Nikki-Did work this weekend!

Alright so I posted last week my new goals to work on and I’ve already made progress on 2 of them

2) To sign up and start training for a 10km run and if possible a 100km bike event – I signed up for a 10km race on May 6th and it benefits Zebra Child Protection Center which is an agency close to my heart as many of the youth I have worked with have been involved with them and have benefitted hugely from.  Check out the link Run Wild Marathon.  A few friends have signed up to do this run as well so I’m starting to train with them this weekend.

3) To continue to work out 5 times a week, follow-up with Doctors appointments, Physio and do everything that I can to ensure I have healthy body. – have booked my ECG to check out why my blood pressure and heart rate are so low, and have continued doing physio for the past 2 weeks.  my physio therapist has said I probably only need another week or  and my knees will be A-OK!

Also got out twice yesterday for hockey. So I did work on my 1st goal of working out 5 times a week.  Jill and I were on fire at ball hockey yesterday.  I’ll toot my own horn by saying I had some amazing passes, one in particular to Jill who scored a lovely goal!  AND I got out on my hockey skates for the first time ever because Jill rented some ice time.  I am slow and unsteady but that just means I need to get out and skate more often.


Nikki-Rethinking my goals

I’ve been struggling with blogging lately and I think it’s because I’ve been struggling with my workouts, eating well and with that general overall feeling good/happy with myself.  I’ve made some amazingly delicious and healthy recipes that I’ve started to share, I still have been working out and with my trainer, but I’m not losing the weight.  I’m sitting between 150-153lbs depending on the day and it seems when I weigh in I’m at 153.  Which is ok, I do feel so much better than I did when I started this blog but I’m unhappy about it because I have a goal and I’m not achieving it. 

 I’ve noticed now that Ryan is back in school and home every night I’ve almost gotten back int that being lazy routine.  Don’t get me wrong I still work out  as much as I can (it has been a struggle due to being sick and injuries lately, which I’ll talk about more in a sec) but I’ve been sitting around watching TV at night, eating in front of the TV and just not wanting to do anything.  I do this more so when Ryan is home than when he isn’t.  I’m not trying to blame it on Ryan and say I’m not losing weight cause he’s home, but it’s frustrating that I lose myself in his TV routine.  He is thin, regardless of what he eats and how much activity he does (for now, knowing his family history this will catch up with him-and yes I worry about that already) but this is about me,  I need to kick my butt into gear and not sit there with him! so what’s stopping me? 

Apparently just myself.

I’m watching this seasons Biggest Loser, their slogan is “No Excuses” but the season has been full of excuses and I feel like that’s what I’ve been doing as well. 

Here’s a list:

  • It’s to cold
  • my treadmill is broken
  • I am tired
  • I have no time
  •  I am depressed
  •  etc etc. 

It’s a shit!  Yes it has been -30 some days, so I need to get my ass TO the gym those days. 

  • My treadmill is broken– so I need to run outside on the nice days and make sure I go to the gym. 
  •  I am tired  to bed earlier and work on relaxing before hand,
  • I have no timeSTOP working so much, make time.
  •  I am depressed– go to the doctor and make sure I’m not clinically depressed or order a damn sun lamp so I can stop feeling the winter blues that always get me! 

There now that I’ve worked through a few of my excuses I’m feeling a bit more ready for this up coming week.

I have had some injuries and I’ve been sick.  Being sick calls for rest time, I don’t appreciate when other people are sick at the gym so i refuse to be one of those people there coughing and sneezing and infecting everyone else.  But these injuries that keep popping up are starting to make me feel like a liar.  I swear it’s like every other week something else is hurting.  I think that people are going to stop believing me and start saying that I’m just making excuses.  I pulled/kinked something in my lower back after training on Tuesday, while putting a weight away.  HOW LAME! not even exercising I hurt myself! but it’s kept me out of the gym for 3 days.  another excuse?

I think I’ve  forgotten what my goals are.  I know I have my rewards to work towards they are posted on the fridge but I think I need to rethink my goals and post them up there as well.

When I started this blog my goals were:

1) Work out 5 times a week-Any kind of work out: Tennis, golf, running, biking, frisbee, ball hockey etc.

2)Portion control-Measure/weigh what I eat to make sure I’m only eating the correct portion sizes.

3)Reach my goal weight of 140 pounds by October 24 2011.

As of January 27 2012 my goals are:

1) Reach my goal weigh to of 140 pounds by March 30 2012

2) To sign up and start training for a 10km run and if possible a 100km bike event –I would like to be able to run the 10km run in less than an hour, and I just want to finish the entire bike event since I didn’t finish last year.

3) To continue to work out 5 times a week, follow-up with Doctors appointments, Physio and do everything that I can to ensure I have healthy body. 

 It is Weigh in Day, I promised I would this friday since I haven’t in weeks, so here it is.

current weight: 152lbs

so I’m -1lb.  Better than nothing that’s for sure!  I’ m hitting up Zumba tonight with some ladies from my hockey team regardless of my stupid back kink-maybe it’ll get worked out by moving.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Nikki-New week, new recipe!

