a group challenge on MyFitnessPal and I’m 6 weeks in and, get this, down 5lbs!!

this challenge is a zombie themed challenge (I’m sooooo, into Zombs right now- nerd alert)  where you’re given a story line to follow, get to pick the outcome each week of what you’re character does, which could result in them becoming a zombie.  Well my team is KILLING it.  We have come in 1st (out of 4 teams) 4 weeks and 2nd 2 weeks.  You are given a cardio goal, and 2 exercises goals to work on each week.

For example this weeks goals:

Food: Keep your calories in the “green” every day this week!
Water: Drink 8 cups of water a day.
Cardio: 200 minutes/ week
Strength: 270 Oblique Crunches on EACH side
Agility: 270 Seal Jumping Jacks (jump in, jump out = 1 rep)

So far this week I’ve put I haven’t been on track with my eating, but I always get in 12 cups of water.  I’m at 200 minutes of cardio, 540 crouches, and 810 jumping jacks.  and did I mention I’ve lost 5 lbs?!?!?!

This challenge really made me get my act together again, which has been super motivating and fun.  I am so close to reaching my goal weight of 140 lbs but now I am worried as my wedding dress has already been altered and my wedding is less than 3 weeks away! we leave for mexico on March 31st! My dress fits perfectly right now, so if I were to lose 1-2lbs more with this challenge that would be ok but I think I might have to wait until I’m back from Mexico to really get rid of those last 6 pounds I want gone.  I would hate to have to pull my dress up all night from being too “skinny” or would I????

I am planning on getting some updated pictures this weekend, but don’t hold your breath for me to post them 🙂 I’ll try to to do it asap.


Nikki's Stagette - March 9th, 2013

Just wanted to share a funny picture from my stagette. Bottom Right is my fav.



Nikki-Every 2 weeks

Last week was great.  I ate well, wasn’t craving sweets or random snacks.  Just stuck to my set meals and had a healthy snack on the way home from the gym, like a pear or a tiny bran muffin.   I did 3 days of weight training last week and let me tell you I’m sore.  I also played Just Dance- 3 & 4 and had to laugh at myself when my arms were so sore I could hardly raise them above my head for some of the dance moves.

I’m keeping track of just the number of push ups and pull ups I’m doing because I’m hoping to see an increase in the number of push ups and decrease in the weight on the assisted pull ups as time goes on.

Here’s not my entire work outs, just the bits I want to keep track of.

Assisted Pull Ups(100lbs) Push Ups Cardio
Sun Hockey
Mon Rest day
Tues 30 45 30 Treadmill
Wed 45 66 30 Treadmill
Thurs Rest day
Fri 45 65 30 Treadmill
Sat 60 just dance

This week, starting this morning, a myfitnesspal friend and I are holding each other accountable to do a set number of push ups a day.   We are to message each other after we finish and message if we haven’t heard anything from the other.  For this weeks push up challenge my MFP friend is doing 60 push ups total for the week I’m aiming for 210, or 30 a day. So this morning I did 20 modified push ups and 10 normal/real/regular whatever you want to call them push ups.  I love using MFP the online support is amazing, everyone is very encouraging and supportive which is helpful on those days that I’m struggling and need an extra encouraging word.  Next week we’ll have a new mini challenge.  Any ideas for what other challenges we could do?

It’s funny how Jill mentioned in her last post, that for us ladies a “real push up” consists of our boobs touching the ground.  I have just never thought this was fair, as I’ve had some very chesty friends over the years and they don’t have to go very far to touch the ground.

last thing, I think for posting progress updates I am going to aim for every 2 weeks.  I know I posted my starting weight on October 24th, which means I’m just shy of 2 weeks but I’ll just go with today because Mondays seem easier to remember than Wednesday.

Current weight: 150 lbs

so I’m -2 lbs from my first weigh in, which is extremely motivating for me to keep doing what I’m doing!


I’m still on a bit of a high from friday.  Jill and I play on the same ball hockey team and we won the gold medal game!!! Great work out, great out come, and I pulled a muscle in my quad… I truly am a walking disaster at the tender age sudden lol but I’m not letting it bring me down.  I’m still getting in workouts that wont bother that area and resting it.  Great news as well, I finally had my chiropractor appointment.  One quick adjustment to my neck and the pain in my hip is literally gone (the pulled muscles/knot in my quad is not,but it’s feeling better).  This is the first time I’ve gone to a chiropractor and he is a heaven-sent angel.   I was right about my hips being out-of-place, and I have proof in x-ray form, though I’m not sure I shared that thought with anyone but Ryan.  I asked him one day after a painful run just to yank on my left leg and see if that would pop it back into place lol, didn’t work.  Anyways, the chiropractor knew I was a runner, which made me feel all important and made me think in my head “I am a runner, I am an athlete” which is something I have never considered myself even though I grew up playing on every school sports team and community basketball.  But I’ve always been an athlete, I just forgot how to be one for a few years.

