Jill – New Goals!

It seems as though I have been posting about getting back on track for months…or maybe almost a year now. I never thought I would have to push myself this hard or try to convince myself to go to the gym or go for a run…but lately that is exactly what I feel like I am doing.

I am not disappointed or angry at myself; quite the contrary actually. I am pretty happy that I have been able to maintain what I would consider a healthy and suitable weight for myself over this long and somewhat depressing winter.

I recently returned from Nikki and Ryan`s Wedding in Mexico. It was a beautiful ceremony and such a fun week all around. The only downside was that I had to eat at the all inclusive resort. Some people might be rolling their eyes at me right now…after all it is hard to complain about being pampered right?  Well as a vegan it is really hard to eat at an all inclusive. The majority of my diet included bread, beans, guacamole and potatoes. There was also a lot of fresh fruit in their too and the odd salad when the greens looked good. But I think I overloaded on Carbs and Wheat and now that I am back I am experiencing some pretty severe stomach issues (my stomach just growled loudly as if on cue).

I have decided that I need to set some new goals and push myself to stick to them.

So here it goes:

1. Eat less carbs! Almost every supper and in turn the next day’s lunch (I love leftovers) is based around a carb of some sort, rice, pasta, potatoes, bread etc. so I will be eliminating that and trying some alternatives like Mashed Cauliflower with Roasted Garlic and Chives (Vegangela)

Now I won’t eliminate carbs completely because I love them and believe in a balanced diet not a strict elimination diet, I will be more mindful of my carb intake and will get a chance to try out some new grains in the process!

2. Get back to doing Abdominal work every night with my hubby. We were doing so well and seeing results and then we missed a few nights and never got back into it.

3. I would like to run at least 15km/week. This seems like an underachieving goal for me as I love to run but lately I have been very, very busy and want to keep my goals realistic and achievable.

4. Drink 2 litres of water every day. I have a Nalgene that holds a litre and I drink one at work every day. I have to focus on drinking water when I get home as well.

5.  Count Calories. I used to use myfitnesspal on my phone to count calories…VERY    EASY…. but I forgot a few times and then got out of the habit. This isn’t to lessen my calories consumed…just to become more aware of what I am consuming and if it is appropriate to do so I will adjust accordingly. On slow days where I am not physically exerting myself I like to consume about 1200 cals, on busy days I will keep with a base of 1200 but always refuel after a workout till I am no longer hungry.

I will also be playing a few sports this season.

I have Ball hockey twice a week, soccer, volleyball and soft ball. I’m excited to be active everyday!

Stay tuned!


Nikki-little update

I really thought that it hadn’t been so long since I posted a blog, but that’s probably because I’ve been posting weekly on  Nikkiinhighgear and not showing any love to my jillandnikkidowork followers/fans/bored friends at work who are reading anything they can find on facebook to pass the time.

I guess I should give a little bit of an update!

My last post was about my running goal for February.  I set a goal of running 115km in 28 days.  Totally reasonable since I run a lot, but I ran out of time! damn working too much in the shortest month of the year! I worked over 250 hours in 28 days so that put a damper on some of my running days when i was at work 24/7  BUT I did still manage to put in a sold 93.38km in February.  That being said I did workout 26 out of 28 days in February.  Some of those days I would only have time to put in 5km or I was only playing in my hockey games or snowboarding, which is why I didn’t get to finish my running goal.

Why was I working out so much?

I joined a group challenge on MyFitnessPal and I’m 6 weeks in and, get this, down 5lbs!!

this challenge is a zombie themed challenge (I’m sooooo, into Zombs right now- nerd alert)  where you’re given a story line to follow, get to pick the outcome each week of what you’re character does, which could result in them becoming a zombie.  Well my team is KILLING it.  We have come in 1st (out of 4 teams) 4 weeks and 2nd 2 weeks.  You are given a cardio goal, and 2 exercises goals to work on each week.

