Jill – New Goals!

It seems as though I have been posting about getting back on track for months…or maybe almost a year now. I never thought I would have to push myself this hard or try to convince myself to go to the gym or go for a run…but lately that is exactly what I feel like I am doing.

I am not disappointed or angry at myself; quite the contrary actually. I am pretty happy that I have been able to maintain what I would consider a healthy and suitable weight for myself over this long and somewhat depressing winter.

I recently returned from Nikki and Ryan`s Wedding in Mexico. It was a beautiful ceremony and such a fun week all around. The only downside was that I had to eat at the all inclusive resort. Some people might be rolling their eyes at me right now…after all it is hard to complain about being pampered right?  Well as a vegan it is really hard to eat at an all inclusive. The majority of my diet included bread, beans, guacamole and potatoes. There was also a lot of fresh fruit in their too and the odd salad when the greens looked good. But I think I overloaded on Carbs and Wheat and now that I am back I am experiencing some pretty severe stomach issues (my stomach just growled loudly as if on cue).

I have decided that I need to set some new goals and push myself to stick to them.

So here it goes:

1. Eat less carbs! Almost every supper and in turn the next day’s lunch (I love leftovers) is based around a carb of some sort, rice, pasta, potatoes, bread etc. so I will be eliminating that and trying some alternatives like Mashed Cauliflower with Roasted Garlic and Chives (Vegangela)

Now I won’t eliminate carbs completely because I love them and believe in a balanced diet not a strict elimination diet, I will be more mindful of my carb intake and will get a chance to try out some new grains in the process!

2. Get back to doing Abdominal work every night with my hubby. We were doing so well and seeing results and then we missed a few nights and never got back into it.

3. I would like to run at least 15km/week. This seems like an underachieving goal for me as I love to run but lately I have been very, very busy and want to keep my goals realistic and achievable.

4. Drink 2 litres of water every day. I have a Nalgene that holds a litre and I drink one at work every day. I have to focus on drinking water when I get home as well.

5.  Count Calories. I used to use myfitnesspal on my phone to count calories…VERY    EASY…. but I forgot a few times and then got out of the habit. This isn’t to lessen my calories consumed…just to become more aware of what I am consuming and if it is appropriate to do so I will adjust accordingly. On slow days where I am not physically exerting myself I like to consume about 1200 cals, on busy days I will keep with a base of 1200 but always refuel after a workout till I am no longer hungry.

I will also be playing a few sports this season.

I have Ball hockey twice a week, soccer, volleyball and soft ball. I’m excited to be active everyday!

Stay tuned!


Jill – Doing less and achieving more

I am a person that tries to live with intention.  If I put my mind to something I usually achieve it. If I try hard, I normally experience some version of success. This is why I find it interesting and pleasing to notice results and to be feeling as good as I do while for the last month or so I have not been really focused on losing weight or getting more fit. I have been focussing on having fun, playing the sports I love, choosing the activities that keep me active with friends (sports tournaments, running, gym time etc) rather than the more inactive activities (going for lunch, board games etc).

This has helped me in some many ways:

  1. I am having so much fun!
  2. Feeling more successful in the sports I play
  3. Seeing and feeling that my body is more fit
  4. Feeling much healthier
  5. Never board with working out!
  6. Loving myself for exactly who I am

I used to bug my husband because he never liked going to the gym and always said he preferred to stay fit by playing sports. I always disagreed and said you have to work out at the gym in order to be and stay fit.

Well lately I have proven myself wrong…that’s right sexy pants if you are reading this…and you better be…you were right!

Don’t get me wrong I still go to the gym from time to time but not very often. Instead I do a weekly choreographed cardio dance class, I play volleyball for about 2.5 hours a week, I play ball hockey every week and I try to get out running at least once a week. As per usual I try to eat healthy and maintain appropriate portion sizes but I do indulge from time to time. After all life is too short not to eat chocolate!

This weekend I am in my first ice hockey tournament! I am scared and excited. It is for charity and lovely Steph has promised me it is not too intense…I don’t know if I believe her but I am sure I will survive.

I will post pictures early next week.

Gotta run…I will try to post more often. I cannot believe how long it has been since my last post.

Hope you’re living every day happily!

I just wanted to reblog my blog so that I didn’t have to explain everything again. I had a goal for Jan, I had to push hard this week to make up for lost time blah blah blah. As of today I ran 44.89km this week which leaves me 35.05 to run next wee and I will reach 125km for Jan!


I’m still flaky when it comes to blogging often. I have millions of excuses, but whateves I’m writing today.