Whoops my I dropped something on my keyboard and this post published before it was supposed to! So here’s the real thing!

I’ve had a good week so far, got a good ass kicking at training and have been eating pretty good except for a birthday dinner with Megan.  My trainer asked what diet food was at the Canadian Brewhouse, I told her Light Beer. 

On Sunday I made a new meal for my roomie Orion and myself, since Ryan doesn’t like fish I don’t eat it as often as I’d like.  I found this recipe in a Biggest Loser newsletter, it’s from Curtis Stone.  Can’t believe how quick, easy and delicious it is!

Baked Cod with Asparagus





4 oz cod filet

1/2 bunch asparagus

1 bunch scallions

1 tsp Parmesan cheese grated

1 lemon


Garlic powder

dill (preferably fresh)

Cooking spray

Preheat oven to  400.  Spray baking dish with cooking spray.  place scallions on bottom of dish, making a bed for the cod. Season cod with 1/4 tsp of garlic powder, 1/4  lemon juice, 1/8 tsp pepper, sprig of dill.  Tent baking dish with foil.Place asparagus in baking dish and spray with cooking spray.  Season with 1/4 tsp of garlic powder, 1tsp parmesan, 1/4 lemon juice, 1/8 tsp black pepper.Place both dishes in oven and bake 7 minutes.In meantime, slice the other half of the lemon and caramelize the slices in a pan. 

Remove asparagus from oven, remove tent form cod and bake another 3 minutes.To plate, place cod on plate and top with fresh dill and a caramelized lemon wheel. Place asparagus on plate and sprinkle with remainder of parmesan.

Calories 170

This meal was so good I can’t wait to make it again.  It’s so simple I wont forget how to make it either.  Well here’s to healthy eating and working out this week, weighing in on friday!

Jill- Not my real wedding dress but you get the point.


So as some of you know in September I will be marrying the man of my dreams. Well I’m a lucky girl, I have the best guy, a beautiful ring and I found the perfect wedding dress for the big day.

Currently I am 146lbs and want to be 140lbs. I bought my dress a few weeks ago and it fits perfect, no alterations needed. The dress maker told me that I could gain up to 3lbs and lose up to 5lbs but any more and I would have to get my dress altered. Since I don’t have the cash for that I have to keep my weight above 140lbs and below 150lbs. These next 8 months will be a great lesson on maintenance for me.

Though my goal is still to lose 5-6 lbs over the next few months (totally doable!) I have another goal that I think will be more challenging but exciting all the same.


I want to tone my arms and back specifically because as you can see by the photo below I have a little bit of extra flab just above my dress line in the back. I know it is not that bad really but I feel like my real dress is so perfect that why shouldn’t the body in it be?

Now sorry everyone, I can’t post a photo of me in my real dress till after the wedding (I don’t want the groom to see) but this back shot is definitely a good representation of how my real dress fits (it actually might be a bit worse in the real dress).

Not the real dress!

So I will be meeting with a trainer at the YMCA to get a specific work out plan to help tone my arms and back. I will take before, during and after photos to keep you all up to date on my progress. I have been so focussed on cardio over the past year that shifting to weights will be a challenge. As a start I bought 2 – 10lbs dumbbells for home so I can lift during commercials when I am just relaxing and watching TV J.

Anyone have any good advice or suggestions on how to really tone up my back and get rid of the little bulge without losing too much weight so that I don’t have to get my dress altered?

PS. I apologize for not blogging lately. I’ve been swamped with work lately and haven’t had a steady routine at all. Even though I haven’t had time to blog I am proud to say that I have still made time to work out even while on the road! I have definitely realised that when I blog I work out harder and longer. After all it is much more motivating to be able to report an great work out session or a good eating week to an awesome group of readers! Thanks for reading!

Nikki-Skinny French Onion Soup


I want to start sharing some of the easy and delicious recipes I’ve been making along the way to help me lose the weight.  I figured I’d start with this Skinny French Onion Soup since it’s beyond easy to make, and so yummy! I’ve made it a few times.  I did add a bit extra cheese on this one just to make it look extra good (which it was) and I counted the extra calories, and I’ve frozen this recipe as well.

Here’s how to do it


1/4 cup of water

1 medium yellow onion

4 cups beef broth

2 oz part skim Mozzarella Cheese

4 tbsp fat-free Croutons (I sometimes make my own croutons out of whole wheat bread instead)


In a medium sauce pan add the 1/4 cup of water and bring to a boil.  Slice the onion into strips and add to the water (i slice them before i start since the water boils so quickly).  Continue cooking until onions clarify.  One the onions are clear, add 4 cups of beef broth.  Bring to a boil and then simmer of 15-20 minutes.  Shred the Mozzarella.  Once done, place soup in 4 bowls, garnish with cheese and croutons.

