Nikki-Winter Running!

Wow I have a new appreciation for winter running.  I ran all summer with Aline and Jill and it seemed that as soon as it got a little chilly out we maybe chickend out of getting our butts outside.  I talked about the Christmas lights jogging tour that I participated in at home and that’s when I realised that even if there is snow on the ground I can still get out and get a great work out in.  I just needed to invest in some winter running gear.  I still have a few things to purchase but I haven enough to get me out and running in the current winter conditions -2 is lovely to run in.  I am about to head out with Jill to run down in the river valley today and I actually got out 2 other times this week with Jen and Em.  On both those days we walk/ran between 7 and 8 km!

Before I head out I said I would weigh in and see if Christmas did some damage.

Current Weight: 153 lbs

so that is +2 lbs, which doesn’t really concern me as you can gain that in a day… and truly I had so much salt yesterday I was expecting +4.  So here’s to getting back on track of paying close attention to what I’m eating, exercising (I start training on tues and am so pumped!) daily, and re-evaluating my goals since I let them slip. 

Considering I never did set up my first reward (crafting) I will do it once I get back to 151lbs!


Jill-Enough “time off” Now it’s time to DO WORK!

So I’ve written three blog posts in the past 3 weeks and have refused to let myself post them because they were either uninteresting, unmotivated, uninspiring or just not a really true expression of how I have felt lately.

To be honest I have been slowly getting back into the swing of working out. The holidays have definitely made the eating right thing pretty difficult but I like to think I have not been over eating, just eating the wrong foods.  I am currently hovering between 145 and 147lbs so I am not worried about my weight but I do feel as though I have lost a bit of that muscle I worked so hard to achieve. I feel pudgy and lumpy and that needs to change!  So I have decided to keep that as my focus. I need to tone and to feel more solid. I can’t tell you how to measure that really. For me it is purely how I feel.

I realize my weight hasn’t changed more than 2 pounds over the past 2 months but my attitude toward my body has. I am back to having bad mornings again where I don’t like the look of anything I put on. I do know that partially this is because all of my clothes are too big. So I went shopping and picked out some great pieces to wear to work and that has helped. It really is amazing going into a store and picking out a size 8 instead of a size 13! Also, having the girl that works at a store helping me pick out an outfit to wear for the epic girl’s night out and laugh at me when I say I think I need a large. I think her exact words were. “I’m sorry my dear but you are not a large, let’s try a small and go from there.” Well to my surprise the small fit perfectly!

This brings me to my thought about the psychology behind losing weight. Keeping in mind that I haven’t yet, but will do some research on this, here is what I think. I will speak to what has been true for me. Then I would like to get feedback from others on what is was/is like for them. I feel as though I went through a few stages and here they are.

  1. Unstoppable Motivation, Drive and Energy – The first 2-4 weeks were amazing! I worked my butt off and saw the greatest results on the scale during this period. This is due to two things I am sure. The first being that I kick started my metabolism and went from playing sports for fitness to targeting certain workouts for specific goals (plus I continued with my sports), the second is that I ate the cleanest I think I have ever eaten and never missed a workout.


  1. Feeling Good and Thriving – Week 4-8 was also very good for me. I felt motivated by the results from the first months and started really getting into a routine. At this point there is no question as to whether or not I was going to that gym class. I was going because that is just what I do!


  1. Slump and Stupid Cravings – Weeks 8-12 were pretty tough. I started craving bad foods and gave in a little bit. I all of a sudden became too busy to stick to any kind of work out schedule.


  1. Frustrated Motivation – Weeks 13-16 was the home stretch. I got back into the gym and eating right before I went on my vacation and work trip. At this point I am loving my body and feeling more energetic and excited for my Hawaii trip.


  1. The Lull – Weeks 17 onward. Here I am more than 20lbs lighter, struggling to accept the new me. Still feeling like I am a size large. Not sure what kinds of clothes look good on me now that I am not trying to hide my body. Nervous to buy a wedding dress in my current size because what if I gain weight again? (This is the feeling that scares me the most to be honest…I have convinced myself that I am the one who is in control of what I eat, how much I work out and for the most part how much I weigh…then why would I be afraid to gain weight…I think I am afraid of being lazy and unhealthy which would lead to weight gain.


  1. Re-motivation and Goal setting – From today onward I will set goals, both small and large in order to be continuously achieving. I will celebrate small successes and I will enlist the participation of friends and family in order to spread the health and well being I wish to achieve.


