Jill – New Goals!

It seems as though I have been posting about getting back on track for months…or maybe almost a year now. I never thought I would have to push myself this hard or try to convince myself to go to the gym or go for a run…but lately that is exactly what I feel like I am doing.

I am not disappointed or angry at myself; quite the contrary actually. I am pretty happy that I have been able to maintain what I would consider a healthy and suitable weight for myself over this long and somewhat depressing winter.

I recently returned from Nikki and Ryan`s Wedding in Mexico. It was a beautiful ceremony and such a fun week all around. The only downside was that I had to eat at the all inclusive resort. Some people might be rolling their eyes at me right now…after all it is hard to complain about being pampered right?  Well as a vegan it is really hard to eat at an all inclusive. The majority of my diet included bread, beans, guacamole and potatoes. There was also a lot of fresh fruit in their too and the odd salad when the greens looked good. But I think I overloaded on Carbs and Wheat and now that I am back I am experiencing some pretty severe stomach issues (my stomach just growled loudly as if on cue).

I have decided that I need to set some new goals and push myself to stick to them.

So here it goes:

1. Eat less carbs! Almost every supper and in turn the next day’s lunch (I love leftovers) is based around a carb of some sort, rice, pasta, potatoes, bread etc. so I will be eliminating that and trying some alternatives like Mashed Cauliflower with Roasted Garlic and Chives (Vegangela)

Now I won’t eliminate carbs completely because I love them and believe in a balanced diet not a strict elimination diet, I will be more mindful of my carb intake and will get a chance to try out some new grains in the process!

2. Get back to doing Abdominal work every night with my hubby. We were doing so well and seeing results and then we missed a few nights and never got back into it.

3. I would like to run at least 15km/week. This seems like an underachieving goal for me as I love to run but lately I have been very, very busy and want to keep my goals realistic and achievable.

4. Drink 2 litres of water every day. I have a Nalgene that holds a litre and I drink one at work every day. I have to focus on drinking water when I get home as well.

5.  Count Calories. I used to use myfitnesspal on my phone to count calories…VERY    EASY…. but I forgot a few times and then got out of the habit. This isn’t to lessen my calories consumed…just to become more aware of what I am consuming and if it is appropriate to do so I will adjust accordingly. On slow days where I am not physically exerting myself I like to consume about 1200 cals, on busy days I will keep with a base of 1200 but always refuel after a workout till I am no longer hungry.

I will also be playing a few sports this season.

I have Ball hockey twice a week, soccer, volleyball and soft ball. I’m excited to be active everyday!

Stay tuned!


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