I also throw it in the oven under the broiler for a few minutes until the cheese starts to brown and bubble, so yummy

If you follow these instructions the nutritional info is as follows

Calories: 126

Fat: 3.1g

Protein: 11.1g

Carbohydrates: 14.2g

If you add more cheese or croutons make sure you count those extra calories!  I’m making a low-fat chocolate chip dip this weekend that Stacey texted me about this week and if I love it will be posting it next week.  Stacey said it’s amazing, especially since it’s made out of chickpeas! sounds like an experiment.


Nikki-Shrinking waist = shrinking wallet

The Jeans I was excited to fit into in July ↓

 I’m happy to say…

Are now, much to big in the waist! (I’m just showing how there’s room, no funny business)

Now this is awesome news.  I love the fact that I’m still slowly losing inches and working towards the body I’ve always wanted, the  part that is somewhat annoying (but I’ll take annoying any day) is the fact that clothes don’t fit.  I have bought new clothes along the way since it feels good to wear clothes that fit, but it’s annoying to feel like I just bought something and then it doesn’t fit.  Annoying because I spent my hard-earned $$$ and now what do I do with it!? -swear I’m not complaining just stating and I’ve figured out what to do so this is less annoying…
Jill and I were talking about this and she had given me the idea about a clothing swap.  So next saturday I’m holding the first Annual Clothing Swap.  I’ve invited a ton of ladies to come over with lightly warn clothes that they no longer want or fit into and hopefully swap for some that someone else has brought.  We’re also going to indulge in some wine!  After the clothes swap if something didn’t get picked up I’ll be donating the clothes to my kids at work as we take donations all year-long.  Hoping to get a some new clothes, but if not it will be a fun time anyway.

I really have struggled with working out this week but  it’s because I’ve had a really nasty cold that I can’t seem to kick,  which has now turned into the flu so working out will be waiting a few more days as I take a few more rest days.    I think I was also scared to do anything since I heard about my knee problems.  I had my first physio appointment yesterday and my therapist said that I don’t have to stop running but if I can work in a few days of biking I should be good.  He’s got me doing working on building up the muscles in my knees and said I should be good to go in a few weeks, yay for good news!

I don’t think I’ll weigh in this week just because I have been sick which means not eating much, not working out, drinking lots of fluid one day and none the next so my weight could be completely whack by Friday so I’ll just stick to a post with some recipes I’ve tried out over the last few weeks or something like that.

Again hands in pants just to show there is room, now if only I could get my thighs to shrink as much as my waistline…

Nikki- Another set back: Patellofemoral Syndrome

I’m glad this isn’t true anymore!

Current weight: 153lbs

no weight change. 

But I’ve had a frustrated end to my week.  I start making progress and then something happens that sets me back!  Since I’ve started running in the river valley this summer I’ve noticed my knees hurting and yesterday I finally went to the doctor, since I hadn’t been running to often this fall I hadn’t noticed any pain.  Here’s what happened this week

 I didn’t post it in my blog, some of you may have seen it on Facebook, but on Monday I ran 9km in an hour.  I was beyond excited as this is my longest and fastest run to date.  I was on top of the world on Monday and thought “Maybe I will end up training for a half marathon, one day”.  That day my knees were very sore, along with my shoulder (the one I’ve dislocated aches when I run) and my back.  I know that these are all common pains, well maybe not the shoulder but it’s normal for me, for runners and can usually be taken care of by building up different muscles but it’s frustrating to find out that I have “Runners Knee” or the correct term Patellofemoral Syndrome.   Basically it means you have a muscle imbalance around your knee, and they push and pull and give you pain and popping. In most runner’s cases, the quads get too strong, so you need to build up the hamstrings, and inner and outer thigh muscles. 

 I’m starting physio on Monday to continue to build on the different muscles and now that Danielle, my trainer, knows that I have this syndrome (she’s had it as well which is encouraging because she’s still a runner) she will help me with building those muscles up even more.  It’s just scary because this can be a problem that leads to surgery.  I know this because Ryan’s mom had the surgery for the exact same thing.   I do not want to have surgery!

From everything I’ve read about Patellofemoral Syndrome, I need to cut back on running especially down hills at this point.  Which is extremely disappointing after just doing this 9km run.  I feel like running is the biggest stress relief for me, and as I’ve mentioned before I know that I feel it’s the best work out since I sweat like no bodies business! but hopefully the Physiotherapist and Danielle can fix me up and I’ll be back to running soon. 

I had one other issue at the doctor which I wasn’t expecting low blood pressure and low heart rate.  I’ve been getting dizzy during some work outs with Danielle and even a little on my long runs, but the only thing my doctor told me to do so far is to drink more water…. I don’t know how I can manage to drink more when that’s pretty much all I drink all day long, but I’ll have to.  I”m going for an ECG  sometime this week to see whats up with my ticker.

Anyways I’m not giving up on this weight loss journey, It might just be a little bit slower for a while (which sucks) but it’s going to happen.  I might have to bike, swim or use the elliptical but I’ll still be exercising as much as I can!


If you like this blog check out a friend of mine who needs some followers and encourages on her own journey!