For example this weeks goals:

Food: Keep your calories in the “green” every day this week!
Water: Drink 8 cups of water a day.
Cardio: 200 minutes/ week
Strength: 270 Oblique Crunches on EACH side
Agility: 270 Seal Jumping Jacks (jump in, jump out = 1 rep)

So far this week I’ve put I haven’t been on track with my eating, but I always get in 12 cups of water.  I’m at 200 minutes of cardio, 540 crouches, and 810 jumping jacks.  and did I mention I’ve lost 5 lbs?!?!?!

This challenge really made me get my act together again, which has been super motivating and fun.  I am so close to reaching my goal weight of 140 lbs but now I am worried as my wedding dress has already been altered and my wedding is less than 3 weeks away! we leave for mexico on March 31st! My dress fits perfectly right now, so if I were to lose 1-2lbs more with this challenge that would be ok but I think I might have to wait until I’m back from Mexico to really get rid of those last 6 pounds I want gone.  I would hate to have to pull my dress up all night from being too “skinny” or would I????

I am planning on getting some updated pictures this weekend, but don’t hold your breath for me to post them 🙂 I’ll try to to do it asap.


Nikki's Stagette - March 9th, 2013

Just wanted to share a funny picture from my stagette. Bottom Right is my fav.


Jill – Doing less and achieving more

I am a person that tries to live with intention.  If I put my mind to something I usually achieve it. If I try hard, I normally experience some version of success. This is why I find it interesting and pleasing to notice results and to be feeling as good as I do while for the last month or so I have not been really focused on losing weight or getting more fit. I have been focussing on having fun, playing the sports I love, choosing the activities that keep me active with friends (sports tournaments, running, gym time etc) rather than the more inactive activities (going for lunch, board games etc).

This has helped me in some many ways:

  1. I am having so much fun!
  2. Feeling more successful in the sports I play
  3. Seeing and feeling that my body is more fit
  4. Feeling much healthier
  5. Never board with working out!
  6. Loving myself for exactly who I am

I used to bug my husband because he never liked going to the gym and always said he preferred to stay fit by playing sports. I always disagreed and said you have to work out at the gym in order to be and stay fit.

Well lately I have proven myself wrong…that’s right sexy pants if you are reading this…and you better be…you were right!

Don’t get me wrong I still go to the gym from time to time but not very often. Instead I do a weekly choreographed cardio dance class, I play volleyball for about 2.5 hours a week, I play ball hockey every week and I try to get out running at least once a week. As per usual I try to eat healthy and maintain appropriate portion sizes but I do indulge from time to time. After all life is too short not to eat chocolate!

This weekend I am in my first ice hockey tournament! I am scared and excited. It is for charity and lovely Steph has promised me it is not too intense…I don’t know if I believe her but I am sure I will survive.

I will post pictures early next week.

Gotta run…I will try to post more often. I cannot believe how long it has been since my last post.

Hope you’re living every day happily!

Nikki-February running goal.

I had a goal to run 125km in the month of January.  I came up 10km short!

Damn.  So close.

It’s frustrating to me, because I keep setting goals that I know I can reach, I just seem to not push hard enough or I sabotage myself somehow or I dunno, some days there literally is no time when I work 16-24 hours in a day…

no time is a legit excuse because

1- I can’t go for a run when I’m working, unless I get to take my kids to the gym which doesn’t always happen.

2- I need sleep too! sleep is hugely important when you work 90 hours in a 5 day work week.

anyways 115km in a month is pretty decent as well considering there is so much snow on the ground that it’s actually dangerous to walk since it seems everyone is fed up with shovelling and take there sweat ass time to do it now.  I did most at least 65 of those 115km on the treadmill and let me tell you I hate running on the treadmill.

My goal for February is to run 115km.  I am going to work my butt of this week to get ahead of the running game as it always seems the 3rd week of the month is what screws me over.  and really i think it will be Feb 11-17 when I work 90 hours which will be the hardest week for me to fit in running.  I plan on doing dips, pushups, squats and abs while at work because I you can do that anywhere.

I just wanted to reblog my blog so that I didn’t have to explain everything again. I had a goal for Jan, I had to push hard this week to make up for lost time blah blah blah. As of today I ran 44.89km this week which leaves me 35.05 to run next wee and I will reach 125km for Jan!


I’m still flaky when it comes to blogging often. I have millions of excuses, but whateves I’m writing today.