My goal for January is to run 125km. I started the month out strong and slowly did less and less each week. Time for excuses yet? We all have stuff that pops up and takes up a ton of our time or makes us feel like we can’t get to the gym or outside or on the treadmills in our basement (really? really?) or Sometimes it is just pure laziness. Anyways I’ve still been working at the KM’s just at a slower pace each week until this week. Here’s how it’s looked

I have a little white board where I’ve been keeping track of my KM each week

So yes the first week I was on track as I was aiming to do 25km a week so I didn’t have to…

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Jill – Embarrassment and working on forgiving myself

I cannot believe that I have not blogged since December 3, 2012. That is almost one whole month!

I have to admit I am really embarrassed by the self sabotage I have inflicted over the past 2 weeks. (Realistically it has been a month)

I have eaten everything that has been within reach (as long as it was vegan of course).

I have done a little exercise…but not enough.

I have drank way too much, mostly wine and mostly because I am wound up from work and need a little “self care” or “relaxing drink” WHO AM I KIDDING?

I have literally said the words, “Oh my goodness I am full!”…and immediately gone to get something else to eat!


What is the result on my body of all of these poor health choices you ask?

1)      I am lethargic

2)      I cannot focus and therefore I am less efficient (at a time where I need to be more efficient than ever!)

3)      My skin is terrible. I have sensitive skin in general but I have been having more break outs and dry skin than ever before.

4)      I have gained about 3 lbs…maybe more

5)      I have been super moody ( I am a pretty positive person normally but I have found more than enough things to complain about and have been feeling pretty down lately)

I know that the Holidays are a time to indulge but at what cost? The above 5 negative effects are more than enough reason to want to change my habits and this horrible cycle of self sabotage.


Forgive myself-That’s right I have decided that I will start eating healthier right away. I will allow myself to indulge on New Year’s Eve with the good foods and many drinks but no more casual drinks of beer or wine after work and no more CRAP snacks.


Set some realistic yet challenging goals – more on this to come


Enroll my friends and husband in this journey


Blog more consistently. This helped Nikki and I in the beginning and it is time to get serious again.

Fallen off Track

This isn’t the best quality image but it shows how I feel right now. I have fallen of track and by the looks of things I am going to have to get pretty serious about rebuilding the track I want to get back onto. Yup, I’m pretty deep. Haha


So excited to share my plan with everyone so please stay tuned…and this time I promise it won’t be another month before you hear from me!




Jill – If I don’t have time to sleep, when should I exercise!

That’s right folks you are about to listen to me go on about how busy I have been lately…

Well maybe I will spare you and give a quick synopsis.

I am currently working day and night to open a new YMCA Centre of which I am the Program Director. I am pretty proud of this accomplishment and in no way am I complaining. I’m witnessing first hand how the work we are doing is changing the lives of our clients. I have a lot of friends that work in this type of industry (lovely Nikki is one and my husband Michael is another) and I am sure they can attest to the fact that you don’t always get a chance to enjoy the warm fuzzies or have clients express sincere gratitude for the work that we are all doing. So I would like to take this moment to take a deep breathe and enjoy.

Now back to business…

If I am not getting to the gym or getting out for a run as often as I would like (or ever these days) then what am I doing to make sure that I am not slipping. Well I can tell you that this is where all the little things are going to have to add up and I think that they have. Take a look at the following:

1. I ALWAYS take the stairs, even if I am carrying something too dangerously heavy to carry up or down the stairs at work, I send it in the elevator and meet it at the other end of the stairs. This adds up over the course of the day…sometines to mix it up I do 2-3 steps at a time.

2. I am aware of portion size. This is HUGE!!! If you can do one thing to help you stay wthin your caloric intake goal/day make it portion control…eat a little less as long as you are not going hungry..because hungry leads to binging later on.

3. I do go to the gym sometimes…I just have to be strategic about it. I have been teaching Active Older Adult Fitness classes where I get a very low impact workout and on Monday nights I take a Cardio Kickboxing class. The startegic part is that these are the 2 classes that I will be teaching in January at the new YMCA centre.

4. I take every opportunity I can to get outside and shovel snow! At work and at home.

5. This is not my choice but because the underground parking is not ready yet at work I park a million miles away and have to walk every morning evening and sometimes it seems like 10x/day. I am a little bitter about this as sometimes it is really cold but I just dress warmer and smile because I am getting some free exercise time!

6. I also have a chart that I am filling out for December. Every day I fill out how many squats, sit ups and push ups I do per day. Sometimes it is  NONE…I don’t like  having to write that down so before bed I usually try to get at least 20 of each in so I have something to write in that chart. I will post results at the end of December.