Not only am I on a high from Friday’s ball hockey, but on  Thursday I went out and ran 9km pain-free as well.  I hadn’t run that long in a while and it felt amazing.  The first 10-20 minutes are always the hardest, got to find my pace, get use to breathing and feeling the groove but after that I was set.  I actually had people in their winter jackets staring at me like I was crazy as I ran past them in capris and a t-shirt.     All the while I was thinking things similar to the Jessica from the Maxwell commercial this is her actual video Jessica’s “Daily Affirmation”

I like how she ended with I can do anything better than anyone lol I tell myself that (even if it’s not true) just to get me through some tough moment sometimes.  It helps.  I also love how she stood in the mirror to tell her self about everything she liked and that’s what I’ve been doing.  Except I don’t stand on the sink to do it.

I also finally had time to weigh mPinned Imagemyself, I’m at 150lbs (that’s -1lb) though after the amount of ice cream cake I had tonight that number could be so off lol  but I’m reminding myself exactly what this picture says.  I am working towards a goal weight, but that number does not define me.  I am strong, I am beautiful, I am healthy and I will continue to work on those things as I continue to work out, as getting back in to working out was a lifestyle change not a “just for a while change” or a “until my wedding change”.  I’m not working out to be 100lbs (like I joke about) I’m working out so that I will live a healthy and long life!

Sorry I didn’t post on my usual dates this week, it’s been a busy one!

Nikki-My First Reward-a Half Marathon?

Ok so I totally forgot to post my weigh in last friday so I’ll just do it this friday.  I want to talk about my rewards and other exciting news…

I came up with rewards a few months ago that I will give myself as I drop weight so that I get a little treat that isn’t food.    I actually haven’t even started giving myself  these rewards(because I put 2 lbs back on over xmas) but now that I’ve lost those lbs again I am going to reward myself.

 Getting to 152 lbs I am supposed to scrapbook and at 151lbs was to get a new book.  So I purchased a new read for my Kindle and once I reach 150 (hopefully at the end of this week) my reward is to have a bubble bath and I will start enjoying that new book then.  Scrapbooking I’m still hoping to plan a day coming up soon where that’s all I focus on.  Since I haven’t actually even done or got any rewards for real yet I figured I’d reward myself with something else… a half marathon.

Jill signed up for the Rocky Mountain Soap Company’s Half Marathon and has convinced me to join as well.  So maybe what I should do is come up with rewards for doing a half marathon?

So HOLY Shite I’m doing a Half Marathon in May a week after my 10km race.   I haven’t run a Half Marathon before so my goal is to finish.  Which I’m pretty confident I can do!  Jill and are planning some long runs coming up and I’m training with Aline and Jocelyn for our 10km run.  I’m hoping Emma and Jen want to do some runs as well cause it’s just so much funner when you’re out with other people. 

I’m feeling a bunch of different emotions about doing a Half Marathon but I think the number one is excited.  I’m excited by the challenge.  It’s funny because back in November Jill talked about doing a half marathon and I had no interest.  Funny how things can change like that!  If anyone has tips or advice for both Jill and I, we would love to hear it!

Nikki-Skinny French Onion Soup


I want to start sharing some of the easy and delicious recipes I’ve been making along the way to help me lose the weight.  I figured I’d start with this Skinny French Onion Soup since it’s beyond easy to make, and so yummy! I’ve made it a few times.  I did add a bit extra cheese on this one just to make it look extra good (which it was) and I counted the extra calories, and I’ve frozen this recipe as well.

Here’s how to do it


1/4 cup of water

1 medium yellow onion

4 cups beef broth

2 oz part skim Mozzarella Cheese

4 tbsp fat-free Croutons (I sometimes make my own croutons out of whole wheat bread instead)


In a medium sauce pan add the 1/4 cup of water and bring to a boil.  Slice the onion into strips and add to the water (i slice them before i start since the water boils so quickly).  Continue cooking until onions clarify.  One the onions are clear, add 4 cups of beef broth.  Bring to a boil and then simmer of 15-20 minutes.  Shred the Mozzarella.  Once done, place soup in 4 bowls, garnish with cheese and croutons.

I also throw it in the oven under the broiler for a few minutes until the cheese starts to brown and bubble, so yummy

If you follow these instructions the nutritional info is as follows

Calories: 126

Fat: 3.1g

Protein: 11.1g

Carbohydrates: 14.2g

If you add more cheese or croutons make sure you count those extra calories!  I’m making a low-fat chocolate chip dip this weekend that Stacey texted me about this week and if I love it will be posting it next week.  Stacey said it’s amazing, especially since it’s made out of chickpeas! sounds like an experiment.


Nikki-Questions for Weight Loss

I get an almost daily Biggest Loser Newsletter that offers advice, tips, recipes and all sorts of fun reading to do with weight loss and health.  Back in December I received one of these Newsletters that was about “Questions for Weight Loss” and want to share it for those of you who are working on coming up with your own goals/reasons to lose weight. 

