I found this

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after I blogged about how I’m going to change how I view my body.  I have already noticed changes this week in my thinking.  I would compare my Thighs and ass to this girls.  Big and strong.  There are more motivational and inspiring tidbits like this that I keep going back to remind myself just how strong I am.   Also this one kills me, as I’m a huge fan of the hunger games and if you hung out with me before the move premier I was threatening your life as I would totally win the Games, I’m that strong 😉  

Be FitI went for a run yesterday to burn off some steam.  I was super impressed with myself because I truly just wanted to drive to McDonald’s and stuff my face with all sorts of fat.  I ran for an hour, not caring how far I went or what pace, I just needed to get out.  While I was running against the wind I noticed how tired my legs were getting.  I kept envisioning how strong my muscles are and kept the positive self talk (in my head) going and within seconds after reminding myself my legs are strong, I noticed how less tired I was and how my body actually wanted to do what I was making it do.  

I was going to weigh in today but I’m not at home… so it’ll have to wait until monday.  We’ll see if I got close to my goal of 146lb by the end of March. If not, April is another month to attempt it.  

Have a fun and active weekend 🙂


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