Nikki-weighing in

Well I guess it’s been 2 weeks and I’m supposed to check in.

Current weight: 152lbs

So I’m back up the 2lbs I lost, with no real reason.  I know I was hungry last week, like a bottom less pit but I didn’t go crazy with by overeating. I have been working out, though I did only make it to the gym once last week because everyday off I had was spent doing home renovations on our second property, but really 8-10 hours a day painting, cleaning and all that stuff burns calories too! So who knows, it could be water retention it could be that I’ve put on muscle weight considering my arms have spent close to 60 hours painting.  Plus I’m still doing a ton of push ups daily.   I’m not disappointed with that because I know it hasn’t been self sabotage, but I do want to see the weight numbers go down, so I’m going to have to up my cardio somehow, since that’s where I’ve been lacking lately.

I finished my crunches challenge with my MFP friend, the goal was 420 crunches for the week, I did 480.  Starting today our challenge is Squats.  So my goal is to fit in 1000 squats this week.  I can do these at work (like today I work 15 hours, tomorrow is a 24 shift) so I can do these in the office and I’ll fit them in at the gym when I go later in the week.

That is all for today.  I’ll aim for photos for the next check in to see if these push ups are paying off yet.


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