Jill – Embarrassment and working on forgiving myself

I cannot believe that I have not blogged since December 3, 2012. That is almost one whole month!

I have to admit I am really embarrassed by the self sabotage I have inflicted over the past 2 weeks. (Realistically it has been a month)

I have eaten everything that has been within reach (as long as it was vegan of course).

I have done a little exercise…but not enough.

I have drank way too much, mostly wine and mostly because I am wound up from work and need a little “self care” or “relaxing drink” WHO AM I KIDDING?

I have literally said the words, “Oh my goodness I am full!”…and immediately gone to get something else to eat!


What is the result on my body of all of these poor health choices you ask?

1)      I am lethargic

2)      I cannot focus and therefore I am less efficient (at a time where I need to be more efficient than ever!)

3)      My skin is terrible. I have sensitive skin in general but I have been having more break outs and dry skin than ever before.

4)      I have gained about 3 lbs…maybe more

5)      I have been super moody ( I am a pretty positive person normally but I have found more than enough things to complain about and have been feeling pretty down lately)

I know that the Holidays are a time to indulge but at what cost? The above 5 negative effects are more than enough reason to want to change my habits and this horrible cycle of self sabotage.


Forgive myself-That’s right I have decided that I will start eating healthier right away. I will allow myself to indulge on New Year’s Eve with the good foods and many drinks but no more casual drinks of beer or wine after work and no more CRAP snacks.


Set some realistic yet challenging goals – more on this to come


Enroll my friends and husband in this journey


Blog more consistently. This helped Nikki and I in the beginning and it is time to get serious again.

Fallen off Track

This isn’t the best quality image but it shows how I feel right now. I have fallen of track and by the looks of things I am going to have to get pretty serious about rebuilding the track I want to get back onto. Yup, I’m pretty deep. Haha


So excited to share my plan with everyone so please stay tuned…and this time I promise it won’t be another month before you hear from me!





Nikki- just a few weeks behind

Wow, I haven’t posted since the 12th of December.  Just a few weeks behind. I had an amazing Christmas, but I am glad that craziness of this time of year is over with.  I have never been this busy and stressed during the month of December before, so now I’m getting back at making my morning workout a routine, since that seemed to be the first thing tossed out the window.

Why is it that, when we get busy the fist thing we let slide is our health?  It’s weird to me that as soon as I’m stressed out I can’t find the time to work out, even though I know working out calms me down, clears my mind, and helps me problem solve.  I actually feel guilty sometimes when I work out because it’s taking time from me doing other things, but that’s why I like to workout with a friend, because it’s multitasking, visiting and running at the same time.   I know Jill’s been even busier than I am at work and has had even less time to work out, so right now our blog is suffering because we’re both finding it hard to get our workouts in.  We hardly have time to text each other!

But it’s 3 months until my wedding in Mexico so I want to make sure I feel good in my dress and beach clothes.  I plan on blogging next week with my weekly mini goals and updating my over all goals, so check back.

Nikki-this weeks mini goals

My mini goals for this week:

1) 5 work outs. 3 weight training days 2 cardio days. On weight training days I am upping my cardio to 45 minutes and on cardio days 75 minutes.

2) keep track of my food in myfitnesspal. I did well last week until the weekend this past week so this week is more to stay on track on the weekend.

3) 3 minutes plank (normal and both sides) everyday

I did 75minutes of cardio this morning so I’m off to a good start.

Nikki-looking more like Rippa arms every day

I have had a fantastic week! You know when you’re so busy you don’t even get to see your husband to be (seriously hate the word fiance, dunno why but I hate calling Ryan that. I’m fine with Husband though.. soon enough) Ok so I seriously saw Ryan when I woke him up at 2pm on Thursday this week to give him a kiss goodbye, other wise I have been so busy, but it’s been great because I have been working on my weekly goals in between working both jobs and now coaching a jr. high basketball team.

Here’s how it went:

 1. Track all food on MFP and complete my entries-I never finish my entries after lunch. 

Mon-today I have done this! after I complete an entries it tells me if I continued to eat this way (good or bad) I would weigh so much in so many weeks.  Not sure how tonight’s dinner will go as it’s my work Xmas party but I’ll try to still guess at how many calories things are and put them in.  If not tomorrows a new day and I’ve done well the rest of this week.

2. Do 20 push-ups before bed (a day) home or work

Ok so I haven’t done my 20 push-ups a day before bed, but I’ve done 20 pushups a day during workouts.

3. fit in 4 work outs- Monday night (might have to be at 10pm), Tuesday morning, Wednesday morning, and Thursday morning.  I’m not counting the snowboarding I’m doing with work as a workout, it’s just extra, same with Ball Hockey.

I did it! Monday night was an hour and a half at home and I started it at 9pm! please hold back the applause.  It was a success because I do hate working out in the evening, but once I got going I wanted to keep going.

Tuesday morning I only had time for a 30 minute workout but I fit it in (at home- gotta love having the treadmill and weights and NIKE training, seriously kicks my butt every time)

Wednesday- I met up with Jill (yay we both made time even with our cray schedules) at the YMCA and we fit in a nice hour arm and cardio work out.  Showed Jill the sprint training I’ve been doing to get speedy for ball hockey!  Plus after this hour workout I went home and shovelled for 40 minutes… omg my arms were dead

Thursday- went to the gym after work (9am) and did 40 mis on the elliptical (my hip and calf have been bugging me again) and then just 20 on the treadmill cause I wanted to do my sprint training.  I had done weights mon-wed so I figured I’d just do my assisted pull ups and be done. 