My goal for January is to run 125km. I started the month out strong and slowly did less and less each week. Time for excuses yet? We all have stuff that pops up and takes up a ton of our time or makes us feel like we can’t get to the gym or outside or on the treadmills in our basement (really? really?) or Sometimes it is just pure laziness. Anyways I’ve still been working at the KM’s just at a slower pace each week until this week. Here’s how it’s looked

I have a little white board where I’ve been keeping track of my KM each week

So yes the first week I was on track as I was aiming to do 25km a week so I didn’t have to…

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Chubby cheeks

Here it is, time to face the scale and be honest. I have not weighed in since December 3 (whoops) and I was waiting until monday to finally step on the scale and see the damage done over Christmas. I’m only 3 days late, posting! I did weigh in on Monday though.  I swear!

k I’ll stop wasting time with words…

Current weight: 153

so that’s +2 lbs from December 3. Which is WAY less than I thought it was going to be but I have been very motivated again so maybe it was a good thing I had the Christmas blues or whatever the hell that was.

Since January 2, I have worked out every day, which some say is bad for you. I haven’t done crazy hard workouts daily, just moved everyday. I ran a total of 26.81km last week, yes all outside because it was finally nice enough to not be a chicken shit. One of the runs turned into a 9.26km run because it was just so nice out I didn’t want to stop.

I can’t lie about my exercise over Christmas. It was nonexistent. After December 16 I kind of shut down and had a bit of a depression, not wanting to move from the couch or do anything but stuff my chubby cheeks full of food even though that did make me feel worse. WHY would I do that?  No real reason, but I did and now I’ve got to work those chubby cheeks off to pay for it.

Anyways I’m feeling way better even though after calling my mom this morning she told me I sound depressed and sad all the time… ????  I’M NOT, I promise.

This week so far I’ve put in 6.61 km but on the treadmill. Oh right I told my other blog folks about my goal. I’m going to run 125 km in January which is about 25km a week.  Ok I actually put in a bit more on the treadmill but I forgot to check once I was done after that 45 minute period, dammit so I’m going to add-on 2km because I did at least that.  so, so far this week I’m now at 8.61km. 


Edmonton River Valley- Took this shot when I had to walk because I got stuck behind a group of 3 walkers.

Nikki-Getting back to my normal

I know I haven’t weighed in a while but I’m going to wait until Monday to see the damage I did over Christmas.  I don’t know why this year was so difficult for me but I had no willpower to say no and felt like I literally have been grazing like a cow for weeks.  I never start things on January 1 of the new year because I have this superstition that if I start anything on that day it will just be a new years resolution that I won’t follow through on (this is my own superstition so no offence to anyone who can stick to their resolutions).

I’ve been struggling for a while with being motivated, then losing motivation but this is the worst I’ve slipped in about 2 years, so I know exactly how Jill is feeling.  Thank goodness we have a bit more time now that Christmas is over  to help each other get back on track.

These are the goals I came up with back on October 24.


1. Weight train 2-3x weekly

2. To be able to do 20 regular push ups with no breaks and without being totally out of breath after.

3. Reach goal weight of 140lbs

this is a goal I don’t know if I’ll be able to actually accomplish, but I’m going to try!

4. Do one unassisted pull up


I had been doing well until the second week into December.  I feel as though I’ve set myself back, but these are still reasonable and doable goals for myself, so these will continue to remain the same for me.  I of course like to have something smaller to work towards each week and will continue to come up with mini goals to work on each week.

This weeks mini goals- I have until sunday to do these ones since I usually start new ones on Monday.

1. Run 25km this week (did 5km this morning so I’m getting back to my normal routine)

28851253834076479_MxDuwNUb_b2. To work on my self-control I will follow this poster

I did this tonight after dinner.  I have half of the best chocolate cake, I’ve ever had in my life, in my fridge from a Christmas dinner we had on Saturday. I could easily go eat the entire thing right now and I almost had a slice, but instead I opted for a pear and a decaf coffee.

3. Come up with a shopping list, I’ll purchase everything on Monday, that I can prepare some quick and healthy meals/crockpot meals.