I will set my goals for the next 3-5 months and then post them here very shortly. Sorry for being away so long but I am happy to say…I’M BACK!!!!!

Stay tuned.

Nikki-Slipped into an Xmas depression, better now.

Gah! Christmas and being emotional and alone got the best of me.  I’m not going to lie I’ve been very negative and unmotivated this past week and here’s why:

I had to plan my Christmas back in Oct/Nov. I asked Ryan to find out if he was actually working Christmas as he was schedule and I only had to do the sleep over on Christmas day (not a big deal).  He said he had to work so I picked up shifts at my relief job and my full-time job to help everyone one.  Thinking if Ryan is making double time I may as well go make extra money and I’d rather be around kids who might need a cheerful staff then be at home alone.  Well 5 days before Christmas his work decides to close their shop.  Now I know everyone is thinking Xmas is just another day, you can celebrate any day.  Which we do with Ryan and my own family. but there’s just something special about that day.  The 25th of December.  THAT is Christmas.  So to find out that I now had to spend the entire weekend at work (I planned to not even be home because it’s a 45 min drive from our house to my jobs) and not spend any of it with Ryan or his family was pretty devastating to me.   I only wanted to help out at work because Ryan was NOT going to be home. Christmas is my favourite time of year and is meant to be spent with friend and family.  So I am in the middle of a 74 hours spent at work and have been the cheerful staff the kids need but as it turns out all the kids are pretty much spending xmas with family or friends so it’s me sitting in an empty house wishing it was Tuesday.  

So yes Christmas has gotten the better of me.  I’ve been depressed and can’t get up in the morning to work out.  I’ve been making very poor choices when it comes to every meal and I feel like complete shit.  I feel like I’ve gained weight, lost muscle, I haven’t been sleeping well and I just feel gross… so Thank god this season is almost over as I will get back to my regular routine on Tuesday when i finally am off of work (I worked 84 hours Thurs-Monday).  I was very upset last night but am feeling better about  everything today.  Can’t wait for Tuesday when I have a week off to get my work outs back on track .

ALSO I would like to give a HUGE shout out to my girl Tara who after receiving bad news generously donated 11 sessions of personal training at Spa Lady with my trainer Danielle to me.  I owe you and I promise I will lose at least another inch from my neck just for you 🙂 Danielle is going to kick my ass in January in your honour!

I will weigh in this coming friday and tell you the damage that Christmas has done-eeek.

Nikki-Stress and Cheer

I love Christmas.  It is my favourite time of year.  The colors, the music, the happy feelings, the cheer, but holy wow this past week has been a crazy time for me.  I haven’t been feeling great, I picked up extra shifts at work and  as the week went on and on stressful situations grew and grew.  I had a bit of a break down Friday, but I’m very lucky that my friends and family are very understanding and supportive.

That all being said I didn’t even bother attempting to write a blog post, and I did not even check the scale on friday to see if the week of stress and Christmas cheer (aka cookies) took its toll on me.  I didn’t make it to the gym at all but it was just one of those weeks where trying to catch up on sleep and maintaining my sanity were much more important than breaking a sweat.   Yes, usually a sweat sess helps me maintain my sanity, but me being under the weather I figured I’d best just try to feel better first.  -Yes I’ve feeling much better this week!

I am visiting my family and we are having our Christmas dinner tonight.  It’s a good thing I’ve hit the gym hard the last 2 days because my Mom brings Christmas Cheer in full.  High FAT/Calorie everything.  I’m not gonna lie, I can’t wait, but I am glad that I burnt a ton of calories before I indulge in this super delicious meal.

Last night Ryan and I took part in a family friends “Christmas Lights Running/Walking Tour” which she has been putting on for years.  She has everyone over and the two different groups take off to look at the neighbourhood lights and to get some exercise.  Here’s a look

We had stopped jogging to pose in a light less area whoops!  What a great tradition and way to spread Christmas cheer and get everyone moving-Note to my friends I might be starting this tradition next year 🙂

I will try to get some more helpful blogs out this week, and hope to have time to weigh in this week but if I don’t remember to keep working out this time of year!

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad!

Nikki-I want to be more helpful

I’ve had a hard time blogging as of lately.  Some days I feel as though I have endless accomplishments to speak about, other days I feel like I’m complaining  about all the struggles and then there  are the days it’s just the same old I worked on my goals blah blah blah… I appreciate everyone who reads my posts regardless of what I talk about but I wonder if I could be of more help to others by posting more links of recipes, workouts and general nutritional facts I’ve used to get me where I am.  So I’ve decided I’m going to start sharing where I find some of these exercises.   I haven’t been as diligent as I was before we moved, but working out while watching TV is one the biggest factors to my weight loss success.  This quick arm exercise is one of the things I do in front of the TV.   