Side not on the pull-ups- I downed the weight to 80lbs, meaning I was pulling up 70lbs of my own weight (I think I had it last set at 90 or 100 I’ll have to look back in my blogs/exercise notes) and SHITE was it so much harder.  I did 3 rounds of 10 reps, then 8, then 5.  Gah gotta keep at it, but pretty sure my work is paying off… no?


looking more like Kelly Rippa arms booooya!

4. My MFP pal (that I have been doing the weekly challenges with) and I have come up with this weeks goal of fitting more fruit and veggies into our daily meals  so my goal is fitting in at least 8 servings a day.

I have been killing it on the fruit/veggie eating goal.  Salads, oranges for snacks, and omg can I tell you I feel fuller longer or that a little mandarin orange tides me over till i get home and cook dinner! Not that I didn’t know this but I had started to slack on how many f/v I was eating

so as long as I fit some working out in this weekend and don’t over do it at the 2 xmas parties I’m going to I’m thinking good things will happen on the scale! Happy Weekend!

Nikki-Mini goals week 1

I’m back from feeling sickly, but still a bit stressed with all the stuff I have coming up this next month.  My basketball coaching gig starts today after the shift I picked up at my relief job.  Plus i really need to get over to our second property to do some work.  We are so close to finishing the renos, but Ryan and I don’t have a full day where either of us can go and work at it.  We’ll both be popping in for a few hours daily this week and slowly working away at it.  Cross your fingers for me (us) that we can finish by Sunday!

Even though I’m going to be busy as a bee I need to set some weekly goals to work on that will help me reach my final goals which are supposed to be done in like 16 or maybe it’s 17 weeks now… I’ll have to double check.  I know I can fit in even an hour work out at least 4 days this week.  If I put it in a blog I’m more likely to stick to doing what I said.

So for this week there are my mini goals.

1. Track all food on MFP and complete my entries-I never finish my entries after lunch

2. Do 20 pushups before bed (a day) home or work

3. fit in 4 work outs- Monday night (might have to be at 10pm), Tuesday morning, Wednesday morning, and Thursday morning.  I’m not counting the snowboarding I’m doing with work as a workout, it’s just extra, same with Ball Hockey.

4. My MFP pal (that I have been doing the weekly challenges with) and I have come up with this weeks goal of fitting more fruit and veggies into our daily meals  so my goal is fitting in at least 8 servings a day.

Also weighed in: 151 lbs

so that is -1  lb

I kind of think that when I start weight training 2-3x a week my weight goes up almost immediately.   Of course because muscle weighs more than fat, but it’s just odd how every time I start lifting weights consistently my weight increases and then because I haven’t done weights in like 2 weeks my weight has dropped a bit.


Jill – If I don’t have time to sleep, when should I exercise!

That’s right folks you are about to listen to me go on about how busy I have been lately…

Well maybe I will spare you and give a quick synopsis.

I am currently working day and night to open a new YMCA Centre of which I am the Program Director. I am pretty proud of this accomplishment and in no way am I complaining. I’m witnessing first hand how the work we are doing is changing the lives of our clients. I have a lot of friends that work in this type of industry (lovely Nikki is one and my husband Michael is another) and I am sure they can attest to the fact that you don’t always get a chance to enjoy the warm fuzzies or have clients express sincere gratitude for the work that we are all doing. So I would like to take this moment to take a deep breathe and enjoy.

Now back to business…

If I am not getting to the gym or getting out for a run as often as I would like (or ever these days) then what am I doing to make sure that I am not slipping. Well I can tell you that this is where all the little things are going to have to add up and I think that they have. Take a look at the following:

1. I ALWAYS take the stairs, even if I am carrying something too dangerously heavy to carry up or down the stairs at work, I send it in the elevator and meet it at the other end of the stairs. This adds up over the course of the day…sometines to mix it up I do 2-3 steps at a time.

2. I am aware of portion size. This is HUGE!!! If you can do one thing to help you stay wthin your caloric intake goal/day make it portion control…eat a little less as long as you are not going hungry..because hungry leads to binging later on.

3. I do go to the gym sometimes…I just have to be strategic about it. I have been teaching Active Older Adult Fitness classes where I get a very low impact workout and on Monday nights I take a Cardio Kickboxing class. The startegic part is that these are the 2 classes that I will be teaching in January at the new YMCA centre.

4. I take every opportunity I can to get outside and shovel snow! At work and at home.

5. This is not my choice but because the underground parking is not ready yet at work I park a million miles away and have to walk every morning evening and sometimes it seems like 10x/day. I am a little bitter about this as sometimes it is really cold but I just dress warmer and smile because I am getting some free exercise time!

6. I also have a chart that I am filling out for December. Every day I fill out how many squats, sit ups and push ups I do per day. Sometimes it is  NONE…I don’t like  having to write that down so before bed I usually try to get at least 20 of each in so I have something to write in that chart. I will post results at the end of December.

7. I also play hockey once a week with my team and plan on renting the ice so we can all get together and play ice hockey soon!

I have decided I need another 1/2 marathon run to get ready for so in January I will sign up for one and get to training for it.

My motto for this busy busy time is:

No matter what the set backs, never give up and no complaints. Just do the work you can whenever you can do it!