Questions for Weight Loss- December 28, 2011

Turn reasons into heart-felt resolutions

Like the cast members of The Biggest Loser, you too may have some deeply personal reasons for losing weight. To turn those reasons into heartfelt resolutions and achievable goals, answer the following questions:

Why do you want to lose weight? List the most important reasons you can think of: for example, to look better, have more energy, be able to play sports, be more self-confident, improve specific aspects of your health, and so forth.

Next, take each of those reasons and reflect upon how your life will improve if you address these reasons. For example: How will looking better benefit you? What will you do with more energy that you’re not doing now? How will playing sports enrich your life? What will your life be like in the absence of overweight-related health problems?

Finally, set some weekly, doable goals for yourself to help you move forward in a positive manner. Depending on what you wrote above, ask yourself such questions as:

What can I do this week to improve my appearance?

What can I do this week that will increase my energy?

What sports, exercise, or other physical activity can I do this week to improve my fitness? When and how often will I do it?

What can I do this week to boost my self-confidence?

What actions will I take this week to improve my health?

 I started out with this blog wanting to lose weight because I wanted to work on my self-esteem, poor body image and to stop being an emotional eater.  I didn’t word these things into goals but I knew that was what I was working on.  I figured since I fell a bit of track over Christmas and have the great opportunity of using a personal trainer for 5 weeks that I better re think my reasons for wanting to lose weight.  

Why do I want to lose weight? I had set a goal of 140lbs to work towards because I was around that weight when I moved to Edmonton.  I was confident, happy, the healthiest I had ever been.   I am much more confident, happier and healthier since losing so much weight already but I know that if I continue to work towards my original goal I will be even more of the above things.  Who doesn’t want to feel and be the best they can be? 

What can I do this week to be happy? So many things: workout, eat healthy foods and often (I’m seriously always hungry), hang out with friends, spend time with Ryan are just a few things I have started doing this week already.

What can I do this week to boost my self-confidence? I am going to focus on positive self talk.  Telling myself “I CAN do this” “I am strong” “I am beautiful” “I am smart” and “all the strength you need is within”.  that last one is what I told myself during The Ride to Conquer Cancer.  My mom gave Jen, Em and I necklaces with that saying on it and I totally belive it.  I did lose the necklace at a hockey game of mine but I wont ever forget the meaning of it.

What actions will I take this week to improve my health? I am back on track to work out 5 days a week, I will pick healthier snacks, I wont completely say no to a treat because I know that I would go back and binge so eating treats within reason, I will book a doctor’s appointment.  I need to book a doctor’s appointment because I want to figure out why when I’m working out with Danielle, my trainer, I often get light-headed and dizzy and need to sit down and have an energy bar.  Its become frustrating to me and if there is something medically wrong I want to find out sooner rather than later.  I also have been having some pain in my knee that I’d like to go away!

So that’s what I’m doing this week.  What are you going to do? 


Nikki-I want to be more helpful

I’ve had a hard time blogging as of lately.  Some days I feel as though I have endless accomplishments to speak about, other days I feel like I’m complaining  about all the struggles and then there  are the days it’s just the same old I worked on my goals blah blah blah… I appreciate everyone who reads my posts regardless of what I talk about but I wonder if I could be of more help to others by posting more links of recipes, workouts and general nutritional facts I’ve used to get me where I am.  So I’ve decided I’m going to start sharing where I find some of these exercises.   I haven’t been as diligent as I was before we moved, but working out while watching TV is one the biggest factors to my weight loss success.  This quick arm exercise is one of the things I do in front of the TV.   

A few quick arm exercises or ab work even just during commercials has really helped.  I have found that if I get up during a commercial, I tend to just stay up and work out throughout the show.  How hard is it really to do some wall sits, squats, push ups, crunches or jumping jacks in your own living room?  Those are all easy, FREE activities that you don’t even need weights to do! 

 I am dying to set up the treadmill (although I am still worried it won’t work, please cross your fingers for me) I miss running outside, and although there have been many nice days so far this winter to run outside I’ve been a chicken, only going once! I do run when I go to the gym but some snowy/cold/windy days you don’t want to leave your house! Plus there are days where things just get to hectic so it’s just easier to do an at home work out.   I love the amount I sweat when I run.  If exercise and I don’t sweat like I do when I run, I don’t feel like I’ve  good workout.  Does anyone else feel like that about any type of activity?

I want to talk about some of what I’ve been eating…  I have come up with my own take on a Cobb Salad, which is shown on the left.  Not much for presentation, I’m not the chef of the family my brother is.  But Damn do I LOVE this salad.  I seriously eat it at least 3 times a week because it’s so quick, easy, yummy and low in calories! here’s what’s in it:

2 cups romaine lettuce, 1 hard-boiled egg, 1/2 cup red pepper, 1/2 cup of cucumber, 1/2 cup tomato, 1/2 an avocado, 2.5 oz of chicken breast, and 2 tbsp of low-fat italian dressing.  I grated 2 baby carrots on top of this salad.  On myfitnesspal account it tracked this salad at about 320 calories.  I am filled for the afternoon when I eat this.

 Hopefully that is some helpful information for some of you!