I’m still on a bit of a high from friday.  Jill and I play on the same ball hockey team and we won the gold medal game!!! Great work out, great out come, and I pulled a muscle in my quad… I truly am a walking disaster at the tender age sudden lol but I’m not letting it bring me down.  I’m still getting in workouts that wont bother that area and resting it.  Great news as well, I finally had my chiropractor appointment.  One quick adjustment to my neck and the pain in my hip is literally gone (the pulled muscles/knot in my quad is not,but it’s feeling better).  This is the first time I’ve gone to a chiropractor and he is a heaven-sent angel.   I was right about my hips being out-of-place, and I have proof in x-ray form, though I’m not sure I shared that thought with anyone but Ryan.  I asked him one day after a painful run just to yank on my left leg and see if that would pop it back into place lol, didn’t work.  Anyways, the chiropractor knew I was a runner, which made me feel all important and made me think in my head “I am a runner, I am an athlete” which is something I have never considered myself even though I grew up playing on every school sports team and community basketball.  But I’ve always been an athlete, I just forgot how to be one for a few years.

Not only am I on a high from Friday’s ball hockey, but on  Thursday I went out and ran 9km pain-free as well.  I hadn’t run that long in a while and it felt amazing.  The first 10-20 minutes are always the hardest, got to find my pace, get use to breathing and feeling the groove but after that I was set.  I actually had people in their winter jackets staring at me like I was crazy as I ran past them in capris and a t-shirt.     All the while I was thinking things similar to the Jessica from the Maxwell commercial this is her actual video Jessica’s “Daily Affirmation”

I like how she ended with I can do anything better than anyone lol I tell myself that (even if it’s not true) just to get me through some tough moment sometimes.  It helps.  I also love how she stood in the mirror to tell her self about everything she liked and that’s what I’ve been doing.  Except I don’t stand on the sink to do it.

I also finally had time to weigh mPinned Imagemyself, I’m at 150lbs (that’s -1lb) though after the amount of ice cream cake I had tonight that number could be so off lol  but I’m reminding myself exactly what this picture says.  I am working towards a goal weight, but that number does not define me.  I am strong, I am beautiful, I am healthy and I will continue to work on those things as I continue to work out, as getting back in to working out was a lifestyle change not a “just for a while change” or a “until my wedding change”.  I’m not working out to be 100lbs (like I joke about) I’m working out so that I will live a healthy and long life!

Sorry I didn’t post on my usual dates this week, it’s been a busy one!


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