Jill – Embarrassment and working on forgiving myself

I cannot believe that I have not blogged since December 3, 2012. That is almost one whole month!

I have to admit I am really embarrassed by the self sabotage I have inflicted over the past 2 weeks. (Realistically it has been a month)

I have eaten everything that has been within reach (as long as it was vegan of course).

I have done a little exercise…but not enough.

I have drank way too much, mostly wine and mostly because I am wound up from work and need a little “self care” or “relaxing drink” WHO AM I KIDDING?

I have literally said the words, “Oh my goodness I am full!”…and immediately gone to get something else to eat!


What is the result on my body of all of these poor health choices you ask?

1)      I am lethargic

2)      I cannot focus and therefore I am less efficient (at a time where I need to be more efficient than ever!)

3)      My skin is terrible. I have sensitive skin in general but I have been having more break outs and dry skin than ever before.

4)      I have gained about 3 lbs…maybe more

5)      I have been super moody ( I am a pretty positive person normally but I have found more than enough things to complain about and have been feeling pretty down lately)

I know that the Holidays are a time to indulge but at what cost? The above 5 negative effects are more than enough reason to want to change my habits and this horrible cycle of self sabotage.


Forgive myself-That’s right I have decided that I will start eating healthier right away. I will allow myself to indulge on New Year’s Eve with the good foods and many drinks but no more casual drinks of beer or wine after work and no more CRAP snacks.


Set some realistic yet challenging goals – more on this to come


Enroll my friends and husband in this journey


Blog more consistently. This helped Nikki and I in the beginning and it is time to get serious again.

Fallen off Track

This isn’t the best quality image but it shows how I feel right now. I have fallen of track and by the looks of things I am going to have to get pretty serious about rebuilding the track I want to get back onto. Yup, I’m pretty deep. Haha


So excited to share my plan with everyone so please stay tuned…and this time I promise it won’t be another month before you hear from me!





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