I just wanted to reblog my blog so that I didn’t have to explain everything again. I had a goal for Jan, I had to push hard this week to make up for lost time blah blah blah. As of today I ran 44.89km this week which leaves me 35.05 to run next wee and I will reach 125km for Jan!


I’m still flaky when it comes to blogging often. I have millions of excuses, but whateves I’m writing today.

My goal for January is to run 125km. I started the month out strong and slowly did less and less each week. Time for excuses yet? We all have stuff that pops up and takes up a ton of our time or makes us feel like we can’t get to the gym or outside or on the treadmills in our basement (really? really?) or Sometimes it is just pure laziness. Anyways I’ve still been working at the KM’s just at a slower pace each week until this week. Here’s how it’s looked

I have a little white board where I’ve been keeping track of my KM each week

So yes the first week I was on track as I was aiming to do 25km a week so I didn’t have to…

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