Nikki-Best week yet

I’m feeling my motivation coming back in full force this week.  I had 2 amazing work outs with my personal trainer at Spa Lady, and so far this week I’ve run 19km and that’s just outside.   I haven’t even been tracking what I’ve done at home while watching TV shows. 

I don’t like jogging alone, but with one or more people I truly could go every day.  I like having my own little jogging club and if anyone wants to join or map out a run near their own place I’d gladly meet up for a lovely jog around a new neighbourhood.  I can’t wait for Ball Hockey to start-up on the 16th of October because doing any sort of exercise with another person makes it 10x easier but to play a sport and have competition makes it 100x easier to forget that you’re working out. 

Aline and I were talking about how nice it is to have built up our endurance to be able to run the river valley.  We’re not super fast and we don’t do really long distances but we’ve worked our way up from 4km to 6km runs and are slowly continuing to add km on.  It’s also helpful for me that Aline’s Boss has challenged her to run 20km during her next 6 days of work.  We’ve decided to do most of those 20km together since we have the same goal!  If we can’t  get together then we’re there to support the other one by encouraging them to get off their ass and out for a quick run.

With my motivation in full gear I’m going to power through this weekend and see just how many km I can do and reassess my km goal on monday, along with all my other goals.


Nikki-Goals for this week

So I know I’ve mentioned before that I have my goals to, hopefully, achieve by October 24th, but I was also working on making short-term goals for the current week.  WELL I had been way back when, while I was still über motivated so I’m getting back into that habit this week.

This weeks goals are

1.) To eat every meal at a kitchen table with NO TV on, and to pay attention to how I’m feeling during that meal.  Instead of just shoveling all that food in. So far, so Good!

2.) To run 20km.  I liked Jill’s goal of doing 50km in the month, so I figured I could be a copycat and do a similar goal.  I’ve already done 8km (not counting treadmill running) towards this goal, so I’m well on my way.

3.) Use any spare time to do something active.  I had 30 minutes free on monday before I needed to leave for work, so I went for a quick walk around the neighbourhood.  Saturday a few of us are hitting up West Edmonton Mall’s Water Park, so that should be a fun active afternoon.

I think short goals a week should be good on top of my long-term goals.  Which, if you forgot, are:

1.) Work out 5 times a week-Any kind of work out: Tennis, golf, running, biking, frisbee, ball hockey etc. 3 for 3 so far this week!!! yes I’m counting sunday as the start of the week.

2.)Portion control-Measure/weigh what I eat to make sure I’m only eating the correct portion sizes.  I’ve done my best at this, but it is hard to measure at work when kids or staff cook some of the food.

3.)Reach my goal weight of 140 pounds by October 24 2011.  Ok so it’s probably not gonna happen on the 24th but I am working at it!

Jill – Weigh in Day

My current weight is 150lb… I’m down 0 lbs.

This is the first weigh in day that I am not reporting a loss and I am frankly quite disappointed. I have come to the conclusion that I have been eating empty calories lately and this is most likely why I have not lost any weight these past two weeks.

I was proud of myself that I didn’t have to cut out some of my favorite foods or snacks because I could keep my calories in check and still enjoy a cupcake or a handful of chips but that time has passed and if I want to lose this last 10 pounds in the next 4 weeks I am going to have to really look at what I eat because I am definitely active enough. I participate in at least an hour of intense physical activity everyday and I am not losing anymore. With my activity level at this height I do not feel it is healthy to cut my calories any lower. In fact I usually eat a bit more on the days I do really crazy workouts because I want to give my body what it needs to get the job done.


Since I can only control certain things and in order to lose these last 10 pounds I am committed to the following:

  • I will keep better track of my caloric intake
  • I will cut out all empty calories meaning no more snacking on chips even if they fit within my caloric daily allowance(except for one cupcake tomorrow…baby shower…what can I say?)
  • I will stick to my running goal of 50km in 30 days.
  • I will work out for at least one hour every day except for one rest day a week.
  • I will eat 5 small meals a day to give my metabolism a boost

I have always heard that the last 10 pounds is the hardest to lose but I read this on a blog about losing the last 10 pounds and I love it!!!

“Your mind cannot tell the difference between what you think is real and what is real, so know in your heart and mind that the last 10 pounds to lose is easy.“



I am still motivated.

I am still determined.

I can do this.

I will succeed.

Nikki-Weigh in Day: Week 16

People have been asking what I’ve done to lose weight so far.  How I’ve changed my diet and workout routine and really thinking about it I haven’t been doing very well lately but the main thing I have done is up my workout routine.  I have been doing pretty well at going 5 times a week to the gym or getting a good run in.  I think my problem still stems from what I eat and (mostly) how much.  I make really healthy things, such as fajita’s, and then I tend to over eat, I know I eat way more than I should especially when I eat in front of the TV, which is EVERY meal.  I blame this one on Ryan cause he’s the one who sits down first and taught me this habit as soon as I moved in with him, but I’m the one who’s continued to sit in front of the TV and stuff my face so truly I am at fault.  So I am changing things up.  I am now eating every meal at the kitchen table, unless I’m at a friend’s house and that’s what they do and this is because I eat differently with friends then Ryan.  My girlfriends and I actually talk while the TV is on instead of just watching, so I know I eat slower and stop when I’m full at their houses.   I’m hoping Ryan will also join me at the table for a few meals when we’re actually home together.