A few quick arm exercises or ab work even just during commercials has really helped.  I have found that if I get up during a commercial, I tend to just stay up and work out throughout the show.  How hard is it really to do some wall sits, squats, push ups, crunches or jumping jacks in your own living room?  Those are all easy, FREE activities that you don’t even need weights to do! 

 I am dying to set up the treadmill (although I am still worried it won’t work, please cross your fingers for me) I miss running outside, and although there have been many nice days so far this winter to run outside I’ve been a chicken, only going once! I do run when I go to the gym but some snowy/cold/windy days you don’t want to leave your house! Plus there are days where things just get to hectic so it’s just easier to do an at home work out.   I love the amount I sweat when I run.  If exercise and I don’t sweat like I do when I run, I don’t feel like I’ve  good workout.  Does anyone else feel like that about any type of activity?

I want to talk about some of what I’ve been eating…  I have come up with my own take on a Cobb Salad, which is shown on the left.  Not much for presentation, I’m not the chef of the family my brother is.  But Damn do I LOVE this salad.  I seriously eat it at least 3 times a week because it’s so quick, easy, yummy and low in calories! here’s what’s in it:

2 cups romaine lettuce, 1 hard-boiled egg, 1/2 cup red pepper, 1/2 cup of cucumber, 1/2 cup tomato, 1/2 an avocado, 2.5 oz of chicken breast, and 2 tbsp of low-fat italian dressing.  I grated 2 baby carrots on top of this salad.  On myfitnesspal account it tracked this salad at about 320 calories.  I am filled for the afternoon when I eat this.

 Hopefully that is some helpful information for some of you!

Nikki-It’s official!!

It’s official, I’m down 30 pounds as of today!

Current weight: 151lbs

I’m down 1lb this week again, which is fabulous and exciting this time of year.  I’m also very excited because since Jill and I started this blog that means I am officially down 20 pounds.  11 more to go till I reach my goal.

I decided I’d do something different this week and take up a suggestion from some of you by doing Hot Yoga.  I’ve gone twice this week (thanks Britt and Kira for coming with me) and have really enjoyed it.  I bought the 30 day pass and although I don’t have time to go everyday, I will be making an effort to use that pass at least 3 times a week. So if anyone else wants to come along let me know.

I ended up having a very  busy week that filled up quickly.  I didn’t get to work in my first reward-crafting, as of yet so the plan is to do it Tuesday.  This week my reward is to buy a new book on my kindle.  Not sure which one I’m going to get yet. 

Anyhow I’m off to get ready for my Staff Christmas Party this evening! thanks for all the encouragement and support! 30 pounds down feels great!

Nikki-Christmas Party Month

When I say Christmas Party Month, (I think “Sabotage” could have been a word I used as well) I do mean that sometimes it feels like Christmas is here only to add another challenge to those of us trying to lose weight!  Why else would there be a full month where it’s acceptable to celebrate one day?  Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, I love the parties and times spend with friends and family but it’s going to be a tough month to lose weight and here’s why:

I’m off to my first Christmas Party tonight, have my actual Staff Christmas party this friday, have a Ball Hockey Lunch on Sunday and a Christmas get together with friends Sunday evening…. That’s a lot of opportunity to eat poorly, drink high calorie beverages and gain weight!  And there’s only more to come later in the month!  Oh Christmas time, how I love and hate you!

I know for myself it can be a struggle to make great decisions regarding food during the holidays and I think it’s ok to indulge as long as I get my workouts in and work hard at eating well the remainder of the time.  In my last post I mentioned I love to bake, that baking multiplies at Christmas.   I feel the need to bake for my kids at work, for friends and family, and to just have for when we entertain, but having all sorts of cookies and sweets around isn’t truly the smartest idea.   I think, that when someone else bakes for me, I feel bad if I don’t sample some in front of them and well it’s just easy sometimes to continue sampling when they aren’t around.  Especially when there are so many treats this time of year. 

Of course I am still working at losing weight this month, still working out at least 5x a week and trying to eat well, but if it turns into a maintaining my weight kind of month then I will be happy with that as well. 

Good luck to all of you over Christmas!