Nikki-Final Photos and Weigh in

Wow I can’t believe it’s the end of October and the “final” weigh in.  I am only going to refer to it as “final” since I’ve still got some work to do!  I had my last personal training this morning, and I’m sad.  I wish I could afford to have a trainer all year-long as Danielle really kicked my butt and has toned me up (way easier to tell when I’m wearing close to nothing or gym clothes :))  I do hope to save up and workout with her again.  I will miss my hour-long sessions of being told what to do and being amazed at what I’ve done.  Some of the weights/reps she’s had me use/do I never thought I’d make it through and now I can go to the gym by myself and do that torture to myself.  Ok it wasn’t really torture, the only thing I still hate are burpees, but they work everything so they’re so good for you! Danielle even made me do them this morning as my very last exercise!

Ok so lets just get to the info and pics everyone’s been weighting waiting for (I just can’t stop writing about weight!)

 June 2011  October 2011  Total Lost
 Weight: 171   Weight: 154  17lbs
 Bicep:12.5   Bicep: 11  1.5
 Chest: 39.5   Chest: 37  2.5
 Waist: 34.25   Waist: 32  2.25
 Abdominal: 39   Abdominal: 37  2
 Hips: 42.5   Hips: 40  2.5
 Thigh: 27   Thigh: 25  2
 Calf: 14.75   Calf: 15  +.25

Now the funny thing is my trainer Danielle did measurements this morning (they are slightly different areas that are measured) and I have lost 13.2 inches since I started working out with her.  Just so you all know 4 of those inches were from my neck! holly shit, did I have a rippling beast of a steroids man neck before?  For real, If I ever get fat again I’m requesting now that EVERYONE who reads this has an intervention with me!


You can see how unhappy I was when you look at the first photo in both sets.   Looking at the current photo’s you can see just in my posture how much more confident I am.  I’m so much happier, healthier and am way leaner!

Thank you to EVERYONE who has given their support, read the blog, worked out with me or forced me to do burpees, passed on recipes, and just continual encouragement, because of you I found it in myself to stay motivated these past few months.  I worked on being active 5 days a week.  I counted calories, I set goals for myself and met many of them such as fitting into my target dress and I still have goals to work on (come on 14 lbs),  I’ve learned to enjoy jogging-at least when I’m running with buddies and learned to love going to the gym again. 

I will be continuing on my weight loss journey over the next few months.  I would still like to get down to 140 lbs which is only another 14 lbs so I know I’ll get there but the biggest goal for me is to have defined arms and continue working out 5x a week.   I’m so much more confident in my skin now that I don’t think there will ever need to be an intervention.  I will be coming up with some new goals in the next few weeks to continue working on fitness.  Hope everyone will continue to read my posts then!


Nikki: Weigh in Day- Week 20

As usual when I have sleep over shifts on the sun/mon I was going to do my weigh in today.   This was supposed to be the last weigh in, but since Jill is out of town we will “finish” next week.  I figure since it’s less than a week away everyone can wait for my final weight, measurements, body fat 5% and my final before/semi-mid/end photos!

I say “finish” because I’m going to continue blogging after our final weigh in next week.  I’ve found blogging has helped me stay motivated and  I have learned to set goals for myself again.  I don’t always reach my goals when I set them but it gives me something to strive towards and work hard for.  I know my target weight goal will not be reached next week, and I’m more than ok with that.  I’m proud of all the weight I have lost and the hard work I’ve put in. 

 I know that Stress affects me and I haven’t quite learned out how to deal with it without doing a bit of food medication so that’s something I will continue to work on, especially since with 3 jobs I don’t always have time to do stress relief at the gym.  I have done much better than I used to with managing stress since I started this blog but I know I can do better! I’m sure once Ryan and I move most of the pressure with disappear until the next big thing.

 I’ve reach the 2 other goals I set at the beginning which were to fit into my target dress and work out 5 times a week.  Want to see proof?  Check out these silly photos that my lovely besties took of me.  Emma was behind the lens and Jen was on props and wind machine.  The dress is lose enough to zip up entirely and needs a few alterations because it’s to lose in places!  Or could the real issue be that I’ve lost all the weight in my chest???? Now I also need to find an event to wear this dress to, may have to wait until spring since it’s so chilly now! 


 Jill-the “Whatever It Takes” photo is for you 🙂


Nikki-that stupid thing call motivation

I have days where I’m so motivated it’s almost shocking to myself and I have days where I’m so unmotivated I can hardly stand myself for being so lazy.   Wednesday was one of those days.  I got up, went to the gym, worked out with my trainer and then was so tired that I decided it was a sweat pants do nothing day.   Some would say ” That’s all fine and dandy since you already worked out for a full hour”  but considering I haven’t gone running yet this week and usually I go running after I do a workout at the gym, I’m feeling bad about it!

When these days, where I’m so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open after 3 cups of coffee, come along it’s sure hard to convince myself its a smart idea to get to the gym.  It doesn’t help that I’m stressed out.  We’re moving in less than 20 days, we found someone to rent our old place and need to do paper work, we need to pack, we need to get blinds, we need to do this and that and the list goes on and on…    I’m also working 3 jobs again, next week I have a 70 hour work week and that is only between 2 jobs!