7. I also play hockey once a week with my team and plan on renting the ice so we can all get together and play ice hockey soon!

I have decided I need another 1/2 marathon run to get ready for so in January I will sign up for one and get to training for it.

My motto for this busy busy time is:

No matter what the set backs, never give up and no complaints. Just do the work you can whenever you can do it!

It worked…now let’s do it some more!

I can’t sufficiently express my gratitude for the day that Nikki and I looked at each other and committed to make a change in our lifestyles and to support each other through our weight loss and fitness journey. It worked! We are both down about 20lbs and feeling great! We chatted the other day and realized that it is time to get serious again. Like Nikki mentioned we have new goals as well as some exciting life events that have happened and that soon will happen that we would love to share with everyone. Stay tuned for more exciting updates to come! 

June 8, 2011Weight – 166 lbs


Arms – 11 ½ inches

Chest – 39 inches

Waist – 34 inches

Abs – 41 inches

Hips – 43 ½ inches

Thigh – 25 inches

Calves – 15 inches

October 20, 2012Weight – 145lbs


Arms – 10.5 inches

Chest – 35.5 inches

Waist – 31 inches

Abs – 37 inches

Hips – 41 inches

Thigh – 21 inches

Calves – 14 inches

Altogether I have lost 21lbs and 19 inches over my body! No wonder when my husband hugs me he tells me I’m little now (oh yeah…I got married! I’ll tell you more about that later). So I have a solid base to start from. I feel faster, not so much stronger, so I will have to work on that. I can run a lot longer than ever before and I like my body.

My goals:

1)      Hit 135lbs by March 27th, 2013.

2)      Run 12km/week every week

3)      Complete the 10 km skate as part of a team triathlon at the Silver Skate Festival on February 17th.

4)      Incorporate weight training into my workouts at least 2x/week

5)      Swim 20 laps at least 1x/week

6)      I like Nikki’s Goal of 20 pushups…I think this will be the hardest goal for me to accomplish but wouldn’t it be bad ass if Nikki and I were the cute girls in the gym that could do 20 pushups in a row? Yup pretty bad ass indeed!

Jill – Feeling Great!

I trained hills last night by myself. It was very obvious the different motivation I have when I am running alone compared to running with someone else. (I miss you Nikki!!!) I started running from my house, down Groat Rd. and across the bridge and then did 5 sets of hills near the University.  It was a difficult run but it was so beautiful out yesterday I have nothing to complain about.

I met and chatted with some others that were running hills. They were from the running room. One girl invited me to join them on their free running group days. They train hills, do speed intervals and long runs. They are up to 16km now. I wonder if I should join them…I think I could do it. They were all training for the Vancouver ½ marathon which is pretty cool because I just ran more than half of the Vancouver ½ marathon while I was there last week. It was inspiring to see this group. They were all ages but all older than me and were at various fitness stages and they were all supporting each other.

When I was in Vancouver I picked up Canadian Running magazine because it was the ½ marathon issue and I have really enjoyed the articles. There is one about which foot wear to choose. I will cover that topic in a future blog. Right now I want to share my new training schedule. One of the articles made me realize the importance of all the different aspects of training…not just the running long distance. I’m pretty stoked that this new training regime will mix it up and keep it interesting.

So here is what I will be doing for the next 2 weeks

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Ball Hockey 8 km faster pace Ball Hockey Volleyball Strength – Hills or stairs 40 mins Rest 15 km easy run
Rest Ball Hockey Speed Intervals

12 x 200m with 200m recovery

8 km faster pace Strength – Hills or stairs 40 mins Ball Hockey 16 km easy &

Ball Hockey

(This might be difficult as BH take s a lot out of me)


The magazine recommends using your own body weight for strength training such as stairs and hills. I like the approach of using what you have and not having to go to the gym. I do recognize the benefits of weight training at the gym as well but I am committed to taking a more minimalist approach during this training and we will see what happens!

On another note… I  weighted in this morning and I am now hovering around 143lbs!

This feels good and strange to be 3lbs away from my ultimate goals…but it also makes me a bit worried. I have recently gotten pretty serious about training and I feel like at this rate I will probably loose more weight then I expected during training. It worries me because I have a wedding dress to fit into (and I don’t want it to be too big!) but it doesn’t worry me because I will have a 3.5 months after the race and can use the extra weight loss as a buffer (haha) in case I get so busy with work and wedding planning that I don’t have a lot of time to work out during the summer.

Stay tuned…In my next post I plan on determining which style of running shoe will suit me best. I can’t wait!