I didn’t really think it would be that hard to get in my workouts while I had company, but it was.  I didn’t actually make it to the gym once last week.  Lindzay and I walked a lot and almost every day but it wasn’t the type of exercise I needed to be doing to focus on weight loss.  Walking can help me maintain which is just what I did

current weight: 156 lbs

0 pounds lost, but again 0 gained.

Today is Monday, the start of a new week and the start of the last 4 weeks of mine and Jill’s goal to drop all this weight.  I am going to work hard to accomplish my goals but I don’t think it would be super healthy of me to drop 16 pounds in 4 weeks.  If it happens, it does, but I do like to lose weight at a slower rate as I feel I will maintain it better.   I am proud of what I’ve done and know that this doesn’t just end on Oct.24 which is the “final” weigh in.  I think I will come up with some new goals and continue to work until I’ve reached my target.

I am proud of my self because: I have built up my endurance, I am stronger, I am happier, I am healthier, I have more confidence,  I’ve learned to enjoy working out again.

Jill – I have a new goal…well it’s more of an add on!

Because I am very much a goal oriented person I have decided that in order to push through this plateau I seem to be experiencing and to compensate for the unattained goal of running 5km in 24 mins. I have decided to create a new short term goal for myself.

I will run at least 50km over the next 30 days. It might not seem like that difficult of a challenge but here are some reasons that I might find this tough to achieve.  Because I believe that if you foresee obstacles then you shouldn’t be able to use them as excuses because you can plan to avoid them or work through them, I have created a list of potential obstacles:

  1. Time (I work full time, I volunteer, I play other team sports etc)
  2. Fatigue (I already do classes at the gym Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
  3. Travel (I will be out of town for 10 days of this challenge)
  4. Lack of Motivation (Running never was my favorite sport but I am starting to enjoy it!)
  5. Distraction (part of my travels will be in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland…enough said)

Now here is a list of things that will help me over come all of these obstacles:

  1. I mapped out a 2.6 km run that starts and ends at my work and it only takes 15 mins to do so I can take one of my breaks at work and run each day that I don’t have another opportunity to run.
  2. I will try to do longer runs on the weekends so that I don’t have to run on days that I do gym classes.
  3. I am in love with whish is an amazing site that helps you map runs all over Canada and beyond! I can always find fun runs to do in NS and NL. Plus the only thing you need for running is a good pair of shoes and some legs that will move and I have both of those! (Or as my Mom would say “two feet and a heart beat!”)
  4. There are some days I feel like doing longer runs. I will take advantage of these days and do the great 6 km River Valley run! And I can always convince myself to do 2.5km, it’s nothing at all!
  5. What better way to revisit my favorite places in Canada then to run the scenic routes of NS and NL!

I encourage anyone else that would like to join me in this challenge to do so!

If you ever want to go for a run let me know!

Good luck and have fun!

Nikki-Weigh In Day: Week 15

I haven’t been blogging as much lately.  I didn’t  have that much time to work on my post last week since I received texts from friends apologizing for peer pressuring me into having some drinks and what not, and that was not my intention.  I don’t want to blame any of  my not losing weight on other people, in the end it’s all up to me.   If I lack self-control some days and over eat, that’s because I wanted to.  If I choose to drink beer, that’s because I want to.  If I work out, that’s because I want to… or sometimes just because I know I need to!  Lets get to the weigh-in…

Current weight: 156 lbs

0 lbs lost, but that’s also 0 lbs gained.  On a side note for those of you who have held Bugsy he weighs 2 lbs less than the amount I have lost!

There are challenges every day that  may impede me of  reaching my goal weight.  Challenges like getting a work out in, eating healthier, eating smaller portions, deciding if I should drink the empty calories in beer, deciding if a slice of cake is worth it.  Part of the challenge is also learning how to say yes and no to all these things, and when to say” No, I can’t drink this weekend” or “yes, I can have fries with that”.  There are some days that are going to be a write off, there are days when I eat so clean I feel like I’ve lost 5 pounds that day.   I’m really not in any rush, it’s truly more of a learning experience for me to find out what works and what doesn’t so that when I reach my goal weight, I can maintain that weight forever. 

My girlfriend Lindz has been here visiting for a week and it has been great.  I have only managed to squeeze in 3 work outs at the gym, but we go walking every day.  We even found a part of the North Saskatchewan that neither of us have ever been to and made us think we weren’t in Kansas, I mean Edmonton anymore.  Lindz has mentioned how healthy I eat (besides when we’re having a pig out on chips) and how she’s just noticed a huge change in me since I last saw her a year ago.  I know I’ve been told by many friends (thanks again) how well I’m doing but I’m not gonna lie I love hearing it.  Keeps me motivated.

Nikki-Weigh in Day: Fourteenth Week

I have been on my sleep over shifts the last few nights so I was not able to weigh in the mornings like I usually do so I have been weighting (haha pun intended) until today to check in even though it’s past the weigh in day and like half way through the next week. 

current weight: 156lbs

that’s -1 lbs.

I feel like I’ve been losing my will power to say no to things.  There’s always a birthday and people want to eat and get drunk.  Or it’s just the weekend and people want to eat and get drunk.  Why is that the norm? Why can’t it be the norm to ask your friends to get together to play a game of street hockey, card games, watch movies, or shit just have a decent conversation and catch up on people’s lives instead of going to the bar? 

I guess my other issue is injuries.  My calf muscle that I pulled back in June is acting up again and making it hard to run, which for me is the best way to burn the most calories.  I also rolled my ankle on Monday, thank god it wasn’t a bad roll but it’s tender and makes it harder to work out.  It’s just once again frustrating that when I am motivated I have set backs.