 Exercise is a huge stress relief for me but when I’m not sleeping more than 5 hours a night and I am mentally and physically exhausted from lack of sleep and stressing about everything that needs to be done it’s hard to convince myself that exercise is the right thing to do, especially if it’s my only time off in a day.  Do I go to the gym? or do I visit with Ryan for that hour that we can actually spend together.  Oh life’s decisions!  

I wont be reaching my goal of fitting in 3 different classes at Spa Lady this week, and I’m unsure about my running goal, so far I’ve only been out once.  Thank goodness we are dog sitting and Margaret is there needed to get out of the house for a run, she’s the only thing that got me moving the other day.  That’s just how things are right now though,  it wont be forever, I’ve worked out everyday this week except today, so I’m still doing good, just not as good as I’d hoped… there’s always next week though!

Nikki: Weigh in Day-Week 19

Whoops I totally forgot yesterday was weigh in day.  It’s probably because I slept in and was racing around trying to get ready to get myself to the gym for my 9am appointment. So lets check it out now

Current weight:155 lbs

that is +1 lb. 

I did not work out while I was in Jasper!  The only time where I could have fit in a run, I decided to nap instead since I’d hardly slept.  We did however walk for 2 hours while we did a scavenger hunt all over jasper.  My team did cheat and drove for at most 10 minutes but I don’t think it was that much since Jasper is so small.  So back on track yesterday morning by hitting the gym first thing in the am.

It was one of those weeks where life gets in the way of achieving all the goals you set out for yourself.  Let me refresh your memory on what my goals for last week were:

1) to run 25km

2) to pack and have ready to grab quick 100 calorie (or less) snacks

3) to exercise for at least an hour

I only managed to fit in time to run 19km, but hey at least I got in 19km.  I did pack up a bunch of 100 calorie snacks such as canned pears, grapes, hard-boiled eggs and containers of veggies.  My last goal was to exercise for an hour a day and I didn’t really keep track of if I achieved this or not!

This week I am setting some different goals since my running buddies Aline and Jill are both out-of-town and I’m not sure if I’ll get in as much running with out them.

1.) To attend 3 different fitness classes at Spa Lady.  I haven’t check out a few and would like to see which ones I’d enjoy

2.)To run 15km.  I plan to just do my run in the trailer park 3 times this week to reach this goal.  Maybe I can get Ryan to join me again!

3.)To make the yummy Veggie soup that Kira taught me how to make! It’s super healthy and so good.  It’s also easy to freeze and nice to have something filling and healthy that’s easy to grab and eat!

This could also be a hard week to count calories… today I turn 27.  Does that mean my metabolism slows down even more today? shit. Any who I know Birthday (Week) means dinners and lunches out with family and friends, and usually a couple extra bevies here and there.  So it’s even more important for me to get to the gym every day and get a good workout in.  It’s early-ish, 8:25am, I’ve been awake since 7:30am… who the hell gets up that early 1) on their bday 2) on a day they can sleep in? yes, it’s obvious the answer is me, but it’s cause I needed to pound out this blog and get my smaller sized ass to the gym asap so I can have dinner at the Pasta Kitchen this evening! 

  I have a few weeks until Jill and I are done with the “set” time of this weight loss journey.  I have more pictures to come: before, during and current. Me in my target dress and who knows what else! I also plan on continuing this blog after October 31st because I do find that it helps motivate me to get to the gym and work towards the goals I set since I tell all of you about them.

Nikki-Where does the time go?

I just don’t know WHY, there can never be enough time in a day, week, or month some times to do everything you want to get done and need to do! Where does the time go?

This week has been challenging to fit in time for running.  I’ve managed to fit in 16km (not including treadmill time since it’s not on my phone and I’m not at home to check) but I’m headed to Jasper on a staff retreat this weekend and I don’t know if I’ll actually have time to work out! So I may not reach my running goal this week, but I am packing my running shoes and work out clothes in case I do have a spare 30 minutes to get out and jog around Jasper….  Ok I would be crazy NOT to go jogging in Jasper.  New and beautiful scenery to look at while I run! I promise if I don’t get to run, I will force my staff team to at least go for a walk.  ANY activity is better than none!  This week just didn’t feel long enough to get in all the running I wanted to accomplish,but there’s always next week.

 I also feel like fall/winter flies by way quicker than spring/summer.  It’s probably because the sun sets so much earlier and then it feels like it’s time to just sit on the couch all evening. Truly who wants to work out in the dark at 6pm? (no it’s not that dark yet but SOON it will be)  The shorter the day the less time it feels like there is to accomplish anything.  This is one of the reasons I’ve said to work out in the morning, get your work out, out-of-the-way and then you don’t have to worry about becoming unmotivated throughout the day. 

One thing I’d like to do this winter is to make a weekly habit to get out and skate. Ryan bought me, my first pair of hockey skates last year for my birthday (anyone needs a pair of size 7 figure skates?) and we didn’t get out once to used them! So this year I’m determined to get out, put some wear and tear on my child sized hockey skates and am inviting anyone who reads this to join me.  This will me motivation for me to get up off the couch on those dark nights and burn a few extra calories. 

Anyhow that’s all I’m thinking this am, just wanted to blog since it’s a bit of stress relief for me now, and I know Kira gets sad when I don’t post often.  Have a fun and active weekend.  Speak to you again on Weigh in day!

Jill-Weigh in Day!

 Yesterday was weigh-in day and I weighed in and then got side tracked with birthday celebrations for Mike so I didn’t post. It was such a good day! I can honestly say that I let my guard down and ate and drank whatever I felt like eating and drinking. At the end of the day I had a headache and didn’t feel so great…so that is a lesson I won’t soon forget…what you put into your body is directly related to how you feel and if you consume crap and junk, you will feel like crap and junk.

Back to my weigh in…

My current weight is: 146lbs!!!!

I am down 4 lbs!!!

I have been working very hard these past two weeks so I am thrilled to have my results reflect this.

I think the key to my success on the scale is really watching what I eat and tracking every calorie. I know that I won’t always have to do this but when you are in a time crunch and expecting a certain amount of loss you really need to be focused. I was focused alright! I made sure I got to the gym and/or ran every day and made some really good and healthy choices when it came to food. I ate super clean. I consumed as little processed foods as possible and made sure I didn’t go over my allotted calories.

I am proud of myself for doing so well! I feel like my success in my weight loss and fitness goals have allowed me to dream big in the rest of my life. I feel like I can accomplish anything I set my mind to! I have a renewed sense of ability and it feels amazing!

I also wanted to mention how proud I am of Nikki for doing so well this far in the goals she has set for herself. She looks amazing and you can feel that she has more confidence in herself, I think we both do! I never feel like I am in this alone and appreciate the companionship through tough times. I feel like this journey has brought us closer together too! Also, I always enjoyed clothes shopping with Nikki and now I am super excited to go shopping for new clothes with her since I know we are both on a limited supply of clothes that fit (but this time for good reasons…they are all too big!!!!)

Yeah for us!!!

I have 6 lbs left to go and just under 3 weeks to do it. It will be a challenge because I am going on vacation and then working on location where finding good quality, healthy, vegan options might prove to be a bit difficult. But I am determined to do it! No matter what happens I am extremely proud of my success so far but I am not giving up. I will push through to the end and I will continue to blog even after I achieve my goals to see how I maintain my fitness.

Thank you all so much for your kind words and encouragement!

Nikki: Weigh in Day: Week 18

Good morning ya’ll

Today is weigh in day, it’s also a day that I totally don’t feel like going running (I’m cold and want to stay in my pj’s until I have to leave this afternoon) BUT after I’m done this post I’m going to go get my work out clothes (It feels like I bought new ones since I found my old lulus that fit ) and get my work out for the day over with. that’s one tip I have: get up in the morning and get your work out over with, then you don’t have to worry about it later in the day. That’s also a tip from Bob Harper on Biggest Loser but I’ve thought the same since I was 18.

 Well on with the weigh in and I’ll talk about my goals from last week and how I did.

Current weight: 154 lbs

-2 lbs this week

Cool I’m down this week and I worked hard for those 2 lbs.  I was looking back through my blogs and couldn’t find where I had written down this weeks goals to review them so I’m thinking I didn’t actually write them anywhere! Good thing I had them set in my mind and remembered them, here’s what they were:

1) to run 25km

2) to pack and have ready to grab quick 100 calorie (or less) snacks

3) to exercise for at least an hour

How did I do?

I can hardly believe it myself but I set my running goal a bit low.  I reached 33km this week!  I ran a few days with Aline and Jill in the River Valley, met up with Kira to run around the river in her area of town and ran on my treadmill.  Here is the problem I have with running on my treadmill, I’m not sure if it counts in km or miles.  So in total I ran over 10 something on my treadmill to help add to this total of 33km, but If it’s actually in miles that equals 16km and I would need to add an additional 6km to my total.  I’m going to count it as km in case miles is too high.

I packed a bunch of easy to grab snacks, you may have seen the pictures in an earlier blog.  I’m going to do this again this week as it made it super easy to decide on what I should eat when I felt I needed a snack. 

now my last goal of  exercising for an hour I didn’t pay as much attention to this week.   When I ran, i felt as though I had done my time and was good to go for the day.  So if I only ran for 30 minutes I maybe didn’t push to extend my workout to a full hour.   I worked out 6 days this week, and a few of those ended up being double work out days where I hit the gym and then ran with friends or I ran in the morning outside and then ran on the treadmill at night. 

New goals for this week:

1) to run 25km (I’m setting it low again since I’m going to Jasper this weekend and doubt I’ll have time to run/workout while I’m there)

2) to fit in one extra day of weight training  (since my gym is closed today and I only get to see my trainer on Wednesday, I need to work these muscles out on my own)

3) to cook one new healthy meal (I’ve printed off a bunch of recipes that I’d like to try just seems I hardly have time!) Sunday night is the night.

Thanks again for everyone’s kind words and support. You’re encouragement truly helps! 

Time to run (it’s a treadmil morning which means Biggest Loser watching from last week) YAY!